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Dream Breaker - Chapter 40

The Youngest Daughter of the Count(3) Aren't You the Protagonist 

I habitually put my hand in my pocket to check my belongings first.


My outfit was the same, but I didn't have a smartphone, an essential item for modern people.

Did I fall asleep with it on the table after drinking tropical fruit juice?

"Hmm. It doesn't really matter."

It's useless to have it if I can't make calls or use the internet. Even if I take pictures, I can't take them back to reality.


I couldn't stay in the meadow with only grass, so I headed towards the distant village without any plan.

'Will I be able to communicate...?'

I couldn't help but worry before meeting anyone.

It's a completely different world.

There's no doubt about it. The round, strange creatures that can be seen in the grass don't exist on Earth.


The semi-transparent pink jelly in the shape of a steamed bun wobbled.

"What's your name?"


"...Sorry. That was a stupid question."

"Jelly jelly~"

Wouldn't it be strange if a creature without a mouth answered? Since it didn't have ears in the first place, I was doubtful whether it really understood my words.



"...What are you doing?"


The unidentified alien creature following me was getting on my nerves.


Feeling bored from walking endlessly, I reached out my hand towards the creature.

'Will my hand melt or be swallowed as soon as I touch it...?'

I was slightly anxious, but I simply thought that if I die, I'll just get out of here, so I gathered my courage.


"Oh! It's really soft?"

It was a touch that wouldn't get boring even if I fiddled with it all day long.

I carefully held the alien creature in my arms and continued-


It was purely luck.


Right after the eardrum-tearing sound passed, blood flowed down my cheek from my right ear.

'An arrow!'

There was no time to examine or think about the situation.

I almost had my head pierced!

I bent my upper body as much as possible and ran.


Arrows falling in bunches, drawing parabolas.

Realistically, it was difficult to avoid all those things falling like a shower above my head, so I,


"I'm sorry!"

I quickly lifted the alien creature I was holding and protected my head.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Pain rushed in as my shoulders and back heated up, but I didn't have the time to check how injured I was.

'This is bad.'

If I keep running away like this, I'll eventually get caught.

But there was nothing I could do without even a decent weapon.

"Jelly jelly!"

"...I'm counting on you!"


I threw the alien creature, which I had been using to protect my head from the arrows, vertically into the sky.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The attackers' arrows appeared in response.

'That's where they are.'

I could predict the enemy's position in the direction the arrows came from.



"I'm sorry."

I caught the falling alien creature, protected my head again, and ran in the direction as far away from the attackers as possible.

I was slightly farther away from the village I had aimed for, but I couldn't just die at the hands of people whose identities I didn't even know, right?

I had faith.

'I'm confident in my stamina!'

It's impossible to hide somewhere and fend them off because my blood left traces from my wounds.

I had no choice but to make them give up chasing me by exhausting them.



There was a variable.

The appearance of an unpaved road cutting through the bushes that had been hiding my position!

It was easy to pass, but I had to take the risk of my whole body being exposed until I could get back into the bushes on the other side.

'I have to go anyway.'

It's not the time to hesitate, right?

Compared to the Magical Boy who made escape itself impossible, this side, which only shoots arrows from a distance, is much easier.

I prepared for death and took a step forward, but-


I stopped, gasping for breath.

Clatter clatter.

Just my luck, a group of this world's natives started to pass by, blocking my way.

It looked like they were escorting a luxurious carriage in the middle of the group...

'Should I ask for help?'

Then, a man who made eye contact with me pulled the reins of a white horse and changed direction.

His black hair contrasting with his white skin could be overlooked, but his plump physique and sculpted jawline seemed to be considered handsome by anyone.

Clatter clatter.

The man who approached me on horseback opened his lips.

"Who attacked you?"


Isn't that my mother tongue?

I was very glad to hear the good news, as I had expected an alien language that I couldn't understand at all.

One less thing to worry about.

"Don't worry now. I am from the House of Chimac, the Count..."

Misinterpreting my relieved expression at being able to communicate, he began to introduce himself, but

"Captain! It's a surprise attack!"

"Raise your shields! Gather in the carriage!"

"Get into formation!"

