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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 127 Part 2


Rosaria, who had been standing blankly, let out an exclamation.

Rosaria, who had been standing in the labyrinth, was now in the storage room.

And in her hand, she was holding the hilt of the holy sword that was placed on display.

It felt as if only a fleeting moment had passed in reality, even though she had been on a very long journey.

So she even doubted if she had just dozed off for a moment.

"We're back to where we were."

"Orphe, do you remember?"

"How could I forget that long journey?"

Rosaria looked down at Meowmoew at her feet.

-Meow! Meow!

The salamander, with a proud face, was spitting out small flames.

It was a confident face, as he had been the most active during the journey.

Happy that it wasn't a dream, Rosaria declared with her hands on her waist.

"The adventure of Rosaria's Adventure Team ends here! It was a great labyrinth exploration."

-Meow, meow!

"We defeated tons of slimes, caught scary rats, and got treasures too!"

Rosaria looked up at Orphe floating in the air and spoke.

"If it weren't for Orphe, we would have been in big trouble for sure. It's all thanks to Orphe!"

"Of course. I am the higher rank of the spirits..."

She quickly changed her words, knowing that if she said king, her identity would be revealed.

Rosaria looked at Orphe and thought for a moment.

"What do you call someone like Orphe... There was definitely something..."

Then, as if recalling it, she clapped her hands.

"That's right, a sage!"

"A sage?"

"The smartest person who helps the hero! If it's Orphe, you could give us advice in our Rosaria Adventure Party!"


Orphe sighed, trying not to show her feelings.

When he glanced at her with his eyes, Rosaria was waiting for an answer with a hopeful expression.

"Well, I guess I can do at least the role of a sage."

"A sage is born in Rosaria's Adventure Party!"

-Meow! Meow!

Rosaria shouted excitedly, and Meowmoew spewed out flames like fireworks.

'A sage?'

Although she appeared calm on the outside, she was excited inside to be acknowledged by Rosaria.

She felt a sense of unease at the change in her feelings.

'Getting excited like a child, am I becoming like this little girl?'

It was really ridiculous.

If it were the prideful Queen Orneptos, she would have shouted at such rudeness, but instead, she was giggling as if holding back laughter.

"Let's go back to the room, have a feast, and relax!"

Although she was excited about drinking fruit juice, reality wasn't so easygoing.

Another challenge appeared in front of them as they opened the door to the storage room.


The usually affectionate voice now chilled the air.

Rosaria cautiously turned her head like a creaking doll.

A pair of intimidating horns.

Thick blonde hair and sharp eyes.

A smile on her lips.

It was Phoebe Astheria Roton, the second-in-command of the Silence Tower.

"Didn't Phoebe say not to go somewhere?"

"Uh... Dad's office?"


"I... I don't know..."


Phoebe took a step closer, and Rosaria felt the pressure.

Her face was smiling, but anyone could tell.

Phoebe was angry.

"An evil dragon! Everyone, prepare for battle!"



Meowmoew and Orphe looked at Rosaria with a puzzled expression.

Rosaria held the bear doll Lucy in front of her and assumed a battle stance.

Hearing that, Phoebe twisted her face and showed an evil smile.

It was undoubtedly acting, but an eerie sensation crawled over Rosaria's body.

"Oh? Do you think you can defeat Phoebe, Miss?"

"In the Rosaria Adventure Party, there's an invincible flame dragon, an invincible knight! And also, a picky water sage!"

In the end, the picky water sage Orphe, who didn't get promoted, looked at Rosaria with an unhappy face.

"In the name of love and justice, I'll defeat you! You evil dragon!"

Rosaria's Adventure Party bravely charged.

Rosaria's Adventure Party fought very bravely, but they were defeated by the evil dragon in just 10 seconds.

And they listened to a lecture for an hour.

* * *

Reed had a vivid dream.

It was so vivid that he couldn't even realize it was a dream.

However, he couldn't move freely in that dream.

Everything seemed to have a scripted plan, and he felt like a puppet moving according to that plan.

In such a situation, Reed didn't panic and just accepted it.

Since it was just a dream, it was best to let it go as it flowed.

But at this moment.

At this moment, something too embarrassing was happening to just let it pass by.

Reed was in his bedroom.

The bed he was lying on was smaller than usual but still spacious enough.

He was restrained.

Not tied up with restraints.

He was pinned down by a body on his stomach, and his hands were tied by small, soft hands.

He tried to resist, but it didn't budge.

It was an overwhelming force.

But the force was adjusted very gently so as not to hurt him.

Having confirmed that his hands couldn't move, Reed lifted his head again.

A woman with long hair was sitting on his stomach, pressing down on his hands.

Although it was a dark night when even the moon was hidden and he couldn't see an inch ahead, he already knew who she was.

There couldn't be two women in the world who emitted a faint glow from their golden eyes.

As if fed up, Reed opened his mouth to speak.

"Is it you again, Phoebe?"

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