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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 108 Part 1

Baldschmidt (2)

Baldschmidt was from an empire's workshop magician family, but his skills were not outstanding enough to rise above the position of a manager. He was not from a prestigious family.

It is said that the Adeleheights family gained their wealth when the western Hendl Kingdom joined the empire.

Dolores Jade became a genius magician at a young age, but she was a dullard until she met Reed.

She couldn't understand even the smallest things, and despite copying notes until her hands were bruised, she never grasped the concepts.

As Reed began teaching Dolores, her genius gradually accelerated.

Being the youngest to enter Escoleia and graduating top of her class, Dolores was undoubtedly the pride of the Baldschmidt family.

However, after the relationship with Reed went awry and she found out that her parents were the cause, Dolores resented them and abandoned the family name.

-You can't escape Baldschmidt's blood.

Noble-born magicians cannot ignore their bloodline.

Of course, if their lineage is severed, or they lose the essential elements of their family, the name becomes meaningless.

They could decline, like the Adeleheights family, with no information or status.

But Reed thought that her family was not powerful enough for her to escape bloodshed.

Her individual influence was greater than her family's.

Being a resource of the workshop and abandoning the name of Baldschmidt.

It was something that any magician should be concerned about, but no one ever raised such an issue when evaluating Dolores.

The workshop hoped for Dolores, and the tower hoped for her as well.

Dolores, who had workshop parents, moved to the tower.

That was the story Reed knew and the stories Leto had collected.

"What happened to the Baldschmidt family?"

"They're retired now. They've settled down in a quiet part of the empire."

Dolores is currently 27 years old.

Magicians typically marry late, so the Baldschmidt couple is now 64 years old.

It was time for the newbies to push out the stagnant water below them.

"What's their recent news?"

"What recent news would there be about a retired magician? They're just living comfortably."

They're doing nothing.

What could be the reason for them to live in the bustling cities of the empire while doing nothing?

"It could be just because they're used to the city."

As people get older, they tend to prefer the familiar.

Reed moved on to a different topic.

"What about the stories regarding Rosaria?"

"Miss Rosaria? Well, I've been using all my power, both what I have and don't have, to find out."

"So you mean there's nothing."

"Yes. Yes... As I told you last time, she was just a little girl wandering the streets when we found her..."

Leto stuttered and then took something out to show Reed.

"This is a butterfly hairpin that is popular among young ladies these days. I thought Miss Rosaria might like it because the butterfly flutters above her head, so I brought this humble gift, hehehe."

"...I'll accept it."

Reed opened the gift box and checked the contents.

He didn't like it.

Ironically, he didn't like the fact that Leto had brought something that he would like.

'I didn't even ask for it...'

Leto, knowing that he couldn't give Reed a good gift with his own wealth or sense, tried to appeal to Reed by providing Rosaria with the things she needed.

'In reality, she liked it the most.'

If she had to choose between the two, she always chose Leto's gifts.

Unlike Reed, who occasionally had duds, Leto always hit the mark with Rosaria's preferences.

As a father, it was a blow to his pride, but seeing Rosaria happy made those feelings subside, which was a problem.

Reed glanced up.

Leto's protruding front teeth and his jiggling neck fat.

Since joining Reed, Leto seemed to have gained some weight.

Reed asked in a business-like manner before the strange doting side could take over.

"Anything else?"

"I've found out about the construction plans for the magnesium production facility and the research and development site for new materials."

Reed had asked Larksper to find a salamander habitat because he couldn't always import magnesium.

As expected, they discovered the location of the salamanders and planned to turn it into a magnesium production site.

Magnesium was just a part of it.

If they were to pursue various developments, such as shape-shifting alloys, there would come a time when they couldn't research within the tower alone.

'There's also a way to expand...'

The revival of the tower wasn't just about its height.

"Good job. And..."

Reed asked, glaring at him with his golden eyes.

"Are you enjoying yourself lately?"


Leto panicked and made a squeaky sound like a mouse.

He fiddled with his fingers.

"What do you mean...?"

"Do you think I wouldn't know that you're secretly investing without my knowledge?"

Being a rat who made a fortune in the empire's slums, he knew what people wanted.

Leto's investment in the orc alliance, Barchan was a fighting arena.