Arrows rained down like a storm on the carriage and the soldiers escorting it.

Thud, thud, thud...

Most of them were blocked by iron shields and armor, but the horses, which were the means of transportation, couldn't.



Innocent animals were hit by arrows and fell one by one.

I also,



Ran while blocking the arrows with the alien creature in my hand.

Fortunately, among the misfortunes, the threat of arrows decreased as I got farther away, thanks to the arrows focusing on the carriage-


With the ground-shaking sound of horse hooves, a suspicious group of cavalrymen approached quickly, kicking up dust.

"I'm screwed!"


Even though I have great stamina, enough to be called a nuclear submarine, I'm not faster than a horse.

If caught, death is certain!

The knives in their hands couldn't be just for decoration.


I immediately turned around and ran towards the carriage.

"Save me!"


I vowed to learn self-defense when I return to reality.

"Come this way!"

The man who had spoken to me pointed under the carriage.

He meant for me to hide there.

"If you give me a weapon, I'll fight too!"

"I appreciate the thought. Just hide quickly."


Not being full of courage to risk my life and insist, I hid under the carriage as instructed.

"Come over here quickly."


There was a coachman who had been driving the carriage as a passenger.

"Oh my! You've lost a lot of blood. Can you bear it?"

"I feel dizzy."

"Don't worry and hold on a little longer. The brave knights and soldiers of the Count's family will take care of it soon!"


My appearance, lying down and hiding under the carriage, was pathetic.


"Are you worried? I'm fine."

"Jelly jelly~"

Being born in a country governed by the rule of law and protected by the nation is never something to be ashamed of.

I'm not a soldier. It's okay not to know how to fight.

I had no intention of entering the dangerous world of dreams either...

'Autism made me careless.'

I didn't expect to enter the dream of a patient who hadn't fallen asleep.

...Is the wording a bit strange?

While I was regretting, the two groups finally collided.

"Protect the carriage!"

"For the House of Chimac, the Count!"

"Long live Chimac!"

"Chimac! Chimac! Chimac!"

Bang! Boom!

Hiding under the carriage, I had no way of knowing how the situation was unfolding, but seeing people fall on the dusty road made my hair stand on end.



Severed arms and legs of people sprayed blood as they fell, and crushed heads were smashed onto the ground.

'It's too realistic!'

A brutal battle that's hard to believe is just a dream.

Reality movies hide overly cruel scenes for commercial purposes, but dreams were not so kind.

The good thing, at least?

"Retreat! Retreat!"

"We didn't know they were this strong..."

"Run- Guk?!"

The attackers, who lost their momentum, retreated quickly, and the battle ended very quickly.


"Long live the House of Chimac, the Count!"

"We won!"

"Chimac! Chimac! Chimac!"

Deeming it safe now, I carefully crawled out from under the carriage.


And then I regretted it.

'Is this the look of a winner?'

The shouts of joy at winning hid the relief of being alive.

"Quiet! Gather the bodies in one place and quickly save the survivors!"


The commanders' swift orders were quickly followed.

The bodies of our allies were buried respectfully after their belongings were taken, while the enemies had their heads cut off, only their heads collected, and their bodies carelessly thrown into the bushes.

“Why the heads?”

The coachman, who had been hiding with me, noticed my question and explained.

"We need to know the identity of those who challenged the House of Chimac, the Count, so we can retaliate."

"But they're already dead, aren't they?"

"They have parents who gave birth to them, don't they?"


I shuddered at the words that they would exterminate even the families with an air of certainty.

"Show me your wound."


I didn't refuse and showed the area where I had been hit by the arrow.

"Ah... Running with the arrow stuck in you caused the wound to widen. Weren't you in pain?"

"I can bear it for now."

"You have remarkable endurance. It must be painful enough to kill."


I've died before, so I know it doesn't hurt that much.

"Put this stick in your mouth and don't look."

"...I'm nervous."

"I'm going to pull the arrow out now. Bear with it."


After removing the arrowhead embedded in my flesh with a dagger, the coachman disinfected the wound with alcohol and tightly bandaged it.


At that moment, I was sweating cold because the pain was no joke.

