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Chapter 98 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Magic Stone Tank (1)

Where their footsteps halted was before a factory, said to be the only place in the empire that produced Magic Stone Tanks.

"So, this is the place. The place where Count Frank produces the Magic Stone Tanks."

Considering it was a factory producing the most powerful weapon in the empire, its small size was disappointingly small.

It was frustratingly small.

'It looks like a local industrial workshop. I wonder if they can properly manufacture tanks in this way.'

"The size is... somewhat disappointing."

Ricardo, who followed, seemed to be without much thought.

Precisely, he had no interest in the Magic Stone Tanks.

The Magic Stone Tank was a weapon welcomed by those in the imperial army or those who loved war, but for a professional assassin like him, it was an out-of-interest item.


Rockefeller asked him without enthusiasm.

“It seems you are not interested in this matter. It's a unique firepower weapon of the empire against monster weapons held by other forces. Even though the factory is like this, the rumors about the Magic Stone Tank are tremendous. A lot of people are interested in it like me."

"There might be interest."

Ricardo continued the conversation with a flowing voice.

"If there's something usable built inside."

He had heard a lot from here and there, so he knew quite a bit about the magic stone tank.

'It would be a wonder to see it roll on the battlefield.'

"It's still incomplete, and there's no promise when it will be finished. It breaks often, and it doesn't roll well. However, the cannon fire is very powerful."

According to rumors floating in the corridor, the first prince known as a war maniac was supposed to have a huge interest in the Magic Stone Tank.

The reason was the powerful deluge delivered by the Magic Stone Tank.

No monstrous weapon the size of a house could withstand the firepower delivered by a Magic Stone Tank.

"Apparently, orcish spider tanks can't move a bit in front of the Magic Stone Tank."

Rockefeller reacted with laughter at Ricardo's casual comment.

"That monstrosity retrofitted to act like a tank, akin to a giant spider? Orcs ride on it and shoot arrows, how would it withstand the power of a Magic Stone Cannon? It's a given."

Ricardo gave Rockefeller a subtle look.

"It looks like you know about the Spider Tanks as well. Are you quite interested in them?"

"I have a vague understanding. You hear so much when you're in the money business."

"They say that despite the Magic Stone Tank's powerful nature, their mobility is practically zero. While managing to repel the spider tank squadron, the Magic Stone Tank could not move and failed to chase the enemy.”

"That's a pity. If only the Magic Stone Tank could move properly, such an incident wouldn't have occurred."

A little later, the two entered the factory and saw the busy workers in action.

Many workers were bustling about, making a tank without an assembly line process.

Seeing this, Rockefeller naturally shook his head.

'If they continue to produce in such an archaic way, there won't be any development.'

The moment he entered the factory, Rockefeller started noticing several problems.

The biggest issue was the method of production. Regardless of the quality of the magic stone tank, the process was so inefficient that it would inevitably cause problems in manufacturing the tanks. 

"How did you find us?" An individual hurried over upon hearing of the sudden visit. He didn't look much different from the other workers, except his hair was sparse and his body was covered in grime. 

"I have an interest in the magic stone tanks and came to check on them.” 

"Oh, is that so! Sorry, but may I know who you are and where you're from?" 

Frank was taken aback when Rockefeller revealed his identity. 

"You came from the Banco? Are you saying that the guild leader sent you directly?" 


"But you aren't who I thought..." 

"Oh, there's been a recent change. I'm the guild leader now." 

"What happened to Benjamin, the previous guild leader?" 

"Rumour has it he committed suicide.” 

“What? Suicide? He took his own life?” 

“Yes. That’s what I've heard.” 

"It’s a sad news. The passing of such a person..." 

Despite their discussion about Benjamin, Ricardo, who was with them, showed no reaction. His face was practically expressionless. In the meantime, Frank scratched the back of his head. 

"I'm so out of the loop, I didn't even know the former guild leader had committed suicide." 

"More than that, I came here today because I have an interest in your magic stone tanks. How's the project going? I heard your funds were quite low recently." 

At that remark, Frank stepped aside to reveal the workers diligently crafting in the background. 

"We're producing the magic stone tanks just like this." 

As soon as he finished speaking, one tank was completed and entered for a test drive. With a loud mechanical noise, the magic stone tank moved. But it hardly covered a meter before sinking heavily to the ground. The workers rushed over to the collapsed tank, yelling out. 

'There are indeed many problems.' 

The magic stone tank was indeed problematic as it failed to function properly. Frank started explaining as if to justify the situation. 

"It's still in the developmental stage. Once completed, the Imperial Army will want to buy our tanks, no matter how costly." 

Ricardo shook his head as he watched Frank boast. Regardless of how powerful the weapon might be, if it kept malfunctioning like this, it would be useless in the battlefield. But Rockefeller was different. 

He showed keen interest in the magic stone tank, unlike Ricardo. 

"It's astonishing. Even a small movement of that gigantic iron mass astounds me." 

While others were busy criticizing it as a faulty piece, the new guild leader seemed to perceive it differently. He appeared to be as interested in the magic stone tank that he had developed as the rumored 'First Prince.' 

"I'm glad you like it. There are many areas to improve, but with sufficient investment, all these can be resolved. We've had to leave it like this due to lack of money, but there are many things to test in multiple ways." 

There was nothing more to be said. 

The magic stone tank would be finished under his supervision and would certainly become the main weaponry of the Imperial Army. 

'It's all known information though.' 

"I want to invest. How much do you need?"

Seeing Rockefeller smile affably, a smile also bloomed on the face of Count Frank across from him. The previous guild leader had made excuses to avoid lending money even when Frank explained the circumstances, but the current leader offered to invest himself – what could be happier news than that? 


"Yes, I don't go back on my word."

"We need 10,000 Dallants right away. We may need more later, but roughly 10,000 Dallants should suffice to complete the magic stone tank." 

10,000 Dallants. 

Ricardo, who came along, unknowingly shook his head. Probably, no one would want to invest 10,000 Dallants in that piece of junk.

But that was his misconception.

"10,000 Dallants? That's not a large amount. If I give you 10,000 Dallants, are you confident you can complete the magic stone tank?" 

Upon hearing that outrageous statement. 

Ricardo unwittingly turned his gaze to Rockefeller.

'Is he in his right mind? He's offering 10,000 Dallants to someone to make that piece of junk?'

Then, he thought of the Goblin Dollar and instantly changed his mind. 

For Rockefeller, 10,000 Dallants wasn't really considered money.

'If he can simply hand it out, then……' 

In short,

There was absolutely no chance for gold coins to be involved in this matter.


Because Rockefeller would surely use Goblin Dollars instead of gold coins.

'No matter how I think about it.'

At this moment, Ricardo's gaze was still fixed on Rockefeller.

'It's scary. To create something out of nothing.'

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