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Chapter 108 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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What on earth are you talking about?

The developer of the magic stone tank can't set the price?

And the reason was very annoying.

"What did you just say? You gave the share of the magic stone tank... to that person?"

"Yes, that's correct. So, although I developed the magic stone tank, the rights to it are currently shared between me and Lord Rockefeller."


"To be honest, the improvement of the magic stone tank to this extent was only possible due to the full support of Lord Rockefeller. Therefore, I don't have much complaint about the rights to the magic stone tank being partially given to Lord Rockefeller."

1st Prince, who was carefully observing the situation, had also heard the story from Rockefeller beforehand.

If 1st Prince came to visit, he was told not to talk about the price of the magic stone tank.

"By the way, Lord Rockefeller said something like this. If Your Highness shows interest in the magic stone tank, he would personally negotiate the price himself, as he thinks I would be clumsy in negotiating. I agreed to this as well. I thought Lord Rockefeller, who works in the bank, would be better at bargaining than someone like me."

It was natural for the party that negotiated well to set the price if the rights were shared.

So, 1st Prince thought to himself with a rather displeased expression.

'I don't know who this Rockefeller person is, but it's been a long time since I've been this excited to meet someone.'

"Where is this Rockefeller person now?"

He was the person they were going to meet anyway.

As 1st Prince, who had given up on Count Frank, now turned his attention to the person named Rockefeller, Trinity, who knew him well, gave him a look.

Her expression seemed unhappy, so it appeared that the next person they were going to meet would be quite embarrassing.

Considering his fiery personality, it was more than enough.

"Lord Rockefeller is probably at Ghetto Nuovo. As the guild leader, he must be at the guild headquarters."

Although his position was better than Rockefeller in terms of nobility, Count Frank did not have much intention of looking down on him.

He had received great help from him, but since he was the one holding the money, his position did not seem lower than his own.


As 1st Prince turned around and left the factory, Trinity followed him outside.

Then she suddenly had a thought.

How did that commoner become the guild leader?

Traditionally, only the Lyon family could take the position of the leader of the Lyon Guild.

The guild's position, which had to consider the church's opinion, and the interests of the Lyon family, which ruled everything in Lyon, coincided perfectly.

But that position was taken by a commoner, not by a noble family.

It was natural for her to have doubts.

'Maybe we got it wrong?'

Before coming to Lyon, 1st Prince had told her openly.

The new guild leader is a commoner, so it would be very easy to cook and eat him.

However, looking at the situation today, she realized that it was wrong.

'On the contrary, he might be a difficult opponent.'

The two who left the magic stone tank factory headed straight for the Ghetto Nuovo area where Rockefeller was said to be.

As they were traveling by carriage, Trinity spoke to 1st Prince, who was sitting opposite her.

"You said he was originally a commoner."

As 1st Prince, who was looking out the window with a hardened expression, turned his head and gave her a look, her words continued.

"How did such a person become a guild leader? I heard that position was only for those from the Lyon family."

"How would I know that?"

1st Prince's expression was still not good.

He didn't like the person he was going to meet from the start.

1st Prince spoke sharply.

"He just happened to be in that position."

"That position. As far as I know, only those from the Lyon family can sit there."

"So what do you want to say?"

"He took that position even though he was a mere commoner. Doesn't it feel strange?"

At that, 1st Prince snorted.

"Well, so what?"

"There are a lot of interesting stories about him and the guild. Since he became the guild leader, the income of the banks belonging to the guild has increased tremendously. There were rumors that he did such a good job that the rival Black Label Union was hit hard. And I heard that his relationship with Bishop Verkis is very good. The bank operators originally don't get along well with the church people. They usually dislike each other unless they are from the same family, but he seems to be an exception. Isn't it strange?"

"Anyway, the bank operators have to watch the church's opinion, so they naturally become close by offering donations."

"But a commoner did that? I have a bad feeling right now. It may just be my feeling, but I feel like we won't be able to get whatweI want."

At that, the prince frowned.

"You seem a bit strange too?"

The prince's sarcastic words began.

"I am a prince. And I'm also a military commander who commands an army. Are you saying that I can't get what I want from such a bank operator?"

Outside Lyon, countless imperial soldiers followed him, waiting endlessly for his command.

"I think it's stranger that you think like that."

"It's just my feeling. Honestly, isn't it?"

"Just think about it rationally. No matter how great he is, he's just a moneylender who can't even protect himself in front of me. What's so great about him?"

The prince shook his head proudly.

"What can he do against me? No, he can't do anything. Like the Count Frank I met earlier, he can't do anything but flatter me."

Seeing her own brother who had gained a position and even an army, she had no more words to say.

But deep down, the uneasy feeling would not go away.

It was her own intuition.

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