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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 118 Part 1

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Dolores (1)

-I heard Dolores is quitting as a Tower Master.

"Yes, I heard."

It was rare for Helios to contact me, and it was about Dolores.

Perhaps it was an obvious story.

Dolores, who was the biggest talent in maintaining the tower, declared that she would quit, so the chairman had no choice but to be on his toes.

-Even though it's an upsetting event, you're calm.

"I must have been the first to hear it among all the Tower Masters, enough to be overwhelmed."

Helios looked down at Reed with a displeased expression.

-Why didn't you stop her?

"What good would it do if I tried to stop her? She acknowledged that she had become weaker and said it wouldn't work, so I just followed her opinion."

-Even if she's a little weaker, she wouldn't be inferior to any other talent.

Dolores became weaker after removing the Magic Seed.

That was a clear fact.

However, the difference in her weakness was not significant. The genius among geniuses, the magician Dolores, remained unchanged.

-That's why there's chaos inside the Wallin Tower now.

That was a story Reed already knew.

In fact, the day after she announced her retirement, all the magicians except the forces that agreed with her tried to stop her retirement by writing statements and using all their efforts.

There was no one who liked Dolores, who had a strict Tower Master image.

But after Ludis was appointed as a Tower Master, her integrity was steadily re-evaluated.

As a result, her support base became even stronger.

Regret and sighs had no way to be released, so they turned their arrows towards the disappeared Ludis and his followers.

The magicians who prepared to be humiliated were eventually driven out of the Tower.

Although they all asked for loyalty pledges, Dolores refused them.

The fundamental problem was not that.

'To the point where they asked me to persuade her.'

It must be frustrating.

Reed understood and tried to persuade her once as they requested, but Dolores was firm, so he didn't try to hold her back any more.

-...Do you know what Dolores is going to do now? I heard she's thinking about something.

"I only heard that much, so I'm planning to ask her today."

-Do you have any plans for today?

"Yes, it's a matter we've been putting off for a while... I'll keep that promise today and ask her."

-Hmm... Alright. Let me know if you find out anything.

"I understand."

Sensing it was a personal matter, Helios did not ask further.

In that regard, he was thorough.

Having finished his preparations, Reed immediately started to get ready to leave.

He wore a black suit.

It was a moderately luxurious outfit that didn't stand out, the kind worn by butlers in noble mansions.

As Phoebe dressed Reed and adjusted his tie, she asked.

"How does it look?"

"You look great~."

Phoebe looked at Reed and giggled.

Her face looked genuinely happy.

"Dad, where are you going?"

"I made plans today, so I'm going out."

"Then I want to go out with Dad too!"

Reed stroked Rosaria's head and said.

"Sorry, I have a prior appointment with Dolores today."

"Then, can't the three of us go out together?"

"Sorry, it doesn't seem possible today."

Rosaria, who had been looking up, puffed up her cheeks.

Phoebe, who had been standing behind, intervened.

"That's right~. There are times when adults need to spend time together. Let's play without the Tower Master today."

"Boo... It's not fun without Dad."

"Am I, am I not fun?"

"No, no! Phoebe unni is fun too!"

When Phoebe asked with a hurt expression, Rosaria looked up at her and denied it.

"Alright, I'll endure it today."

"Thank you, my princess."

Reed kissed her forehead.

Rosaria, holding a teddy bear, giggled.

Reed walked towards the front door.

Rosaria and Phoebe saw him off until he disappeared.

"Do you think Dolores likes Dad?"

"That must be it~."

"Don't you like Dad too, Unni?"

"Me, me?"

"Both Dolores and Phoebe always had a different feeling when talking about Dad. It's like a fluffy feeling."

"Um... Is, is that so?"

Rosaria cautiously shook her teddy bear and spoke.

"Yeah. If there's one person you like, there's always a fight. So, will Dolores and Phoebe end up fighting?"

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* * *

Upon hearing that, Phoebe's face momentarily became complicated.

Avoiding her gaze to dodge the question, Rosaria quietly looked up at Phoebe.

"Who knows?"

But in the end, Phoebe smiled and crouched down to Rosaria's eye level.

With wide-open eyes, she asked Rosaria.

"You don't know how I met the Tower Master, do you?"

"No, I don't know."

"Well, Phoebe lost someone precious a long time ago. At that time, I hated everything."

"You hated everything?"

"Yes, I really hated the people who left me after I lost someone precious. So, I tried to take revenge on everyone and the world, like an evil dragon in a fairy tale."

Wondering if the story was becoming too grim, Rosaria tightly squeezed the teddy bear she was holding.

Phoebe smiled even brighter at the anxious Rosaria.

"But everything changed after meeting the Tower Master. He taught me how to overcome it."

Phoebe finished her words, stroking Rosaria's head.

"So, Phoebe wants the Tower Master to be happy."

"I want Dad to be happy too."

"Then we should support him. We should do what we can and always wish for the Tower Master's happiness."


Rosaria reached out to the hand stroking her head.

"But I still feel a little bitter towards the Tower Master."

"Me too."

"Phoebe has one way to take revenge on the Tower Master."

"How are you going to do it?"

"It's by playing more fun than him. We should make him regret not playing with us by having even more fun."


Having more fun was irresistible.

It was a very interesting story for Rosaria.

"Let's have fun with Phoebe Unni today."


A day without Reed.

As they said, Phoebe and Rosaria spent the whole day together, having a great time.

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