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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 134 Part 2

 The headquarters of the Althea Order, Pieta.

In the bedroom of the Saintess, Isell and Rachel were sleeping together.

Isel, who usually had trouble sleeping deeply, tossed and turned.

Then, one of her traits, "Clairvoyance," was activated.

The ability to see through walls and all objects. With this ability, she could watch everything without even opening her eyes.

'Is it a thief?'

The inside of Saint Gregory Castle is literally a treasure trove.

Just as bugs infest where there is food, thieves often infiltrate Gregory Castle to target its treasures.

Isel had always remained silent during such incidents.

If they couldn't protect it, it was the fault of those guarding it, so they should be held accountable.

'This isn't an ordinary thief.'

Isel felt that this intruder was different from the previous thieves.

The place they were heading to was the bedroom of the Saintess, which was her own bedroom.



She had been awake much earlier than Isel.

As the twin sisters who understood each other's thoughts, they seemed to know what to do without saying anything more.

They headed towards the bedroom.

And then...

The intruder disappeared.


Isel, startled, tracked the intruder's location.

Ironically, the first to detect their location was Rachel.

On a night when beautiful silver light poured through the window.

A black silhouette stood in front of them like an obstacle.


Rachel threw the blanket straight at the intruder.

Then, she drew her sword.

It was a sword called the Sword of Retribution or the Thorn of Malice.

Rachel stabbed the sword deeply into the spot where the man was standing.


The sword pierced the black blanket smoothly, but something inside caught on the thorn, making a rough sound.

With the blanket still pierced, she ripped it apart in a diagonal line.

The cotton inside the blanket scattered, revealing the stranger's appearance.

Revealed in the bright moonlit night was a robust adult male, and a sword he held in his hand.

'Who is he?'

Isel was quite taken aback by the energy the man was emitting.

The feeling was familiar yet strangely unfamiliar.

If the feeling was familiar, then he must have been someone she had encountered before, but among the people she had met, no one had such an aura.

Rachel gestured to Isel.

Knowing what it meant, Isel raised her holy power.

"Lord Althea, grant me the courage to pierce the darkness, “Hymn of Courag”."

A faint bell sound enveloped Rachel's body.

The Althea Order's blessing magic temporarily increased all abilities.

A sacred light glowed softly like a firefly.

With the sword stretched out diagonally in both hands, Rachel stared at the masked man.

Her sword clashed with his.


The swords collided, and sparks flew.

He pushed Rachel's sword back momentarily and counterattacked.

Rachel's sword skills were already at the level of a "Swordmaster." Plus, with Isel's blessings, she could exert tremendous power and speed, never falling behind in one-on-one combat.

However, the man was not to be underestimated.

'He's not just skilled with the sword.'

Isel analyzed through the thoughts and sensations flowing from Rachel's mind.

There are three important elements in every battle.

Equipment, ability, and experience.

If you can't properly equip any of them, you can't dominate in battle unless luck is on your side.

He was not a reincarnation of anyone, but the hero himself.

"Is it really... you?"


"You've been alive all this time, defying the flow of time as if it never existed..."

Isel began to remember the lies she had made up about him.

The lies she had created so that more people would know about the hero.

A mix of guilt and joy filled her.

"Why have you come now, after all this time without showing yourself or saying anything?"

There was a hint of moisture in Isel's voice.

The hero did not answer her question.

Looking into her eyes, he spoke dryly.

"Your eyes... have become the eyes of a demon."


Isel quickly closed her eyes.

"This is... not because I have fallen. It's not what you think..."

"I know. If it's you, you must have sacrificed yourself for a greater cause. Aries, that's how you've lived."

The warmth in his voice made Isel feel overwhelmed with emotion.

She had relied on him as he stood tall and led her when her faith had wavered.

The hero spoke.

"Aries, disaster is coming soon."

"Disaster... I know."

The seven fates that create disaster.

Isel knew the fate of that disaster.

"But now, there will be no disaster. There will be no need for it."

"What do you mean?"

"There is a man who has changed himself to change that fate. That man will surely save this world."

Isel answered with a relieved expression.

But the hero's face could not.

"This world..."

He said coldly.

"Should not be saved."


Isel doubted her ears.

She doubted if she had misheard what the hero had said.

But the hero repeated his answer very clearly.

"Disaster must be realized."

"What do you mean?"

Isel couldn't believe it.

As someone who had fought against evil side by side for years, the hero's words were unbelievably cold.

"In order for the continent to unite, a great evil is needed. An evil that can make them stop their meaningless fights and face reality. The Tower Master of Silence is the one who must become that evil. Don't you know that?"

The hero reached out to Isel.

"If you want to save this world on the right path, a new evil is needed. Help me, Aries. We must make that man... the enemy of the world."

Isel and Rachel knew who the hero was.

He was a person with firm beliefs, moving toward justice.

At that time, even Aries, a devout saint, could only be a shadow in his light.

So there was no doubt.

Everything he did was right and led to the right path.


Reaching out her hand, Isel withdrew it and lowered her head.

"I can't do that."


The hero asked.

"It's the same as defeating the Demon King. Someone has to sacrifice so that everyone else can survive."

"I know how much you've done for this world. And that memory... has always hurt me."

The lies she had created. When those lies were used for the benefit of the Order, they made her despise herself.

She put her hand on her chest and spoke.

"Even now... it hurts so much. You fought for us to the end, and now you're talking about making someone a sacrifice. I'm so scared that our memories and everything I remember will crumble."

Isel's emotions reached out to Rachel.

The power wrapped around Rachel's hand holding the sword.

"So, I'll pretend I didn't hear what you said. Please step back. Please..."

Isel politely refused.

The hero withdrew his hand, listening to Isel's words.

"I understand your will... Aries. I'm sorry."

The hero turned away.

He spoke coldly, as if they were not comrades who had been through thick and thin together.

"If you don't want to make that man a disaster... I'll bear the burden."

"What do you mean?"

"I will become a disaster that threatens this world once again."

For a moment, Isel's heart seemed to stop.

She clenched her teeth and endured her legs almost giving way.

"Why... Why do you make such a decision?"

"Didn't I tell you? I made the decision for this world. That decision is firm. The Tower Master of Silence shall embrace that child as I said."

"Do you think we can accept that?"

"Just as you didn't accept my will, I have no intention of persuading you."

"Aren't you ashamed of what you've done?"

The man put his mask back on.

He looked at them, wearing his white porcelain mask.

"I have never made a decision that I was ashamed of myself. This is an honorable thing."

As soon as his words reached their ears, Rachel rushed at the hero.

She mercilessly stabbed the hero's heart with the thorn of malice.


The hero blocked Rachel's attack with his half-drawn sword.

For a moment, they exchanged glances.

In Rachel's eyes, there was a pure white fury.

It was a sense of betrayal of her faith.

The hero deliberately caught the thorn of malice on his blade and shattered her balance.

With his empty left palm, he pushed her chest away.

Though he couldn't inflict a fatal damage, it was enough to create distance.

The hero sheathed his sword back into the scabbard.

"If we meet again, we will be pointing our swords at each other."

"I have no regrets."

"Then I'm glad."

The hero's form blurred.

"There's nothing more disgusting than cutting down someone who hesitates."

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and the curtain fluttered wide open.

As the gust died down, the hero disappeared completely.

Isel and Rachel stood still, watching the place where he had vanished.

They mulled over the conversation they had just had.

They wanted to deny it, but denial wouldn't help.

It was just painful.

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