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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 111 Part 1

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Tap tap tap tap.

The sound of Freesia tapping her fingers resonated in the tower master's office.

The Morse-code-like finger movement meant she was bored.

She was currently receiving reports on the events happening in the Black Sky Tower.

Ma-gun, almost the only being she could communicate with, pretended not to hear her signal and continued speaking calmly.

"Ah, seriously..."

Freesia, who was resting her chin on her hand, suddenly let out an annoyed voice.

The quick-witted Ma-gun noticed that it was a signal for them to inquire.

"What's the matter, Tower Master?"

"It seems our Reed keeps doing strange things behind my sister's back."

"Reed? You mean the Silence Tower Master. Come to think of it, you made a promise with him, right?"

In exchange for helping save Morgan the 2nd, he promised to give Freesia what she ultimately desired.

"That guy. He was hiding something from me at the last meeting. If only that Helios kid hadn't shown up, I would've found out."

"How about visiting the Silence Tower?"

"Are you telling me to go? He should say, 'Oh, here it is!' and give it to me, shouldn't he?"

"…The chances of that happening are quite low."

Freesia glared at him with killer eyes after hearing the Ma-gun's murmur.

The Ma-gun nonchalantly flipped through the organized papers with reports and discovered a piece of news.

"There's a report related to the Silence Tower."

"I don't mind if you report it, but if it's not fun, I'll kill you. I believe you know my personality. Make it short and concise."

"Hmm... It seems to be a report that you would find interesting."

Tap tap tap tap tap.

Her fingers moved quickly.

It was a signal to hurry up and spit it out.

"It appears there was a quarrel between the Wallin Tower Master and the Silence Tower Master."

"A love fight? That's boring. I guess those guys can't help but bite and suck each other without misunderstandings?"

She raised one eyebrow with a dissatisfied expression.

"It seems this time it's a bit different from a love fight."

"What's the difference?"

"They say the Wallin Tower Master attacked the Silence Tower Master."


The fingers tapping in boredom stopped.

"That's why she's currently imprisoned in the Silence Tower. To summarize briefly..."

The Ma-gun, who heard the sound stop, raised his head.

"Why did you stop?"

"Yes, well, that's the end of it..."

The Ma-gun couldn't continue their sentence.

A pair of eyes glowing red in the dim office.

She usually emitted a fierce gaze when she was annoyed or angry.

This was undoubtedly anger.

Tendons stood out on her forehead, visible in the glow.

"Keep talking."

"So far, this is the summary. The rest is ongoing..."

"Try to expand it out somehow. Not the summary you made up with your brain, but how the attack happened, what happened, and so on."

Freesia said.

"Look back at what that bitch did to Reed."

* * *

"Did you hear about that?"

"That the Wallin Tower Master attacked our Tower Master?"

"Doesn't it seem unbelievable? I thought our Tower Master would be the one to attack, if anything."

"I thought they were getting along well recently, but I didn't expect it to go to such extremes."

"Do you know why?"

"I'm not sure. Is it some kind of love fight? But for a love fight, they say she shot with the intention to kill. He barely survived after the shot missed his heart."

"She was totally crazy, right?"

They didn't know the details.

They just said that a problem arose during the exchange of opinions, and they resorted to extreme measures.

The only ones who knew the details were the two parties involved and Phoebe, who treated Reed's wound.

The only accurate information known was that Dolores was currently imprisoned in the Silence Tower.

They informed the Wallin Tower secretary of the current situation and told them to elect a representative to replace Dolores' duties.

And once the representative was elected, they contacted the Silence Tower again.

-We've decided on a representative from our Wallin Tower to inform you.

"Who is it?"

-A magician named Ludis Grancia Jade.

"As expected."

-What do you mean?

"No, never mind."

The magician who engaged in the most political machinations within the tower.

He was a man who was inexplicable for having risen to the position of Tower Master, second only to the Tower Master. [T/N: He is talking about Disaster 7]

'Does that man know that Dolores is the one who inherited the demon lineage?'

It was too early to conclude, but there were many reasonable doubts.

In Reed's case, there was some justification since the previous Tower Master, Jude Roton, had directly nominated him. However, there were more than a few people who found it strange that Ludis was elected.

-When do you plan to release our Tower Master?

"She still doesn't admit her wrongdoings. If I release her now, she will undoubtedly attack me again. At least after going through the Tower Master meeting, I'll decide on her punishment."


The video call ended.

Reed let out a sigh.


As soon as he sighed, he put his hand on the aching spot.

It was where Dolores had attacked, and where Phoebe had healed it with healing magic.


Everything had to be realistic.

He made Dolores attack directly so that there could be no doubt and made Phoebe witness it.

That way, Dolores could be caught for attempted murder of the Tower Master.

'The time I can drag on with justification is about three months.'

Depending on the content of the meeting and the current situation, it was fluid, but typically three months.

'I have to solve this within three months.'

Reed clenched his fist tightly.

* * *

Silence Tower, prison.

Dolores was undressed from the clothes she wore as the Wallin Tower Master.

Although it was called prisoner's clothing, it was a wide white dress like a nightgown.

Since the opponent was also a Tower Lord, they had to provide maximum convenience.

So there was no external discomfort.

On the contrary, the only discomfort was the hidden anxiety within her.

'Is it okay to make people misunderstand like this?'

She was more worried about Reed than her own anxiety.

From the moment he created the false case of attempted murder of the Tower Lord, he knew that Dolores had the seed of evil in her body.

And if he manipulated it to cover it up while knowing it, Reed would also have to be held accountable.

'It'll be fine.'

That's what Dolores thought.

If you don't trust the person you rely on when you can't even trust yourself, everything falls apart.


Dolores felt that something had changed.

It was the door.

An enormous amount of mana was being forcibly injected by someone.

Wave Barrier Break!

Unable to withstand the mana, the barrier shattered.

Dolores sensed the abnormal approach and got up from her seat.

It's undoubtedly an enemy.

She had to respond!

However, Dolores' hands were filled with magical restraints.

She couldn't use magic to respond because her magical power was completely suppressed.

Dolores picked up an object that could be used as a weapon and glared at the door.

A moment later, the door opened, and the person who destroyed the spell entered.

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