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Chapter 101 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Magic Stone Tank (4)

Rockefeller's words were filled with strong confidence.

What could he have been thinking when he said that?

'What is he thinking?'

"In what sense do you mean that?"

To that question, Rockefeller merely smiled.

"Just watch from the side. You'll see how I handle it."

Just watch...?

Despite the strong doubts, Ricardo decided not to ask any further questions and quietly observed him.

However, realistically, it seemed impossible.

If there was the protection of a noble family, maybe.

'Could he be relying on the Sinclair family?'

The thought suddenly occurred to him, but he couldn't be sure.

Only Rockefeller knew what he was thinking right now.

'I'll find out by watching. It won't take that long anyway.'

Birth of a Noble Family (1)

"… He became the guild leader? And he took over the position that the Lyon family has always held?"

The lord of Montefeltro, Chester, was dumbfounded by the unexpected news.

'How could such a thing happen? It doesn't make sense. How could a mere commoner become the leader of the Lyon Guild?'

"Ha… It doesn't make any sense, does it? The Lyon family has always held that position. How could this happen…"

On the other hand, the overseer who delivered the news seemed quite calm.

He too had initially harbored strong doubts when he first heard the news.

It was not something that could easily happen, so he had doubted the information he had received.

However, when he realized that the person in question was Rockefeller, who had turned the local lord into a half-wit, he began to think that such a thing might be possible.

And since the news from Lyon couldn't be wrong, he eventually accepted it.

"Isn't it entirely possible for him? Honestly, my lord, you too…"

The overseer decided not to continue his sentence, as it would be impolite.

However, the lord, who roughly knew what he was trying to say, frowned and let out a fake cough.

"Ahem! Anyway, that happened. I don't really accept it, but there's no way this is false."

As the lord shook the letter in his hand, the overseer who had been talking to him continued.

"Well, that's what happened over there. To find out more accurately, we'd have to go to Lyon directly, but do we really need to go that far? If the content is true, isn't it unconditionally good news for us?"

"Good news?"

The lord's expression soured.

"How is that good news?"

"What else could it be?"


"Honestly, if the leader of the Lyon Guild is the one who holds the rights to our territory, isn't that even better?"

"No, you..."

The person who wouldn't even talk back before he lost his power had become very talkative now that he had become a half-wit lord.

So he even thought about trying to suppress him, but since he was no longer the one paying him, he hesitated to do so.

'Damn it. I can't say anything without power. And if I get on his bad side, he might not listen to me at all... Ugh!'

Whether he knew the lord's inner thoughts or not, the overseer continued to say what he wanted.

"We should send him a congratulatory message now that it's come to this, shouldn't we?"

"What? A congratulatory message?"

"Yes, it seems that you, my lord, are not pleased that he has become the leader of the Lyon Guild."

Everything he did and said was being reported to the Rosmedici family by the cunning overseer.

So, the lord had to be careful with his words and actions, and he showed an unconvincing smile while hiding his true feelings.

"No, it's not like that. After all, it's where my daughter got married, so why would I do that? It's just that the news was so sudden and unbelievable."

"Then you should definitely send a congratulatory message. He would surely appreciate it if you did."

He really wanted to flip the desk in front of him.

The news of the man who had made him a half-wit lord doing well was not very pleasant.

'What kind of damn congratulatory message! I'd rather curse him.'

But with his daughter married into that family, he couldn't just sit still.

'Damn it... How did I get involved with those people?'

"Ahem! I'll have to ask the secretary to take care of that later. I don't know how to write."

The overseer suddenly started to mumble while touching his chin.

"Come to think of it, since he's now the leader of the Lyon Guild, it's been a tradition for the royal family to bestow the title of baron... So, from now on, we might have to call him Baron Rockefeller."

"What? Baron Rockefeller?"

Although the lord didn't like it, he couldn't deny the fact that the leader of the Lyon Guild was in a higher position than himself.

The overseer, who had always held Rockefeller in high regard, continued to speak without much emotion.

"Yes, since he's risen to the position of a baron, it's only proper to address him with a fitting title, isn't it?"

"Just a while ago, he was a commoner... And now, a baron?"

"He may have been a commoner, but didn't he have a significant position here?"

Then the lord scoffed.

"What position? He was just a moneylender."

"That's not true. He definitely had a significant position. He practically took over most of the rights to this territory. How can you say someone like that has no position?"

"Alright, you're right. He had a position."

A disgusting position.

An unlucky position.

The overseer continued.

"I may not know much, but he'll probably receive a title from the royal family soon. Since he's the leader of the Banker Union, the royal family will surely treat him accordingly, won't they?"

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