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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 125 Part 1

 Rosaria Adventure Party (1)

"This is the holy sword."

I took out the holy sword on display at the storage facility and showed it to Freesia.

"Hmm... It looks just like the one I saw a long time ago."

Freesia grabbed the handle and lifted it.

"Was this the Dawnbreaker? What a funny name, 'Destroyer of Dawn.'"

She observed the blade, the jewels embedded in it, and examined it from various angles.

And then, holding it in reverse,


She stabbed it right into her chest.

It went straight into where her heart was.

If it were anyone else, they would have bled out and died, but Freesia was different.


Freesia looked down at the sword stuck in her chest with a sour expression. Seeing that not even a drop of blood was flowing, she scratched her chin and raised her head.



"You said this is a holy sword."

"Yes, I did."

"Was it made from junk? It's no different from a piece of scrap metal. Who can you kill with this?"

"That's why I told you, it's unusable."

"No, you've been scammed. This is definitely a fake. It must be a sword containing the conspiracy of those religious fanatics who gave you the holy sword and then tried to make you commit suicide."

"Didn't you say it looked genuine when you checked it? Then your judgment was wrong."

"Annoying point, Mr. Reed. Forget about such things. Should a man cling to the past like that?"

I want to scold him.

I can't help but want to pinch his cheeks and make him cry, but I can't.

Freesia tilted her head and said,

"So there's a holy sword, but there's no special ability?"

'Hmm...', Freesia let out a faint breath and snapped her fingers.

"No, there might be something else. Reed, try holding the sword."

"Why should I hold the sword?"

"Let's try flowing mana through it, then maybe the holy sword will react and release its sacred power to punish my body?"

"What an elegant way of speaking."

"I always wish my body would be punished."

Reed made a disgusted expression, but Freesia laughed as if she was enjoying it.

Let's get along as much as we can.

Reed placed his hands on the sword embedded in her chest.

"What should I do here?"

"First, let's try to awaken it by sending mana through it."


Reed sent as much mana as he could without dying.

He tried to gather the mana of the Silence Tower and do something, but the holy sword didn't budge.

It was an obvious result.

If it had been released with just that, the Althea Church would have already released it.

"Don't you know how to unseal it?"

"If I knew how to do that, I wouldn't have gotten into magical engineering."

"Well, you're quite a handful."

With no other choice, Freesia placed her hand on it and sent mana through it herself.

It was a skillful performance, a level of precision that was different from what Reed did, befitting a magician who had practiced for over a hundred years.

"Hmm, it doesn't work."

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Freesia let go of her hand and pressed down on her forehead.

What should she do, what should she do?

Muttering to herself, she looked up at Reed again.

"Let's try to pull it out for now. Reed, pull it out for me."

Reed grabbed the handle of the holy sword and pulled.

It didn't come out.


It was stuck more firmly than expected, so he applied more force.

It didn't budge at all.

"What are you doing?"

"It doesn't seem to come out easily?"

"It's a sword stuck in a kid's body, what's the problem? Try harder."

"I'm trying, but it's not working..."

Reed held it with both hands and exerted all his strength.

But like Excalibur stuck in a rock, there was no sign of it coming out.

Freesia looked up at Reed and her mischievousness kicked in.

"Come on, you can do it! A man should be able to do this much!"


"Come on, Dad. We're here for you~."

She began clapping her hands to the beat and singing.

The song sung in her young voice somehow fit well.

Was it because of the harmony that came from that fit?

Reed's strength drained from his body.

Drenched in sweat, Reed eventually gave up and sat down.


"Lift your head! Don't you know that a man with a bowed head can't receive love? Huh?"

"Please... just close your mouth. Please..."

His patience was boiling.

It was hard enough to die, but with her making strange noises, he couldn't bear it.

"You really lack perseverance."

Freesia clicked her tongue.

Then, her shadow moved stealthily, and she grabbed the handle of the sword embedded in her chest.


She pulled it out cleanly.

As she gently placed the sword on the desk, Reed glared at Freesia with resentful eyes.

"What's wrong? Do you want to kill me?"

"Does my face look like that right now?"

"Good attitude. Make sure to kill me. You're the only one who can."

Freesia patted Reed's shoulder to comfort him.

"Anyway, now we know this thing is useless. Just stick it somewhere appropriate."

"I would have done that even if you hadn't said so."

"And always be careful with your waist. A man's waist is his life, right?"


Reed didn't respond.

He had the urge to punch the tiny-bodied Freesia right then and there.

Reed got up from his seat to put the holy sword back in its place.

"In the end, the holy sword was not the answer."

Freesia muttered.

She had thought of several ways to kill herself.

One of them was soul transplantation, which she had obtained through a contract with Morgan Hoffer.

And the holy sword she had just embedded in her body was another possibility.

Both of those options had failed.

It would usually be an annoying situation.

'I am annoyed.'

Freesia hated incompetence.

She, who had lived unwillingly for a long time, didn't have the patience to watch someone's incompetence.

Most of them she turned into corpses or enslaved them in her tower to suffer eternally.

"Are you satisfied now?"

Reed looked down at her with displeased eyes.

It was an attitude Freesia hated the most.

No one could stand someone being arrogant.


Freesia smiled.

"Find a way to kill me quickly, you rotten, incompetent fool."

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