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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 139 Part 1

 Ghosts of the Past (3)

The place where Reed was located was the capital of the Hupper Kingdom, Cohen.

He was having a three-way confrontation with Morgan the Second and the leader of the Barchan Alliance, Larksper.

The sudden confrontation was due to an unexpected raid.

The raid did not just stop at Dolores.

Adonis, who was in training, was attacked by a stranger, and Larksper, who went to drive out the mountain boars, was also attacked.

There was one thing in common with the attackers who attacked the two.

"Half-dragon... is that what you said?"

"Yes, a man with horns on his head attacked."

"Yes, my sister also said that the attacker was a half-dragon."

It was the fact that they were half-dragons.

Reed asked for their impressions, and the two expressed what they had seen in their own way with a montage.

Their faces were different, but they were people Phoebe knew.

"They are my siblings."

Phoebe, standing behind, answered.

Reed flipped the picture over, as if it would be painful to watch any longer, and asked them.

"So, what did you do?"

"I couldn't kill them. They were strong."

"It seems that my sister couldn't handle it either. She said she was a little pushed back in the power struggle and went into training."

That's why Morgan the Second himself came to speak instead of the subjugation.

"It must have been a great shock."

"Shock... should I say? It seems like something different."

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe it's because it's the first strong enemy that has appeared since capturing the giant... it seems like she's excited."


Reed made an expression that he didn't understand, but Larksper nodded with his arms crossed.

"Adonis is a warrior. Warriors get excited by strong enemies."

"Since you were also attacked, Chief, it seems like you will need training. How about doing it with my sister?"

"It's always good to be with an excellent warrior."

He spoke calmly, but Reed knew that he was secretly delighted.

For Larksper, the orc chieftain of Barchan, obtaining a pretext for training was a good deal.

"You should also focus on national defense now."

"You're right. I wanted to consult with the tower master about that."

Larksper got along well with Adonis, and Reed got along well with Morgan the Second.

They had always focused on developing tools to stabilize people's livelihoods, but since Adonis's raid, military weapons became even more important.

Whether Adonis was excited by the stimulus or not, Morgan the Second had only one family, and he didn't want to watch his family suffer.

Reed knew that Morgan the Second would think so, and he had already brought a few blueprints.

These were the weapons that Kaitlyn began to create in preparation of the near future when a full-scale disaster would strike.

Larksper silently looked down at them.

Although he could hear the language, he could only guess that it was a good item, but he didn't know the meaning.

Reed took care of those around him like that.

Morgan the Second and Larksper ended the meeting with satisfied faces.

Among them, the most complicated one seemed to be Phoebe standing behind Reed.

The two returned to the tower without a word.

As it was late at night, it was time to take a shower and go to bed.

Phoebe politely greeted Reed, who was about to return to his room.

"You've worked hard."

Hearing that voice, Reed couldn't ignore her.


Reed held onto her.

Hearing her name called, Phoebe turned her head again.


* * *

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"Are you okay?"

As Reed asked with concern, Phoebe answered with a smile.

"Of course~ I'm fine."

Phoebe showed a smile.

The bright smile that seemed as if nothing was wrong made her feel even more worried than relieved.

"Those half-dragons might not be the siblings you knew. If that happens, a conflict will surely occur between you and them."

"That's right..."

Reed knew that Phoebe didn't want to fight with the people who were her family.

Those who had come back to life were comrades who had spent their lives together, friends, and family.

When they died, Phoebe buried them with her own hands.

She wept in front of them as she buried them one by one.

It would never be an easy decision to kill them with her own hands again, and if the situation arises where she must kill them.

"I'll find a way to save those kids."

At that remark, Phoebe raised her head and looked up at Reed.

Then, she felt a soft touch wrapping around Reed's hand.

"Tower master."

Phoebe spoke as she approached closely.

"Don't do that."


"Those kids are definitely the siblings I took care of. Surely... that must be the case."

Phoebe herself remembered it clearly.

The pain of loss.

The resentment of helplessness.

"But to force them to be saved... I don't want to put the tower master in danger."


"Because now is more important. I can't lose the present by being trapped in the past."

Phoebe smiled.

She smiled as if to say that such a thing would not happen, like a mother comforting a child.

"So don't worry about me. Protecting the tower master and the young lady is my job now. So you don't need to do anything for me."

Rather than being grateful for her consideration, Reed felt more pity.

Phoebe does so much for him, so why doesn't she ask for anything in return?

Reed thought of her consideration like this.

'It's because I'm powerless.'

It's because she doesn't expect anything more from someone who is powerless.

It's a state of resignation where you can only choose one thing at the crossroads of choice.

It's a choice for family.

That's why Reed treated her like family.


Phoebe's eyes widened.

Wasn't Reed hugging her right now?

Her face flushed belatedly, and her speech sped up.

"Th-th-th-tower master!"

Phoebe was flustered. She could tell that he was trying to comfort her a little, but she never thought he would hug her.

"Don't you like this?"

"No, no! I-I-I like it..."

Her shyness and joy loosened her vocal cords, and the pronunciation leaked out.

Phoebe leaned quietly against his body.

"Is there anything else you want from me? If I can do it, I'll do it."

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