True to their bloodthirsty nature, orcs preferred intense and heated battles, which made for excellent tourism products.

"Ah, please forgive me, my lord! My eyes were blinded by money for a moment! I'll give all my investments to you, please forgive me!"

Leto groveled, rubbing his hands together until they were worn.

Reed looked down at him with disdain.

"I don't care about your investments. It's not like I'm trying to eat you up."

Reed added, lifting his teacup.

"However, if you become negligent in your role because of that money, that's when the problem arises."

"Ah, don't worry! No matter how uneducated I am, I'm not a fool who doesn't know gratitude and causes trouble!"

"I hope so."

As the cold golden gaze stared at him, Leto bowed his head again.

Innately sensing that Reed was more irritable than usual, Leto was more cautious than ever.

'Dolores... Rosaria...'

Reed's shoulders felt heavier than ever.

There was no doubt.

This was the weight of responsibility.

* * *

* * *

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The Sky Carriage of the Wallin Tower.

Dolores had just finished her murderous schedule, filled by the minute, and was on her way back.

"You've worked hard, Tower Master."

"You've worked hard too."

Dolores' face was worn out from fatigue as she boarded the carriage.

"Please get some rest on the way."

"Thank you."

However, she didn't fall asleep.

Although she felt like she would fall asleep as soon as she closed her eyes, Dolores pinched her brow to wake herself up and looked at her notebook.

She let out a sigh only after checking two or three times to make sure she hadn't missed anything.

'It's tough.'

There hadn't been a single day since she ascended to the Tower Master position that wasn't hard and busy.

But she didn't stop.

It's difficult to gain trust and love from others.

When she inherited the position of Wallin Tower Master, she felt a sense of responsibility and worked hard to meet expectations.

Dolores looked at her watch.

Instead of habitually checking the time, she first checked what day it was.

'Thursday... 3 days left.'

In 3 days, it would be Sunday.

Sunday was the day to go to the Silence Tower.

It was the day to teach her two young disciples and the day to see her oppa.

That was all she could think about.

At first, she said it was a hobby because she didn't have anything urgent to say, but at some point, it really became a hobby.

Rosaria, who was kind but still had a low level of understanding, struggled in her lessons.

Yuria, who had a high understanding in class but was annoying due to her competitive spirit.

In a way, it was annoying, and it wasn't easy to cater to both of them, but it was an exciting challenge for Dolores.

'It seems like the project direction is starting to take shape...'

The problem was how to proceed, and once the reference was set and research began, things would get really busy.

She would have to give up her days off, and it would be even harder when Sunday came.

Rosaria would be disappointed, and Yuria would undoubtedly grumble.

Imagining the different reactions of her two disciples, a smile naturally burst out.

But now there was a escort present.

She put her finger to her lips, lightly smiling to let her emotions flow.

The sky carriage descended.

Looking out the window, she saw the Wallin Tower.

'Let's finish up and get some rest when we get back.'

True to her diligent nature, she was about to step off the sky carriage when her footsteps suddenly halted.

Her drowsy eyes instantly widened.

Her reaction came as soon as she saw the two people standing in front of the Wallin Tower.

They were people Dolores knew well.

Since childhood, she had grown up with them, so it was impossible not to know these two people.

Dolores' mother and father.

Erel Baldschmidt and Igtus Baldschmidt.

"Why are you two here?"

Dolores asked coldly.

As if they were used to such treatment, the two stared at Dolores silently.

Her father, Igtus, opened his mouth.

"It's really impolite here at Wallin Tower. Even though a Baldschmidt came, they treat us like outsiders and won't even open the door."

"Of course. There's no one related to Baldschmidt here."

"Then what is this in front of me? A ghost?"

"Treat me like a ghost. Consider me dead. Just like when I said I would abandon the name Baldschmidt and you treated me like a dead person."

"You're a spiteful girl…"

Igtus gritted his teeth and glared at Dolores.

The more he did, the fiercer her eyes became.

Erel Baldschmidt, who had been standing silently next to him, stopped Igtus.

"We didn't come here to fight. If you talk like that, it will only backfire."

"I have nothing to say to you."

'I don't want to talk anymore.'

Dolores ignored them and tried to enter the tower.

"Come back to the empire, Dolores. It's not too late, even now."

She stopped in her tracks. 

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