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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 116 Part 2


It was astonishing just by itself.

Even the tower master of the Tower of Thought, who always sat calmly, listened attentively to Reed's story.

If stability and efficiency were further improved, the tower masters felt a sense of unease that talented magicians might actually be replaced by golems.

It was a moment when they felt a strange sensation that they hadn't felt in the Tower of Silence.

"I never thought magic engineering would be this terrifying..."

Magic engineering was abandoning the path of a magician and entering the realm of merchants.

Everyone thought so.

There was never a moment when they were particularly conscious of Reed when he created a recording device in the Tower of Silence.

However, that magic engineering now provided a solution that surpassed all magicians.

It was not something to be criticized for walking the path of a non-magician, but rather to be answered with admiration and applause.

While everyone was admiring, there was a man showing the opposite reaction.

"You... you got rid of the magic stone?"

Ludis showed a troubled expression after hearing his words.

'The value of Dolores Jade lies in that magic stone...'

Without the magic stone, Dolores had no meaning, and Ludis had failed in his mission.

That's why he couldn't help but feel troubled.

"Acting Tower Master, you don't look well. Did you hope that Dolores would not return?"

"What are you talking about? Tower Master of Black Sky! I, I just..."

"Ah, I understand. You tried to kill her in a hurry, but it didn't work, did it? Understand or not."

"You've worked hard, Silence."

"My, how completely romantic. How can you be so sexy?"

"Be quiet! There are many decent people here! Ahem!"

Those who trusted Dolores and Reed offered their compliments to Reed.

"...You've done a great job. Yes."

Even the tower master of the Single Stone, who usually didn't get along well, acknowledged what Reed had accomplished.

It was not just a personal matter for the Tower Master of Wallin, but also a matter that affected the magicians of the tower, so they had to express their gratitude in some way.

At that moment, a petite figure hugged Reed.

At first, he didn't think much of it, but when he realized who it was, his body froze.

"Reed, would you like your big sister to praise you?"

It was Freesia who clung to him.

"What... kind of praise are you talking about?"

"Just praise me. Hurry up. Like when you showed me your childish drawing."

Freesia closed her eyes and raised her head.

It seemed like she wanted him to stroke her head, so Reed carefully stroked her hair.

As if carefully handling nuclear waste.

"I don't know what it is, but well done."

"You're just saying it. Praise me with passion and sincerity!"

"Wouldn't it be easier for me to immerse myself if you tell me what's going on?"


Freesia looked up at Reed with dissatisfied eyes but didn't argue because he had a point.

As she let go, Freesia spoke to Reed.

"You know I caught the demons, right?"

"Yes. Brosa told me."

"Let's say so. Demons are famous for not revealing information, aren't they?"


It was easy to deduce that it had something to do with the demons.

"Thanks to that, I was able to try things that would have killed a human in no time, several times. These creatures don't even scream, but they are very venomous."

"Did you fail?"

It didn't seem like she wanted him to praise her for failing...

Then, Freesia happily showed him four fingers and answered.

"I succeeded in making them scream on the fourth try."

It meant that there was progress in the torture, as she succeeded in causing unbearable pain.

However, it was indeed a strange situation.

Reed didn't know whether to be happy that the demon had opened its mouth or despise her for her evil hobby, so his expression got tangled.

"So, what's the matter?"

"I brought some very special information. I was wondering if I should mention it during the meeting, but I thought you might be very upset, so I decided to tell only you. But before that..."

She paused, and Freesia laughed mischievously.

"You should show some gratitude to your sister, right?"

"What do you want?"

"Well, I'd like you to beg a little. Don’t you think Reed should kneel down for his woman?"

"Are you talking about Dolores as my woman?"


As soon as Reed got Freesia's answer, he tried to kneel down.

But the moment he bent his knee, he couldn't move any further.

Reed's foot was caught by Freesia's shadow hand, hindering him.

Freesia's face, which had been cunning, now stared at Reed with disgust.

"Don't you have any pride? You kneel when told to kneel? Were you just that kind of guy?"

"If it's for someone important to me, I'd gladly kneel."

"...I don't like it."

Freesia spat out a curse, put her hand on her hip, and spoke.

"Then there will come a day when you have to kneel for me. What will you do?"

"I'll kneel then, too."

Reed answered immediately. Freesia's expression became strangely tangled.

"Why? Why?"

"It's because you've done this for me."

Freesia stared at Reed without saying anything.

With her lower lip bitten, she looked up at him and uttered a word.

"Ludis Grancia Jade."

The name of the current Wallin Tower Master.

Just hearing it made his fists clench.

"That bastard is also involved with the demons."

Anger welled up in Reed's eyes.

"The reason why it wasn't announced is..."

"It's simple, isn't it? Where would a guy trying to become a demon's dog have any rights? Isn't that right?"

Reed was convinced by her words.

Yes, there are no rights.

Only retribution remains.

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