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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 112 Part 1

 Blue Rose (2)

Among the tower masters, he was the oldest and the ruler who oversaw everything in the floating sky tower, the Tower of Sky Chamber.

Helios Glin Zeronia.

He had a personality that valued cleanliness and discipline close to mysophobia, and no one doubted his qualifications as a leader.

Of course, he was a person who knew how to take responsibility for the power he possessed.

He didn't wield power recklessly and left them alone so they could do it themselves.

That's why if he interfered, they had to be prepared.

"Welcome, Tower Master of Sky Chamber."

"Is your wound okay?"


"Can you show it? If you're reluctant to show it to others, you don't have to."

"No, it's possible."

Reed unbuttoned his shirt, bared his chest, and showed the spot where he had been attacked.

Between the chest and shoulder.

A scar sat right next to the heart.


Helios sighed as he looked at the wounded spot.

After observing for a moment, he nodded his head with a convinced expression.

"As expected, that kid deliberately made you avoid a fatal spot."

Stay calm.

Reed was surprised but didn't waver.

Helios looked up at Reed.

His age was already well into old age, but his eyes were as threatening as a lion.

Trying to act like a wronged person, but when confronted with his eyes, even that becomes unnatural.

"You joined hands with her, right? You ordered the attack, and she must have done as you said."


"Two people died at Balchmidt's, and two demons were found. I counted separately, but I cannot ignore that number."


"Is the reason why the wallin is trapped related to demons?"


Reed finally admitted to the digging questions.

The rumors would spread everywhere soon anyway.

Before the wrong information got into Helios' ears, Reed decided to take the initiative.

Helios' expression grew darker.

He had already guessed it, but it felt different when he heard it directly.

"What happened?"

"As you expected, Dolores' parents were the minions of demons. They had planted a thing called a magic seed in their hearts and had been deceiving them until now."

"So? Did you kill them?"

"They took their own lives. Even though it seems foolish, their loyalty felt disgusting."

"Typical demons. What about the magic seed?"

"I dissected the heart, but there was nothing, so it seems that it's a permanent item they drank that turns them into demons."

Helios frowned and mulled over the disgust.

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"If the Balchmidt couple were demons, it sounds like the Wallin tower master is also carrying that blood... You're saying you purposely hid it so others couldn't question it."


Helios had grasped the context of everything that had happened so far.

Reed clenched his fist and looked up at him.

"I understand that you, the Tower Master of Sky Chamber, must solve everything fairly. However, the Wallin tower master is far from being a demon. I will prove it, so please don't interfere."

Then Helios put his hand on Reed's shoulder.

Big and rough enough to be mistaken for a martial artist.

"I may say that everything must be done fairly, but I'm not a heartless person either. More than anything, I know very well what kind of person the Wallin Tower master is. She's a little lady who is far from being a demon."

Helios passed Reed and sat down in his seat.

He wiped his hands dry and sighed.

"The Wallin tower master is such a pitiful child. A child who has worked harder than anyone to be recognized, but now her parents were the minions of demons and she's in a situation that could be misunderstood as a demon. The heavens are heartless."


"But luckily, you knew about it and prevented it in advance, so at least it's not the worst-case scenario, but a less bad situation."

"When do you think the rumors about the Wallin tower master will reach the ears of other tower masters?"

"I can't ignore the hearing ears. Everyone will know by the next tower master meeting."

"Can you help me?"

Reed asked Helios with a desperate face.

"The help I can give is just following the procedure. There's nothing but buying about 3 months' time."

"That's enough. I'll think about it and buy some time for the Wallin tower master."

"Apart from that... resolving the Wallin tower master's current situation would be important."

We need a way to remove or eliminate the magic seed.

Helios, who didn't want to lose talent, was currently superior in detection magic.

Reed pondered for a long time and made a decision.

"Master of Sky Chamber Tower."

"What is it?"

"Would this blood be more helpful for research if I give it to you?"

Reed handed over a murky liquid in a bottle.

Helios immediately recognized it.

"Is this blood mixed with the mana of a demon?"


"You've obtained something that even I couldn't get."

Helios subtly tried to ask about the source, but Reed didn't give any answer.

He nodded his head and tightly held the bottle he had handed over.

"Thank you. I'll use this blood for the Wallin tower master."

Thus, he distributed all the demon blood given by the saintess.

Reed could only hope that the seeds he had sown would sprout.

As soon as he thought the conversation with the Sky Chamber Tower Master was over,

-Ta, Tower Master, we have a big problem!

The desperate voice of the magician on duty echoed in Reed's ears.

"What's going on?"

-That, um, the Black Sky Tower Master!

Black Sky?


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