"You didn't scream even once without anesthesia..."

"It really hurt!"

I protested, spitting out the stick I had been biting.

"Are you tired?"


I felt fatigued. I also wondered why I was going through all this trouble.

"Sit next to me. I'll take you to the nearest village."

"It's okay."

"It's the knight's order. You were attacked by those targeting us, so we should at least do this for you."

"In that case..."

Was it because of the heavy bleeding? Or was it because the tension was released?

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with sleepiness.

"Be careful not to fall off the carriage."


The carriage, hastily repaired by the soldiers, started moving again.

* * *

I thought it was a village, but it seems I overestimated the medieval era.

'This is a city...'

According to the proud coachman's explanation, it wasn't even an ordinary city.

It was the heart of the land where the 'Count of Chimac', one of the top five aristocrats in this country, had a mansion!

It seemed like the equivalent of thinking about a metropolitan city where a governor lives.

"Stop. We'll tidy up here and go."

"Yes, sir."

"Park the carriage."

The handsome man who first spoke to me was the eldest son of a knight family that guarded the House of Chimac.

He was said to be the strongest person in this area.

'Why did they stop?'

I decided to ask the coachman next to me instead of worrying alone.

"What are they tidying up?"

"Look at our appearance. The citizens will be surprised."


We won a fierce battle, but our appearance, covered in blood and dust, reminded us of defeated soldiers.

"Please wait a moment."

The coachman took out towels and clean clothes from his bag.

One set, two sets.

I didn't see it wrong.

"Huh? Are you serious, for me too?"

"Yes. Change into these."

"But I don't have any money..."

It felt pushy, and I didn't like it.

"We don't charge those who have lost their belongings while fleeing. The House of Chimac is not so cruel. And the clothes aren't expensive either."

"Then I'll gratefully wear them."

It was a bit uncomfortable to change clothes outdoors without a screen, but it wasn't the atmosphere to argue about it.


'Wow! What bodies...'

Hidden by armor, I didn't realize that there were only muscular people who seemed capable of fighting bears with their bare hands.

At least the coachman was of average level.


Despite being a swimmer, I was practically without any muscles.



"Are you a noble?"

I immediately waved off the coachman's misunderstanding as he carefully observed my underwear.

"No way. A noble wouldn't be wandering around alone in danger, right?"

"Hmm. I apologize."

With our clothes neatly tidied up, we resumed our journey.

Clatter clatter.

With the flag of the Count of Chimac, featuring a roaring rooster, fluttering, the carriage passed through the city walls, the streets, and the wide square.

'Is that it?'

A tall stone building erected in the heart of the city crossed by a river.

Compared to the high-rise buildings in reality, it's cute, but it was still the largest and most splendid building I've seen here.

"The honorable fourth daughter of the great House of Chimac, Angelina Chimac, has returned! Open the gates."


We passed through the magnificent main gate of the mansion and the beautiful garden.

'Am I allowed to come in too?'

I was so curious that I kept looking around and accidentally accompanied them.


As the door of the carriage stopped at the entrance of the mansion, a beautiful silver-haired girl in a voluminous white dress got out.

Silver curly hair, white skin, deer-like eyes, a cute nose, and thick pink lips...


I recognized her at once, even though it was my first time seeing her.

'The girl on the novel cover!'

The heroine of the novel <I Became the Youngest Daughter of a Count>, which the autistic lady was holding like a treasure.

There was some difference between the picture (2D) and the actual person (3D), but I could tell they were the same person as soon as I saw her.

"Isn't she beautiful?"

"Ah, yes."

"But don't stare too much. All the gentlemen aiming for Miss Angelina are quite formidable."

"I understand."

The coachman's advice was unnecessary for me.

I admit she's pretty, but there's no way I'd give my heart to a fictional woman who will disappear when I wake up from the dream, right?

I don't even have time for that.

I was very serious right now.

'If she's not the youngest daughter of the Count, where on earth is she?'

I thought she would take on the role of the heroine, just like Choi Kang-min transformed into a magical boy who protects the world.

But she has a completely different appearance!

Can I find an autistic patient in this vast world?

Just thinking about it made everything seem dark.

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