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Chapter 95 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Also, we are being sponsored by the Sinclair family. If I were to be assassinated, the Sinclair family would not stay silent. The bankers in Lyon Banco would demand an investigation, and in doing so, the Ismail family and the Black Label Union could be suspected and suffer damage. What do you think about this?"

The young man who introduced himself as Thomas had no choice but to nod lightly, as there was no wrong in what was said.

"You're right. This place and you are under the protection of the Sinclair family, so as you said, they won't be able to move easily."

"Even if they move, they must be prepared for some damage."

Then, Thomas, the young man, delivered a chilling statement with a dark expression.

"But I know that Ismail does not fear retaliation. Whoever they target, they will meet death in some way. That's why they are scary."

Rockefeller also began to nod, seemingly convinced.

"I've heard that too. So I have no intention of keeping them at arm's length."

This meeting was essentially a place to decide whether the Ismail family would kill or spare Rockefeller.

Knowing this, Rockefeller began to speak his prepared words.

"I don't plan to ignore them just because I'm under the protection of the Sinclair family. What kind of people are they? They are one of the three great families in the empire. No one has survived after being targeted by them. This is a well-known fact, so I won't say any more."

"So, what are you thinking?"

Somehow, the atmosphere turned cold.

A feeling that if you played your tongue just three inches wrong, you could be dismissed from the world.

However, even in such a threat, Rockefeller's words were unhesitating.

"I plan to provide them with a reason not to harm me. Isn't everything about interests? So, I plan to offer them the revival of their family, which could be considered their greatest desire."

Ismail had been a less prestigious place than before due to past problems with heretics.

So it was a place that wanted the revival of their family more than anywhere else.

Rockefeller offered an irresistible carrot to such a place.

"In what way?"

"We will work together to push for the second prince, His Highness Christian Ismail."

Christian Ismail.

The second prince of the empire was a member of the Ismail family.

Thomas showed a slightly surprised expression when Rockefeller said he would support the second prince.

It was completely unexpected.

"Do you plan to support His Highness the second prince while the Sinclair family is watching?"

"Yes, this is a secret conversation between us. I plan to do so."

Thomas asked again with a puzzled expression.

"I don't understand why. Is there a reason to push for His Highness the second prince just because Ismail is watching?"

Of course, if the outcome was unknown, it would be foolish to support the second prince.

The most likely candidate for the crown war was the first prince, and if not, it was more logical to side with the third prince.

However, things in the world did not always go as expected.

'Especially when the protagonist is involved.'

The protagonist of the novel.

His name was Lee Han.

He was very close to the second prince.

So, he overturned all the situations and eventually made the second prince win the crown war.

'So, I'm going to join them too. And this matter just happens to fit well.'

"I've heard about a man named Lee Han. I don't take him lightly even if others do. As long as he's there, the Second Prince won't be easily defeated. He might even win the crown war. So, I'm thinking of secretly helping the Second Prince without the Sinclair family knowing."

Thomas narrowed his eyes slightly.

"It's surprising that you know about a man named Lee Han."

"There are many rumors to hear when you're in this position. Lee Han, he's a very interesting person. I don't know why, but I'm also keeping an eye on him. But how do you know about Ihan?"

"I heard it through rumors as well."


Rockefeller had nothing more to say, as it was the same excuse.

"Anyway, I plan to avoid their threats in this way. I might even have to meet them soon. Since my life is also on the line, I need to be careful."

The young man who introduced himself as Thomas.

Ricardo Ismail could decide whether to let him live or die at this meeting today.

Before coming here, he had met with a former guild leader Benjamin, and the Rockefeller he met here was a completely different person from what he had said.

'I thought he was a useless person, but it seems he wasn't.'

Those who lied for their own sake did not have a good end.

Especially those who were involved with Ismail were even more so.

"Ismail is known to have many ears everywhere. If you had such a thought, they would surely know."

At those words, Rockefeller chuckled.

"How can they know when I haven't even told them yet?"

"I don't know. But if it's the rumored Ismail, maybe they know?"

"Hmm... I still need to contact them. Since meeting you, who came to become my assistant, I've had a lot of thoughts. No matter how much I like money, it can't be better than a person's life."

The silver-haired man who came to become an assistant left the store after exchanging some meaningless small talk with Rockefeller.

Recalling the departed Ismail family head, Rockefeller narrowed his eyes as he stood in his seat.

'Ricardo Ismail... I never thought I'd see the head of that famous assassination family here.'

Seeing that he was still alive and breathing, it seemed that he had escaped the threat of Ismail.

They were people who didn't hesitate much.

'Maybe it would be good to have that person as an assistant.'


"Because, for them, I am a person who must be saved unconditionally."

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  1. I find it weird how he didn’t question the fact that Rockefeller was willingly divulging all this information lmao. So much for an assassin. I was sure he’d notice that Rockefeller had a hunch as to who he was or his affiliation.