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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 132 Part 2


When she informed Phoebe of Reed's condition in advance, she must have talked about various things, including Rosaria.

He could understand her intention.

Knowing that Reed would undoubtedly keep silent, she must have talked to Phoebe.

Reed decided to tell the truth.

"Yes, there are people targeting Rosaria."

"Why did you try to hide it?"

"I just wanted to sort out my thoughts a little more. It's nothing—"

"Don't you trust me, Tower Master?"

Phoebe rarely interrupted Reed's words and asked a question.

There was suppressed anger mixed in her speech.

"Do you think I can't protect the young lady, and that's why you worry?"

As if he had touched her reverse scale, Reed lowered his head at her words.

"It's not that. I've never thought for a single moment that you're not reliable."

"Then why do you worry about the young lady's safety? If you trust me, there's no need for that..."

"I always trust you. It's not that I don't trust you."

Phoebe lowered her head, fiddling with her arm.

Instead of looking at Reed's face, she looked down at the floor.

"Do you remember the promise you made with me, Tower Master?"

Phoebe looked up with an anxious face.

Her expression was similar to when she accidentally flipped glass shards all over her body without realizing the runes inside.

What was that promise?

As he tried to remember, memories flowed into Reed's head.

That day, Phoebe had a face as if the world had collapsed, and Reed told her this:

"I promised... to always work together to solve problems."

He couldn't remember why he made such a promise.

Phoebe faintly smiled and bowed her head, knowing that he recalled their promise.

"I... always want to be your strength, Tower Master. No matter what situation arises, even if it's a moment when I have to lose my life, I always want to be by your side."

Phoebe clasped Reed's hand with both of hers.

"Please use me. I'm always ready to act for you."

Reed knew what her loyalty and her feelings meant.

Reed respected Phoebe.

"I trust you. Yes, you are my proudest secretary above anyone else. But..."

Reed had one thing he couldn't concede.

"I think I need a little strength to solve problems on my own."

"...Is that so?"

"If I can't protect her in a situation where it's just Rosaria and me, without you... I would become an incompetent father. That incompetence... would hurt me the most."


"I want to prepare for that time. So please... try to understand."

At his words, Phoebe reached out and touched Reed's face.

Her index finger touched his rough skin.

Her warm touch gently brushed along his jawline.

Phoebe opened her eyes and gazed at Reed with her golden eyes.

She scanned his face with a tender look.


She said.

"Can I go on vacation?"

For the first time, she who had never taken a vacation before, mentioned it.

"Where are you planning to go?"

"It's a secret."

Phoebe answered with a smile.

Since it seemed she had no intention of telling him even if he inquired further, he didn't ask.

"Alright, go and come back."

"Thank you, Tower Master."

Phoebe bowed politely and handed over the documents.

Then, she returned to her room with her usual stride.

Phoebe disappeared for a week.

Although the workload increased, it was somewhat bearable.

* * *

Garcia Empire.

Although they were in a long period of peace, they were always preparing for war.

Vanguard Captain Gorgon watched the soldiers' work with the inspector.

"Store weapons in warehouse 1, separate training clothes according to their condition and put them in the laundry basket. Don't put the dummies in the warehouse as they need maintenance, leave them out! Hey, there! Are you slacking off? Come here!"

The inspector frantically directed and organized the supplies.

The vanguard captain, Gorgon Garcia, just quietly observed his actions.

He was a half-dragon with thick golden hair and deer-like branched horns.

Gorgon was not the type to provoke others by showing off externally.

'I need to increase the intensity of the training.'

He was just the type to return the favor without them knowing.

Not doing well when he's around, it would be even worse when he's not.

He decided to move up the next training schedule to apply new tactics devised by the staff.


At that moment, one of the soldiers moving boxes raised his head.

"What's wrong?"

"Don't you hear something?"

"What sound?"

"It sounds like a vibration, like a 'woooong.'"

"Hey, you! Stop talking nonsense and carry the box!"

As the inspector shouted, the man shook his head and continued moving the boxes.

"I can't believe it, making strange noises. They say that the longer the peace, the more the army becomes lax. I'm worried about the security of the empire."



When there was no response, the inspector turned to look at Gorgon.

He was looking up at the blue sky at an angle.

The inspector cautiously asked Gorgon.

"Captain, is something wrong?"

"It's nothing. I was just lost in thought for a moment."

Gorgon resumed his work as usual. However, less than three minutes passed, and he turned to the inspector and said.

"I just remembered something urgent, so I'll have to step away. Can I leave the personnel management to you?"

"Yes? Oh, sure. Take your time."

How could he stop him when he said he had urgent business?

The inspector received the inventory status board.

Gorgon didn't walk as usual.

Instead, he pulled back his cloak and knelt down.


At that moment, a very loud sound echoed from behind his back.

Large bat wings sprouted from the wing joints and spread out powerfully.

Golden wings that were more than 2 meters in length on one side.

It was a symbol of the empire's vanguard and a barrier that would not succumb to external threats.

Gorgon, who was kneeling, took off into the sky with a leap.

The soldiers who were moving supplies stared at the spot where Gorgon had passed for a long time, dumbfounded.

"So the captain really is a dragon."

"It's my first time seeing the wings."

A long and peaceful era.

It was the moment when the soldiers, who had doubted Gorgon's true identity a little, had their questions resolved.

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