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Dream Breaker - Chapter 35

 Magical Boy(13)

Before heading towards his dream, which was akin to a deathtrap or enemy territory, Kang Moon-soo had a strategy meeting with the uncle in reality.

How can I persuade them to spread the rumor that I did a good job?

Regarding this topic, the uncle defined it very simply.

"Just hand over the company to the second."

"Is that possible?"

Kang Hoon in the dream had been in prison for a whopping 20 years.

Although he was worried about his mental state, all the rights of the company had solidified like reinforced concrete under Choi Kang-min’s control.

It seemed difficult to overturn.

"We have to think about that method 'together' from now on."

"Ah, yes."

"Haha! Don't take it too seriously. It's just a suggestion. I don't know how the inheritance law will change after 13 years, but it will be difficult to overturn it. As long as I, the former chairman, am alive..."

"Uncle. Do you have to be alive?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can't you do it with a will?"

"I haven't even thought about a will since the first one turned out like that. If something goes wrong with me in an accident, the second will naturally take over."

There was no will. Even if there was, Choi Kang-min would have removed it long ago.

In that case,

"You can write one now."

"...Moon-soo. Isn't it too much to tell this uncle to die already?"

"Don't misunderstand. I'm thinking of using it in the dream."

"I still don't understand what you're saying..."

Uncle, who still didn't understand my intentions, frowned.

"When I first entered the dream, there was a smartphone in my pocket."

"Smartphone? What about the smartphone in your pocket- Ah! I see!"


The uncle, who noticed while speaking, clapped his knee and shouted in delight.

"If you put the will in your pocket beforehand, it will be carried along when you move to the dream."

"That's a really good plan!"


"But it will fail."

"Keh! Why?"

"For a will to have legal effect, it is essential to have a third party to prove that it is the will of the person. Although handwriting is an exception, it must also be able to prove that it was written directly."

"...That's true."

However, I didn't intend to give up just because it was difficult.

It seemed the same for the uncle.

"I'd like to summon my advisory board members if I could..."

"Are you confident in explaining?"

"Do you want to come with me?"

"I'll pass."

There was one thing I learned by entering Choi Kang-min’s dream.

Don't stand out!

It was very hard because the doctors who misunderstood me as a 'special human being' were interested in me.

'I can't repeat the same mistake!'

However, wasting time without any plan was not a good choice either.

In that case,


"You look like you've come up with a method."

"Yes. Can you ruin the company in an instant?"

"...Do you think it's a small store? I'd be kicked out by a shareholders' meeting before that."

"Do you trust me?"


"Do you trust me?"

"Of course, I trust you. You've been protecting my treasure(Kang-hoon) for over 10 years."

There was not a single tremor in the uncle's voice, who answered with a faint smile.

"Of course, that trust may vary depending on the matter."

He added a clue.

"I'm going to shoot a video now."

"A will?"


"A video without a witness has no legal effect."

"It's okay. I'm not going to court, I'll spread it on the internet."


Uncle's mouth gaped open as he heard my plan.

"Of course, I'll only spread it in the dream."

"So that's why you asked if I trust you."


"...It's a gamble that requires more than trust, but I can't weigh it against my son's life."

Uncle sighed.

"If it's too much for you..."

"Let's do it. I have a big stake in the cause of Kang-min being stuck in the dream."

"Then, let's start filming now-"

"Wait! If we're going to do it, let's do it right. With a high-quality camera."


We prepared a comprehensive gift set to drive Kang-min crazy.

* * *

The aftermath of the completed video after such twists and turns was tremendous!

"It's going smoothly."

This was a hotel located a bit away from the city in a resort area.

I was sitting lazily in front of the terrace with a view of the beach, experiencing the future smartphone.

(Kang-min, how long do you plan to run away from the fact that you instigated your friends to harass your younger brother, Kang Hoon?)

"He must have been scared."

