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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 122 Part 2

"Thank you for sparing your precious time, Master of the Silence Tower."

Isel and Rachel were sitting on the sofa.

Their clothes were different, but both were sitting in the same posture, looking like a decalcomania symmetrically placed side by side. [T/N: A design on paper and its copy transferred to other material]

Reed placed a small box he had prepared on the table.

"It's the new song you wanted."

"Thank you. With this, my ears won't be bored during work."

Isel smiled happily and handed the crystal ball to Rachel.

She didn't pay much attention to it compared to the fuss.

Reed was sure they had come for something else.

"So, what did you come for? It doesn't seem like you came to get the new song."

"Of course. This is just an excuse."

Isel nodded her head.

"We have something to deliver to you, Master of the Tower, according to the hero's will."


Reed wondered if he had any connection with the hero.

Seeing this, Isel chuckled.

"The hero passed away 300 years ago. There's no connection with the Adeleheights family, so you don't need to worry."

"Then tell me why you came."

Isel cleared her throat.

As if reciting an epic, she began to tell the hero's will.

"The death of the Demon King is not the end. Evil will once again devour the hearts of humans, and eventually return. Give this sword to the one who defeats that evil. He will be the hero and the hope."

Reed knew what that will was.

It was the event dialogue that occurred in Pieta after defeating the second disaster, Demon King Peon, in "Disaster 7".

Along with those words, Rachel placed a sword, which she had taken out from somewhere, on the table.

A smooth sword blade and a dark opal embedded sword.

It wasn't adorned with fancy decorations or designs like the Empire's swords, but the aura emitted from that sword was extraordinary.

'I can't believe I'm getting the holy sword that the protagonist receives now...'

It was the holy sword, Dawnbreaker.


Name: Dawnbreaker

Type: Equipment

A sword used by the hero 300 years ago when a massive evil swept across the continent.

A rare gem was embedded in it.

To defeat darkness and bring forth the dawn.

Its appearance was undoubtedly that of light.


Durability: 150/150

Attack Power: 102~110

"Crafting Lv.3": There are no defects.

"Magicology Lv.4"

-Not recognized as the owner.

-The gem has an 'enchant' that cannot be deciphered.


Reed looked at the sword with a complex expression.

''Was this a good-looking but useless thing?'

The attack power was high, but it was far inferior compared to other relic-grade items.

This was because Dawnbreaker could only be used by someone recognized as its owner.

And among all the characters appearing in "Disaster 7", there was not a single person who could use Dawnbreaker.

In the end, it meant that 'there was no one with the qualities of a hero.'

'But I never thought I'd receive this.'

Reed laughed as if it was absurd.

It was funny that the very person who created the Demon King was contributing to the accomplishment of defeating the evil.

"Originally, it should be placed in a box adorned with a dragon and publicly awarded at Pieta... But given the current sentiment, I have no choice but to give it to you secretly."

"I understand."

The Althea Church, which had been in control during the demon crisis, wouldn't be pleased that the tower's magician found a solution.

If the holy sword was also awarded, the prestige of the Althea Church might have completely fallen.

'Dawnbreaker... Do I have the qualities of a hero?'

Wrapped in doubt, Reed gripped the handle of DawnBreaker.

Nothing happened.

'Of course.'

It was ridiculous for a man who became the source of evil to be chosen by the hero's sword.

Reed placed the sword on the display stand.

That's when it happened.

Knock knock.

Someone knocked on the reception room door.

The knock on the door was soft, so it was easy to tell who it was.

"Excuse me. Just a moment..."

Reed stood up from his seat and opened the door to the reception room.

As expected, Rosaria was standing there.

"Dad, have you seen our puppy?"

"I haven't seen him, hasn't he been following you around?"

"I thought so too, but I can't see the puppy."

Rosaria looked around.

"So I thought he might be with you, but I guess not."

"I'll help you look for him later. I'm meeting with someone else right now, got it?"

"Yeah, sorry."

As Rosaria was about to leave.

A shadow cast over Reed's back.

"Oh my, is this young girl... the rumored magic genius?"

Isel and Rachel stood up from their seats and looked at Rosaria beyond the door.

Rosaria looked up at Isel and Rachel.

Then, she was surprised, and her eyes widened.

"Gosh, there are two identical people..."

"Rosaria, what should you do when you meet new people?"

Rosaria, as if realizing her mistake, belatedly greeted them like a young lady.

"Hello? My name is Rosaria Adeleheights Roton.”

"Hello, Miss Roton. I am the Saintess of Meditation, Isel Lindea. And this Saintess next to me is the Saintess of Silence, Rachel Lindea."


Isel greeted gracefully, and Rachel next to her gave a light nod.

"My daughter was rude. I'll send her back."

"No, if it's okay with you, Master of the Tower, I'd like to have a conversation with your daughter as well, would that be possible?"

Isel showed interest in Rosaria.

Reed wanted to make an excuse that Rosaria was shy, but Rosaria had a face that showed she was also quite interested in them.


Being a father who couldn't win against his daughter, Reed had no choice but to allow her to meet with them.

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