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Chapter 107 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Inside a carriage adorned with the phoenix symbol representing the royal family, a man from the Red Crown grumbled with dissatisfaction.


His expression was not pleasant, and he sat with his arms folded.

"I really came to a boring place."

What he truly desired was not a peaceful place like this, but a battlefield where blood and flesh were rampant, and the soldiers' cries pierced the sky, even giving him chills.

"Why did I come all the way here?"

As the 1st Prince grumbled, the woman sitting across from him broke the silence and spoke.

"Why are you like this? Wasn't it your wish to come here?"

At that, the 1st Prince furrowed his brow.

"Who said I wanted to come here? You know, right? I really hate this atmosphere."

His gaze fixed on the people of Lyon who had come to cheer him on.

They were all boring people.

"I wish this place had become a rebel hideout. Then I could sweep them all away as soon as I found them. Then it would be fun again."

Trinity didn't respond, thinking there was no point, and just lowered her head.

Ignoring his sister, the 1st Prince began to focus only on one thing that piqued his interest.

"Magic stone Tank..."

The Magic Stone Tank that remained in his memory was a powerful new weapon of the Empire.

The tank, armed with iron armor, moved by consuming Magic Stones, and the power of the Magic Stone Cannon was truly awe-inspiring.

The problem was that it was still in the development stage and could not be fully utilized on the battlefield.

"It had quite a power. It wasn't as powerful as a warship with numerous cannons, but the power of the Magic Stone Cannon was so great that I couldn't ignore it."

At the 1st Prince's words, Trinity reacted.

"That's just junk."

Unlike the 1st Prince, from Trinity's perspective, the Magic Stone Tank was merely a flashy new weapon.

"It didn't even move properly. Why are you interested in such junk?"

The 1st Prince openly clicked his tongue.

"Tsk, tsk, if it's completed, it will become the Empire's strongest weapon. A tank armed with iron armor."

His eyes, which had lost interest in the peace, began to regain their vitality.

"Imagine such a tank roaming the battlefield. Doesn't your heart race already?"

Although they were inside a carriage, the 1st Prince's mind had already gone to a battlefield where the smell of gunpowder was terribly strong.

"With just one shot of the Magic Stone Cannon, the enemy's troops disappear into screams. And that's just from shelling."

That wasn't the end of it.

"And it can move, too."

"It's slow."

"Why are you so negative? It wasn't that slow when it moved properly."

At the time, the Magic Stone Tank that was shown to the 1st Prince had moved a significant distance without breaking down, whether it was lucky or not.

He couldn't forget that sight, and he intended to meet the developer of the Magic Stone Tank today.

"I heard that Count Frank recently had financial troubles."

If Rockefeller hadn't helped, it would have been created by a lunatic that everyone called a warmonger.

"I'm sure I could put it to good use if I helped."

But since the Magic Stone Tank was such a piece of junk, Trinity refrained from saying anything.

Ignoring Trinity, the 1st Prince closed his eyes again with his arms folded.

"Call me when we arrive. I'll endure it until then."

This peaceful atmosphere filled with cheers was like torture to him.

Trinity, who had been looking at the 1st Prince, closed her eyes again, seemingly dissatisfied with something.

When they both opened their eyes again, they had already arrived at the place the 1st Prince had longed for.

Amidst everyone's hospitality, the 1st Prince, who had just gotten out of the carriage, was able to meet Count Frank, who had been waiting for the news.

"Are you the developer of the Magic Stone Tank?"

Unlike when Rockefeller visited, Count Frank was dressed nobly, having heard the news of the 1st Prince's visit.

"Yes, Your Highness. My name is Frank Valen."

"Count, you said?"

"Yes, I was granted the title of Count by the royal family in recognition of my contributions to the development of the Magic Stone Tank."

"I heard you were originally a viscount."

"Yes, that's correct."

From the 1st Prince's perspective, it didn't matter much whether the other party was a viscount or a count.

As long as they were not a powerful lord with their own troops under his command, they were simply people beneath him who didn't require much attention.

"Anyway, I want to see the Magic Stone Tank. Is the development going well?"

"Of course. Please follow me. I will show Your Highness the new tank model I am developing."

"A new model? Well, there were a lot of improvements needed."

Following Count Frank's guidance, the 1st Prince stepped into the surprisingly large Magic Stone Tank factory.

The size of the factory producing the Magic Stone Tanks was much larger than expected.

There were also countless workers working inside.

"I heard the financial situation was quite bad..."

The 1st Prince was puzzled as the story progressed, contrary to what he had heard.

"The factory seems to be running very well. There are quite a lot of workers, too."

Trinity, who had been scanning the factory with curious eyes, chimed in.

"Is the situation here really difficult? From what I see, it looks quite good."

It didn't make sense for the busy factory to be running if the financial situation was bad.

The Empire's army wasn't even buying the Magic Stone Tanks, so what kind of profit could there be for the factory to be running so vigorously?

That's why the 1st Prince expressed his doubts.

"It seems that a new investor has appeared since the story is different from what I heard."

Count Frank didn't hesitate to answer the question.

"Yes, I unexpectedly gained a new investor."

It was surprising that someone saw the Magic Stone Tank, called a piece of junk and ridiculed by everyone, with the same vision as him.

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