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Chapter 82 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Why do you think so?"

"The power of the guild leader in the Lyon Guild is absolute. Your Excellency's power is also tremendous, but the guild leader is also a person from the same family as Your Excellency. Would the guild leader blink an eye? I think this is obvious to other guild members as well."

"Even so! Who am I!"

"And if you go that way."

Rockefeller smirked inwardly.

This meant that all the conversations so far had gone according to his intentions.

"Even if you are from the same family, you may end up embarrassing each other. Who knows if it will turn into a mud fight and both of you will end up worse off than others?"

Bishop Verkis, with his brow furrowed, slammed the armrest of the chair with his clenched fist in anger.

"How much have I done for that guy so far! Who's the one who protected him from all the nonsense he's been spewing at the Papal Court! And he's trying to do this to me just to save his own bowl!"

Still furious, his clenched fist trembled violently.

Bishop Verkis, who was glaring at the absent guild leader Benjamin with blazing eyes, spoke.

"How could I have put up with that guy for so long? I should have gotten rid of him quickly when I had the chance!"

Rockefeller, who had been cautiously watching Bishop Verkis' mood, cautiously chimed in.

"I've heard many stories while staying here. One of them was that the growth of the Lyon Guild was only possible because of Your Grace's power."

When Bishop Verkis looked at him, Rockefeller continued his words.

"But it seems that Benjamin does not have much intention of repaying that grace."

"That damn guy, even if he's from the same family, it's too much!"

"Didn't Your Grace defend the Lyon Guild and, in the process, lose the position of Archbishop against your will because you fell out of favor with the church?"

"How did you know that?"

"I just heard it here and there."


After a fake cough, Bishop Verkis spoke.

"Well, that's not exactly it, but it's a bit complicated. But to some extent, it's true. I tried to defend that loan shark who is from my family, and that's what happened."

Rockefeller took his side.

"It seems that Your Grace has done so much for him, but in my opinion, Benjamin is making a big mistake."

Unable to say anything and just suppressing his anger, Bishop Verkis listened as Rockefeller subtly suggested.

"In my opinion, if Your Grace continues to be with such a person, it will be difficult for the Pope in the end."

Bishop Verkis reacted strongly to Rockefeller's words.

"What... What are you talking about now? The Pope?"

Although his reaction was unpredictable.

Rockefeller confidently continued his words to persuade him.

"Yes, just as I said earlier. There is no reason why Your Grace, who is not lacking in any way, should not become the Pope, right?"

It was so unexpected.

Bishop Verkis didn't know what to say, and silence flowed between them for a moment.


After a short cough, Bishop Verkis opened his mouth.

"Being the Pope is not something anyone can do. Only those chosen by heaven can dare to take that position."

"Where is it that heaven chooses? It's when someone around you pushes you up that you become the Pope. And that person is the one chosen by heaven."

Bishop Verkis' gaze, which had become mysterious, turned to Rockefeller.

For a while, not saying anything, Bishop Verkis spoke again after looking at Rockefeller's serious face.

"Your thoughts are... interesting."

However, he soon shook his head as if something had come to mind.

From his perspective, it was something he thought was impossible from the beginning.

"No, it's difficult for me. My position in the church is low, and my relationship with the Pope is not very good. In order to get to that position, I need the Pope's blessing, and that won't be easy."

Then, Rockefeller smiled faintly and spoke.

"Where is the impossibility in the world? If it doesn't work, make it work."

"I envy your way of thinking. But when you get to my age and become somewhat indifferent to worldly affairs, your ambitions naturally wane."

"But isn't Your Grace also trying to increase the church's wealth by collecting interest, which is also somewhat ambitious?"

Rockefeller's words seemed to subtly draw Bishop Verkis' heart.

"Well... So what do you want to say? What are you trying to say by talking like that?"

At this moment, Rockefeller spoke with an extremely serious expression.

"Then let me be blunt. Change your running mate at this opportunity."

"Running mate?"

"Yes, the running mate."

Bishop Verkis questioned.

"What running mate are you talking about?"

"May I ask you something? Are you dissatisfied with the current situation you are facing? In my opinion, if you change your surroundings a little, you may be able to rise to a higher position in the church, even if you are not the Pope. I'm curious about what you think about that."

Rockefeller's question now seemed to ask whether he was content with the given reality or whether he had other dreams.

"So, if I make you my running mate, do you think my current situation will improve a little?"

In response, Rockefeller continued with a confident tone.

"I can assure you that at least it can be better than the current situation."


"There are many cases where you are tied up with blood and end up being held back, even if it's a family member who benefits."

Rockefeller continued his words to the silent Bishop Verkis.

"At least, how long will Your Grace be tied up with blood? Shouldn't you now break free from that yoke and go higher than you are now?"

What Rockefeller wanted to say next was what he truly wanted to say at this moment.

"I am a person who can run with Your Grace to that place. I am not a selfish person who only cares about my own bowl, like someone who abandons the same family member."

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