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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 136 Part 1

 Protecting Something (5)

-Tower Master, Tower Master, Tower Master!

"…What is it?"

While working in his office as usual, Reed was momentarily dumbfounded upon receiving Kaitlyn's telepathy.

Her voice, which had been gloomy until recently, was now filled with excitement, causing him to feel confused.

-Come right now! I have some great news!

"Great news?"

-Yes! Right now!

That was the end of Kaitlyn's telepathy.

He didn't care much about her lack of manners since he had given up on that when he recruited her to this place.

As she said, he headed to the laboratory.

Upon seeing Kaitlyn's haggard appearance, Reed was taken aback.

She had dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, and her smiling face looked unsettling as if she were ill.

"…Are you alive?"

"Of course, I'm alive. Would I be dead?"

Although there was something off about her tone, he felt that she was no different from the usual Kaitlyn.

"So, what's going on?"

* * *

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"As I said earlier, I have some great news! Remember when I was working alone to solve a problem from last time?"

"That's right."

Three days ago, Kaitlyn had forbidden even the Tower Master from entering the lab as she conducted focused research on the golem's head.

Since they couldn't even hear about her recent activities, the mages left food outside her door and checked if she was alive by coming back an hour later.

"I've been struggling so much because I couldn't figure anything out, but then suddenly, it's as if a ghost whispered in my ear, and everything started to fall into place like magic!"


"So today, I can bring you some fantastic news, Tower Master!"

Reed checked Kaitlyn's status window, which was filled with excitement.

He could see why she was excited by looking at her status window.

"Magic Engineering Lv.6"

'She transcended.'

Kaitlyn's "Magic Engineering" level had reached 6, entering the transcendental stage.

Unlike when it was at level 5, her thought process in magic engineering widened, and her analysis and processing speed increased.

Not too long ago, her research progress when she imitated the structure and extracted Dolores' magic seed was at 30%.

Thanks to that, the golem research progress had already reached 70%.

As she entered the transcendental stage, she must have had a brilliant idea and found a way to handle the situation in no time.

Reed was curious about what she had discovered.

"So, what did you find out?"

"Isn't there a reason why no one has been able to occupy the Kalton Mountains?"

Reed nodded.

"Yes. They even tried to launch a large-scale magic attack to blow the entire forest away."

It was the strategy of the Grancia Kingdom to turn the Kalton Mountains upside down with meteor bombardment and then occupy them.

However, that meteor bombardment failed.

Despite gathering all the mana and manifesting the magic circle, the meteor disappeared.

Of course, it wasn't just the meteor.

If they tried to start a fire, clouds and rain would gather to put out the fire, and if they tried to freeze it, flames that counteracted the cold would rise from the surroundings to protect the forest.

The mages considered it an area that humans could not conquer and gave up on conquering the Kalton Mountains.

"While analyzing this head, I found a clear reason why the Kalton Mountains couldn't be conquered."

"What is it?"

"I thought it was just nullifying the magic, but that wasn't it."

"Then? Don't beat around the bush and tell me."

"It wasn't just nullifying the magic; the entire magic disappeared."

Disappearing entirely.

Reed couldn't understand what that meant just by hearing it.

"What do you mean by disappearing entirely?"

"So, the activation path of magic is almost similar, right? Gathering mana, manifesting the magic circle, and then releasing the contents of the magic circle in a series of processes."

Since she didn't major in magic, she could only roughly explain magic.

Still, Reed understood that.

"As soon as it is released, the magic circle itself is teleported to an unknown location."

Only after hearing that did he understand why Kaitlyn was making a fuss.


It is the identity of the Tower of Sky Chamber, and the only magic that only affiliated mages can handle.

Although it is said that only affiliated mages can handle it, it was a high-level magic that even they couldn't perform skillfully, except for the Tower Master, Helios Glin Zelonia.

The casting time is very long, and during that time, everything must be transferred intact, but no one could do it skillfully.

"You mean the entire magic circle is moved?"

"Right after the magic circle is manifested and released, there's a momentary wave of magical power. It seems that they implanted a magic stone inside their body to detect that wave."

"A kind of sensor, then…"

Detecting magical power wasn't difficult.

Even elite mages would be exposed if they used high-level magic.

It was virtually impossible to discreetly use magic capable of blowing up an entire mountain.

"They put in a magic stone that detects magical power waves, and when the golem detects that magic, it teleports the magic circle at the moment it's released."

Exclamations of admiration came naturally as the magic trick was revealed.

Using teleportation was undoubtedly something that someone had thought of, but it wasn't a widely considered opinion.

It was a technique that even Helios, the Tower Master of the Sky Chamber Tower, couldn't do.

Although it was possible if one was proficient in coordinate calculations, it was a difficult magic to use in practice, as it was only documented in literature.

"It's a shame we can't use teleportation even if we know about it…"

Reed lost his appetite.

Teleportation magic was high-level magic.

The magic formula itself was exclusively affiliated with the Tower of Sky Chamber, and even Dolores, who was favored, had her access to teleportation magic blocked because she was an outsider.

If one used teleportation magic without the permission of the Tower Master, they would be punished for breaking the rules of the mages.

That's why, to Reed, it was a magic as unattainable as a pie in the sky.

Kaitlyn seemed to anticipate Reed's reaction and grinned.

"This teleportation is a little different."

"What is it?"

"There's no magic circle."

"…What do you mean?"

Kaitlyn tapped on the head of the guardian giant as she spoke.

"So, activating the magic of this guardian giant is not through calculations or interpretations using magic circles."

It could be interpreted as runes here, but Reed knew it was something of a different dimension.

"So, you're saying there's a kind of magic stone that teleports inside this head."

If that's the case, the story changes.

Although it's close to a shortcut, if it's a magical tool passed down from ancient times, the magic wouldn't be affiliated with the Tower of Sky Chamber.

Finally, Reed understood why Kaitlyn was making a fuss.

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