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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 124 Part 1

 Pure and Upright (4)

"Would you like to listen to a song here?"

At Reed's words, Isel pointed to the floor with her finger and asked.

"Do you mean now?"

"It's a band I like. It wouldn't hurt to listen to a song."

"Then I won't refuse and will listen."

Isel sat down with an excited face.

The atmosphere of the band, which had been playing comfortably, heightened in an instant.

The fact that they were playing a song directly for the saintess excited them.

The band started playing following the conductor.

Sweet and rough sounds blended together, harmonized, and filled the room.

Isel seemed to enjoy the rhythm.

After a song that lasted for 5 minutes, Isel applauded their performance.

"It was really amazing, everyone. It's an honor to be able to hear my favorite song live."

"No, it's an honor for us!"

"May the blessing of light be with you!"

As the resting signal fell, the band retreated.

Isel spoke with a face immersed in the afterglow.

"I can't believe I can listen to such beautiful music. I wish we could record the music of the church choir as well."

"If you have any thoughts, you can tell me anytime."

"As expected of the Master of Silence Tower. You are generous."

Saying that, Isel tapped her lips.

After pondering for a while, she asked Reed.

"Then, since I'm here, shall I try recording my song?"

At Isel's words, Rachel's eyes reflexively widened.

Reed also showed a surprised reaction.

"Do you know how to sing too?"

"Hehe, of course. My song is very famous in our Pieta."

Isel showed a confident smile.

Then Rachel quickly shook her head.

As if not satisfied with just shaking her head, she strongly expressed her opinion by making a throat-slitting gesture with her palm.

Unable to understand what she was saying, Reed allowed Isel to proceed for now.

"Well, you can sing once."

"Hehe, thank you, Tower Master. You will never regret it."

As permission was granted, Rachel's gaze became strange.

She began to glare as if resentful.

Reed instructed the magician waiting on the other side to start a new recording.

She took a deep breath.

And facing the recording device.


She began to sing something.

It wasn't a song.

* * *

Dream big tl dot com

[Original Source – dreambigtl . com]

* * *

It was a scream with all her might, and it sounded like it was showing how people could be killed with music.

Concerned for Rosaria's well-being, Reed turned his head, and Rachel was firmly covering her ears with her fingers.

That mostly screaming hymn lasted for a full 5 minutes. Isel elegantly wiped the sweat on her face with a handkerchief and said.

"Hehe, I'm not sure if my old skills came out well since I sang it after a long time. How was it?"

"Um, well..."

"It's a hymn of the Althea religion, called 'In Althea's Arms'. It's a song I've enjoyed singing since the old days. That's why I'm confident."

Unsure of how to respond, Reed glanced at Rachel, who was staring at him with a furrowed brow.

It was a resentful expression with an implied message of why did you let her sing.

Reed turned his head again and pondered.

Should he say it was okay, or should he say it was really a terrible song...

At that moment, someone entered the recording studio.

It was Phoebe.

She rushed over and asked about Reed's well-being.

"Master of the Tower, are you alright?"

"Well, I'm fine, but...?"

"I heard a sound like a goblin getting strangled... I thought someone was dying." [T/N: https://youtu.be/knFCcWZxBlw]

Phoebe calmly dropped a bombshell.

At that, Isel, who had been standing behind, stepped forward and stood in front of Phoebe, seemingly offended.

"It's not a goblin-strangling sound, but a very sacred hymn, Deputy Tower Master."

Then Phoebe clapped her hands and apologized as if she was sorry.

"Was it a hymn? I'm sorry. I thought you were summoning the hellish Master of death. The song was so hideous. I was very surprised."

"Hehe, it might be no different from a lion to blasphemous heretics. But for our believers, it has received praise as 'Celestial Guidance.'"

"Celestial Guidance... I cautiously speculate that it's because all the believers nearly died. If it were me, I would have dragged you down from the podium."

The atmosphere gradually became fierce.

Both were smiling, but they were radiating an intense aura as if they were about to draw their weapons and strike each other soon.

"I need to check the equipment. I'm worried if our microphone is broken because of that 'Celestial Guidance.'"

"Isn't it because of its age?"

"Even if it's not time yet, things can still break."

Phoebe said and proceeded to detach the microphone.

And, surprisingly, the inside of the microphone was damaged.

"As expected, if it's bad enough to ruin a person's ears, there's no way it wouldn't be damaged."


With the evidence presented, Isel's relaxed smile faded.

She then turned her head swiftly and looked at Rachel.

"Rachel, are you just going to watch?"


When Isel protested, Rachel did not even pretend to have heard.

Although she was angry, she seemed to maintain neutrality, as if she was not wrong.

Realizing she had no support from her, Isel forced a smile and said.

"Please bill Pieta later. I will pay the amount."

"It's okay. Even if the song is a mess, we can't just ignore it without recognition. We can overlook this much, can't we?"

"You are very merciful, Deputy Tower Master. I wish you would definitely join our Althea Order."

"I prefer being under the Tower Master~. He's no different from my god, you know?"

At the end of the fierce battle, Isel bowed her head.

Isel turned her body swiftly and approached Rachel.

"Is this revenge for you, Rachel?"


Rachel nodded calmly.

It seemed that the grudge from the discussion of who resembled the saintess the most was finally resolved.

Reed, really curious, quietly approached Phoebe and asked.

"Did it break because of the song?"

Phoebe smiled brightly and replied.

"No, I found out that the microphone was broken when I listened to today's recording and found something strange."


"Well, thanks to that, I showed that religious fanatic a lesson."

Phoebe laughed as if she was happy.

She always smiled gently, but she definitely wasn't an easy character.

Reed went outside with Rachel and Isel.

Having finished touring the recording studio, the only thing left was to say goodbye.

"By the way, Saintesses."

Rosaria looked up at Isel and Rachel and spoke.

"What is it?"

"The hats on your heads seem a bit different."

"Are you talking about this?"

Seven lights stretched downward and three lights stretched upward.

Isel wore a long hat with the light stretching downward, and Rachel wore a long hat with the light stretching upward.

"The White Saintess has a shield-like shape, and the Black Saintess's hat looks similar to a sword."

"That's right. Being a shield that protects everyone is my symbol, and destroying evil is precisely the symbol of Saintess Rachel."

Looking at Rachel's hat for a moment, Rosaria exclaimed, "Ah!"

"Rosaria also has something similar to a sword!"

Rosaria took out a necklace she had tucked inside her clothes, biting on a piece of candy.

"Isn't it amazing?"



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