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Chapter 92 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Guild Meeting #2(8)

At Rockefeller's words, the conference room began to buzz again.

Rockefeller's speech was relentless towards the noisy conference room.

"Who would entrust their gold coins to a bank that charges storage fees? Unless they're a fool who can't even count, no one would do that. So, after today, all the gold coins in the empire will be monopolized by our Lyon Guild."

The new guild mandate would not harm the banks that didn't follow it, but rather the separate banking alliances unrelated to themselves.

The guild members seated in the conference room began to react one by one.

"Hmm... should I say it's ingenious or that it's gutsy?"

"It's good for us. We've had problems with not having money to lend, but if we can attract gold coins like this, our existing loan business will expand significantly."

"Maybe we'll even build connections with Black Label's clients."

"Still, I'm not thrilled about the interest on deposits. Isn't it a bit stingy?"

"Let's give it a try first. Nobody knows what will happen."

"It's obvious that customers will flock to us. It's better for them to entrust their gold coins to us and receive some interest than to stash them at home."

One of the guild members who had been deep in thought raised his hand and caught Rockefeller's attention.

"If you have something to say, please stand up and speak."

"Black Label Union is a banking alliance like ours, but they're under the influence of the Assassin Family. Even if things go well, won't there be problems later on? Like issues with personal safety."

It was a valid point.

Rockefeller nodded and addressed his concerns.

"Yes, you're right. The alliance is indeed under the influence of the Assassin Family, unlike us. But everyone here knows that the power of Ismail is not what it used to be."

Before Rockefeller could continue, Bishop Verkis stepped forward.

"The Ismail faction has already decayed long ago. The sin of daring to establish a heretical religion and deceive the gods is not a light one."

As the bishop's words ended, Rockefeller continued.

"As Bishop Verkis has said, the Assassin Family Ismail is barely maintaining its name after the war with the two families in the past. They would not dare to touch us, who are under the protection of the Sinclair Family. I believe you all know that as well."

"But they're still an Assassin Family, aren't they? If they kill us secretly and play innocent, that's the end of it. Honestly, I'm worried, and what I'm most worried about is you. What are you going to do about that?"

A confident smile appeared on Rockefeller's lips.

It was the confidence that came from knowing the entire content of the novel.

"You're right. As long as they exist, I may be constantly exposed to the threat of assassination. Confronting them would be no different than walking defenseless through a dungeon full of monsters. So, I plan to make a deal with them."

"A deal? What kind of deal are you talking about?"

"Black Label Union itself is not Ismail. They are just one of the many factions under Ismail's influence. However, if Black Label Union is harmed by us, Ismail, who shares the same interests, will try to do something about it."

Rockefeller's words continued.

"Perhaps they might want to assassinate me as an example to show the resurgence of their once-infamous family."

The guild members were waiting for Rockefeller's next words, buzzing with anticipation.

"But what if I make them a sweet offer first? Would they still be able to harm me?"

"What kind of carrot are you going to give them? I don't see anything to negotiate with them."

"There is. The 2nd Prince's wife's family is the Ismail Family. However, they can't even dream of a crown war due to their lack of support. But if we support the 2nd Prince, the Ismail Family won't be able to touch us, who are harming Black Label Union. They would want to regain their former glory by siding with the new source of money rather than securing their existing money source. So, I plan to make a deal with them in this way."

At Rockefeller's words, the conference room buzzed again.

Then, as they watched, Bishop Verkis spoke with a displeased expression.

"I'll be the first to oppose a heretical prince sitting on the throne, regardless of anything else."

His words were scolding, directed at Rockefeller.

"How can you support a prince of heretical origin?"

Rockefeller countered.

"Bishop Verkis, Prince Christian is no longer a heretical prince, contrary to what you know."

"Prince Christian is not a heretic? Even though he was part of the Blind Sect and deceived us until recently? How can you be so sure without even seeing Prince Christian?"

"Of course, as you said, Bishop Verkis, the Ismail Family as a whole has not completely escaped from the shadow of heresy. However, from what I've gathered, Prince Christian is a devout follower of the Cross Sect, not the Blind Sect. Aren't you, Bishop Verkis, better informed about this?"

"Isn't that just an act to save himself? If it wasn't, he would have already been killed by the church's iron hammer."

"But so far, there has been no verification of any connection with heretics, right?"

"Where would that blood go?"

"If Prince Christian is indeed a true believer of the Cross Sect, there's no reason we can't support him, right?"

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