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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 129 Part 2

His arm was numb.

He wondered why it was numb, and it turned out that since last night, he had been offering his arm as a pillow for Dolores.

'Is it this dream again...?'

Reed carefully moved Dolores' head and laid it on the pillow.

As Reed tried to get up, he froze.

Dolores, with her eyes tightly closed, burrowed into Reed's arms.

"I'm about to get up now."

"Just a little longer..."

"How are you going to teach the kids if you're this lazy?"

"It's because of you, oppa..."

"Then I just won't come from next year."

"Ugh... I hate you."

Dolores stretched out her arms and hugged him tightly like a teddy bear.

Reed lightly kissed her forehead.

"Sleep a little more. I'll get some breakfast. Let's eat in the room."

"Um, and a cup of coffee..."

She released Reed after finishing her order in a drowsy voice.

Reed got dressed and headed to the cafeteria.

As much as they paid a high price, even a simple breakfast was served buffet-style.

Reed ordered two cups of coffee and picked up some food.

'Did I dream of Dolli because I was with her?'

The source of that dream was vivid.

What Reed thought at that time, and how he looked down at Dolores with what kind of feelings. He could feel everything.

He couldn't tell if it was really Reed's thoughts or if it was just what Reed felt in the dream.

Reed stared at something.

The place where the sauce for the bread was placed.

He saw raspberry jam and butter in small bottles.


He wanted to check.

After some hesitation, he picked up the raspberry jam and butter and returned to the room.

While Reed was getting the food, Dolores was wearing a gown and combing her hair at the vanity.

"Where did the sleepyhead go, and a fresh beauty is sitting here?"


Dolores put down the comb and stood up.

Looking at the breakfast Reed had prepared, she exclaimed, "Oh my!"

"Do you remember?"


"Toast with butter and raspberry jam. I used to eat it like this."

It seemed that he had brought the things that had appeared in the dream.

Dolores happily hummed, pleased that Reed had paid attention to her.

"Shall we try eating like that after a long time?"

Dolores skillfully spread it according to her recipe and took a bite.

She closed her eyes tightly, savoring the taste, and then smiled awkwardly.

"Seems like I can't eat that much these days. Nowadays, I just like to spread a little jam and drink coffee."

"You've grown up."

"I was already an adult, you know?"

Dolores smiled with her eyes as she sipped her coffee.

Reed also smiled along, but he felt something was off inside.

'Does that mean it wasn't just a dream? Then…'


It meant the memory that Reed had.

'I've been thinking my dreams have been strange lately… Could it be that they're not dreams but memories?'

When he first possessed Reed's body, he had no memories.

He had to pretend and act, and his top priority was to pretend to exist through records.

Why were these memories suddenly entering his head?

"I might not be able to be with you today. I think I need to help the teaching assistants with the graduation ceremony."

"Isn't the dean's protege not the same level as other teaching assistants?"

"Well, the class is different, but the age is similar, and we have friends of the same age, so if we cheer each other up… wouldn't we become friends?"

"Even if they approach you?"


It made sense.

She was a genius with an extraordinary career who had entered as a teaching assistant but had previously reached the top position as the youngest.

And she had overwhelmingly won a one-on-many duel against the graduates.

There would be no one to treat her comfortably.

"Well, I made friends anyway! He's a guy and he seems a bit clumsy… I don't think he knows who I am."

The moment she heard her words, Reed's hand that was tearing a croissant stopped.

"…A guy?"

"A guy, so what?"

Reed looked down at her with a displeased expression.

Dolores realized his intention and let out a hollow laugh.

"Don't tell me you're jealous?"

"I'm not jealous, but… He's a young and passionate guy. I thought he'd definitely wag his tail when he sees a beautiful woman…"

"Hey, do you think I'd fall for that? I'm even wearing an engagement ring."

Dolores proudly showed her ring finger as if she was wearing sturdy armor.

However, Reed's uneasiness didn't go away, and he just licked his lips.

"That guy is really ugly. He's slow and dull, so it feels like a younger brother? He's so infatuated that he treats me without hesitation, and I just accept it. If he tries to cross the line, I'll show him a bitter taste then."


"I'll freeze his thighs and completely shatter them..."


Reed covered her mouth before she could finish.

Dolores tried to kick hard but stopped.

The extreme pain she imagined was too much to bear.

Dolores chuckled and leaned against Reed's shoulder.

"So don't imagine strange things. That kind of thing you're imagining will never happen."

"Okay, I got it..."

Reed decided to trust Dolores.

Of course, he didn't mention it.

He just nodded his head as if understanding like a senior and sipped his coffee.

'Freeze and shatter...'

It was a terrifying thing to say.

Reed suddenly wondered what would happen if he fought her.

He thought he should have a way to protect his important parts first.

* * *

Dolores went to clean up after the graduation ceremony, and Reed headed to the department office of magic engineering.

As soon as Reed entered the department office, he sensed that something was not going smoothly.

A young man, who didn't seem suitable to be a department head at a magic university, greeted him.

"Hello? I'm the department head, Thomas Enquias."

Reed received his greeting with a considerably bewildered face.

"Where is the department head I met last time?"

"With the change in the direction of magic engineering, the existing professor retired last year."

"Did he not even hand over the position as an honorary professor?"


It was no doubt that he quit due to his pride being hurt, not simply retirement.

What else could it be, if not a spiteful gesture, to have a junior professor as the department head?

"You must be having a hard time."

"Someone has to carry the burden. And you can speak informally. You're the pioneer of magic engineering, and I should follow your example."

Reed bowed his head to Thomas's consideration.

"Still, you will be teaching the students for the future direction of magic engineering. Shouldn't I treat you with respect and set an example?"

"Ha ha... It would be great if I could do as well as the former professor... To be honest... I feel overwhelmed."

Thomas sighed.

"They say many new students are coming, the department head suddenly retired, and I don't know if the classes I'm preparing are right... Yes."

Thomas lacked confidence.

Starting as an assistant professor and gradually climbing the ladder would be challenging enough, but suddenly taking on the responsibility of the entire department would be the toughest time.

Seeing Thomas like that, Reed suggested one way.

"How about trying a collaboration between academia and industry?"

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