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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 113 Part 1

 Blue Rose (3)

"That... we're looking for it right now. We've mobilized all our forces to search the office, so we'll surely find evidence."

Ludis's confident tone wilted like a fire doused by drizzle.

"Wouldn't it be better to show us if there's any hint or clue?"

"We have several suspicious points now, but we're still organizing the information."

Reed deliberately fanned the flames, but Ludis couldn't answer easily.

They had already searched all the possible places, but there was no evidence to catch Dolores.

There's no one so clean as to not even have dust on them, but Dolores was thorough enough to deny that saying.

And Reed was grateful for Dolores's thoroughness.


He didn't like him even when he encountered him in the game, and he liked him even less when he met him as the tower master.

'It's not just politics, he wants Dolores to disappear.'

He could understand.

As her political flaws increased, he could climb up using those flaws.

Was he just a man crazy for power?

Or was there something Reed didn't know?

'No need to worry anymore.'

Ludis Grancia Jade.

That man, the second prince of the Grancia Kingdom, was Reed's enemy. 

* * *

Wallen Tower, office.

Ludis Grancia Jade, who had become the temporary tower lord, groaned after the meeting.

"Ugh... This shouldn't have happened like this..."

When it became known that the Baldschmidt family heads were demons, it was only natural that arrows would fly at Dolores, their daughter.

That moment was the very moment Ludis Grancia Jade had been waiting for.

It was the biggest part of his plan to make himself the tower lord.

'Everything is beyond expectations...'

The Baldschmidt family's incident erupted sooner, and Dolores was caught.

The current atmosphere was calm, saying that they should watch a little more instead of arrows.

There was one person who created this.

"Silence Tower Master..."

He was more of a thorn in the eye than he had imagined.

He had known long ago that Reed's reason for imprisoning Dolores was not to resolve things legally.

If things go on like this, Dolores will undoubtedly be released, and Ludis will have to step down from his temporary tower lord position.

He knew that if that happened, there would be no chance of Ludis becoming the tower master again.

Even as a temporary tower master, his position was still unstable.

At least with Dolores, that woman, he could undoubtedly unravel the situation more advantageously.

He needed to take over Dolores.

Ludis began to think about what ways there could be to do that.

That's when it happened.

Ludis felt as if a thin thread was connected to his head.

A mysterious telepathic message sent by someone.

Ludis received the message, sweating coldly.

-If the meeting results are out, it would be good to report quickly.

"I apologize, sir..."

A voice that seemed to be mixed with something.

He couldn't see the figure, but Ludis instinctively bowed and apologized.

-What happened?

"It seems difficult to retrieve Dolores Jade right now."

-Is that so?

"I'm sorry."

-There's no need to apologize. If you're incompetent, you just have to pay the proper price.

Ludis clenched his fist tightly.

He didn't want to pay that price.

-You must bring Dolores Baldschmidt. That woman must not be killed.

"I know she's talented, but is there anything special?"

-Dolores Baldschmidt's magic seed is different. If a child from a talentless family has accomplished everything at the youngest age, that magic seed must be special.

Ludis's eyes widened.

If it's a magic seed that can possess all of Dolores's talents!

-Don't think of changing your mind, Grancia Jade.

The man seemed to be watching him and warned.

"How could I change my mind? My body and soul are dedicated solely to you."

-Words are always easy. If you don't show results, you can't gain trust from anyone.

"I know that trust is always a serious matter."

Ludis asked him as if things were going well.

"When will you give me the magic seed?"

-Don't rush. Do you know what will happen if I plant a magic seed in your body in a situation like this?

"Isn't it not asking for it right now? I've been loyal for years. I've worked in this wretched tower according to your wishes. I've even created my own power. Without the magic seed, I won't be able to gain trust while constantly being compared to Dolores Jade."

Ludis felt frustrated.

To become a magic tower lord, political power alone was not enough.

One had to possess abilities that could make them someone's idol.

However, no matter how hard Ludis Grancia Jade tried, he was nothing more than a tiny pawn before Dolores.

-As much as I'd like to give it to you, now is the time to be cautious of the Eternal Church's apostates.

"Why is that?"

-Brosa is on the move.

"Brosa... Isn't that the mysterious magician who fulfills wishes?"

When someone strongly desires something, Brosa appears and grants the power to fulfill that wish.

However, that power is something they cannot control.

In the end, it is a power that destroys even themselves.

It was considered to be like a fairy wandering around in the shape of a girl

-Since the report that Brosa is on the move, our forces have been disappearing without being able to use their strength. So far, 10 of our comrades have vanished without a trace.

"Ten? As many as ten... have disappeared?"

The disappearance itself was rare for demons, and the number was not negligible.

Disappearance meant vanishing without even knowing what happened.

It was a completely different situation from being arrested or kidnapped.

-All the demons in the area where Brosa appeared have disappeared. It's not a simple problem.


If things were complicated, Ludis could no longer whine.

-What you need to do now is to retrieve Dolores Baldschmidt as soon as possible. That's all. Keep that in mind.

"I'll do my best."

The telepathic communication was cut off.

Ludis bit his thumbnail hard.

He needed to bring that woman back as soon as possible.

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