It's a shame I couldn't see Kang-min's expression when he saw this video.

But what can I do? If I face him, I'll be bullied like a bug again.

I have no choice but to hide in the hotel and watch the situation.

At first, I was planning to go into a cheap one-room apartment, but the money that Vice President Seo Hye-joo gave me exceeded my imagination, so I changed my plan.

'When would I ever enjoy such a treat?'

It was a dream, so it was a situation that was only possible because it was a dream.

It would never happen in reality to be persuaded by a letter sent by my past self.



The cloud-like white mattress gently caught my body as I dove towards the bed.

'Money is good!'

The bed at the Sports University dormitory wasn't bad, but this was on a completely different level.

Is it insulting to even compare them?

I'll enjoy this opportunity to the fullest.

(In case there is any problem with my safety, I will inherit all my property to my second son, Kang Hoon. I hope this video will be delivered to a righteous person.)

The video I spread on the internet spread like an epidemic to various media outlets at a very fast speed.

Even to the news!

There were claims that it was fake, but since it was a video prepared expecting such reactions, there was no problem.

(You may doubt the authenticity of this video. So, I'll reveal the information that only the management knows. The password to the safe where confidential documents are kept is...)

I spread all the content that no one else could know unless they were involved.

How could they not believe this?

I was also shocked by the 'level' of the video while filming Uncle's video.

‘He's truly an amazing person.’

I suggested it, but if I were the uncle, I would have chosen another method.

It's too risky!

And this is the result. The effect was as risky as it was.

"Ask Chairman Choi Kang-min!"

"The successor is the second son, Choi Kang-hoon!"

"The major shareholder's testimony: The video is real."

"The stock market is swaying..."

The world was in an uproar because Uncle's company was not a small store.

Could it be a situation where a dead person revealed the identity of the criminal?

It was possible because it was a dream.

"I'm curious about how Choi Kang-min will react."


Let's watch while eating popcorn fried in the hotel's microwave.

* * *

An unimaginable huge fortune passed to the wrong person for 20 years.

Should I just ignore it?

Or should I give it back now?

Even people who are indifferent to most incidents showed deep interest in the inheritance issue of a global company.

"...Call the legal team."

Confidential information that could not be dismissed as a joke poured out like a waterfall.

Most of it was useless content that was over 20 years old, but it was different for the company executives who remembered that time.

If the video floating on the internet is real?

This is not a simple problem.

"Chairman. There's a call-"

"Can't you hear me? Call the legal team! Right now...!"


The situation and public opinion were very unfavorable.

Because he was a Magical Boy who could eavesdrop on conversations from the other side of the earth, the seriousness of the situation was even more vivid.

"Wow! How can he do such a thing..."

"He killed his father after being scolded!"

"Isn't that crazy?"

"I feel sorry for his younger brother, Choi Kang-hoon."

There have always been people who envied and were jealous of him, a second-generation chaebol(tycoon), but this was completely different.

Fierce criticism!

The result was the people who disliked Kang Moon-soo, who managed the company arrogantly with the Magical Boy on his back, inciting the crowd like fish in water.

"No... This isn't right..."


With his legs losing strength, Choi Kang-min slumped to the floor.

Bad public opinion?

A 'Magical Boy' who is a supernatural being can silence them semi-forcefully by defending 'Chairman Choi Kang-min'. He had framed his innocent brother in a similar way 20 years ago.

The real problem is separate.

(Kang-min, are you happy to pass your sins onto your only brother and send him to prison? You're a bad guy. Grow up.)


The wrinkles on the forehead of the face in the video were more shocking than the father's sarcasm that attacked him.

An older look than the father he last remembered.

It was proof that he was alive and well somewhere.

In other words,

'Is it a dream...?'

If all the words of the villain 'Fake Kang Moon-soo' that confused him were true?

He comes to the conclusion that he has been in a vegetative state for 7 years.

"Ha, ha, ha..."

A soulless hollow laugh came from the mouth of the Magical Boy Kang-min, who was not afraid of even a nuclear bomb.

Is this foolish?

Even though clear evidence was presented in front of him, he couldn't believe it.

Taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell...

It was because everything he had felt for 20 years seemed real.

"...Kang Moon-soo."

The root of all these problems.

Choi Kang-min's face was full of hatred as he called out that name.

'If I didn't know.'

If only Kang Moon-soo hadn't appeared!

There are times when it's happier not to know the uncomfortable truth. And isn't this the moment?


Holding the phone, Choi Kang-min instructed his secretary.

"Find Kang Moon-soo."

"Huh? He's already dead..."

"I said find him! Don't hesitate to use any means necessary, right now!"

"...Yes, Chairman."


Choi Kang-min, who put down the phone nervously, transformed into a Magical Boy.

From an adult to a child.

However, the innocent expression he had always maintained for image management was nowhere to be found.

'Kang Moon-soo!'


Choi Kang-min soared high into the sky to find the culprit himself.

* * *

To avoid Choi Kang-min's surveillance, who must be looking for me, I must never expose my face.

However, during meals, I inevitably have to lower my mask, right?

So, I avoided restaurants with surveillance cameras and people.

'My situation is really... I can't even use the money I have!'

Delivery is better than a restaurant, but it's not safe either.


All I can do is microwave convenience store frozen food. At most, ramen...


"Ugh! It's heavy."

I bought a lot of frozen food and instant food from the convenience store on the basement floor of the hotel.

Wouldn't this amount be enough for at least ten days?

Click- Squeak-

I opened the door to my hotel room with a card key and entered.


"Uh-huh~ Huh~♪"


I stopped in my tracks because of the woman's humming coming from inside the room.

"Who? How?"

It couldn't be a hotel employee.

It wasn't Choi Kang-min either, since it's a woman. It would be different if he could transform into a 'magical girl'.

"Mr. Kang Moon-soo."


Moreover, she broke in knowing that I was here.

'Should I run away?'

I was at a loss in a situation I hadn't anticipated at all.

"How long are you going to stand at the door? Please come in."


I was surprised by the gasp as I headed towards the source of the voice, curious about the identity of the intruder.

'Isn't that the strange guest?'

The woman in the wizard’s attire who had visited the convenience store before was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed.

However, this time too, her face was not visible except for the sharp jawline because she wore a deep black pointed hat.

More than that-

"This is our second meeting."

I could tell right away, even without her saying it.

That this woman is not a person of 'this world'.

"Are you surprised that I'm here?"

"How did you get in?"

"Oh my! Did you think you were the only special one?"


I was speechless, embarrassed by being hit right on the mark.


Was it since I heard that this aptitude is so rare that it could be mistaken for non-existent?

I think I've been unconsciously deluded that I'm the only special one.

"I'm very uncomfortable right now."

"I'm also uncomfortable with you coming in as you please."

"You're really shameless. You were the first to come in as you please, weren't you?"

"Me? I think you're confusing me with someone else..."

I've never trespassed into someone else's house in my life.


"This is my room."

"This world."


"You came in as you pleased and messed things up, didn't you? Are you still going to deny it?"


I suddenly felt a chill.

This woman in wizard attire is very dangerous.

My instincts warned me.

"Oh my! It's already time for the protagonist to come. I'll be going."

"Wait! Protagonist? What's this all of a sudden- Huh?"

I tried to catch her, who again just spoke her mind and left.

'Where did she go?'

I ran after her to the hotel terrace, but she was nowhere to be found.

"Could it be?"

I leaned against the terrace railing and looked down, reminded of Song Seon-young's method of suicide.


She's gone. Disappeared. If she had jumped, there should be a body at least...



Is this a coincidence? Or fate?

I locked eyes with the Magical Boy who was flying over the hotel parking lot!

...I'm doomed.

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