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Chapter 112 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Accepting that devilish proposal, Lee Han sincerely smiled.

"That's a brilliant idea. Turning something worthless into money and living luxuriously for the rest of our lives. That's what I want too. And that too, with money that you and I can create infinitely."

Conscience? Lee Han had none. He was only focused on the bright future ahead.

"By the way, how did you come up with such an idea? You must have a good head on your shoulders."

"It's not that. It's just that when you're in this line of work, such thoughts naturally come to mind."

"I've never seen a banker like you in my life. I thought you were just a loan shark."

"Consider me evolved a few steps beyond that."

"Evolution, huh? That's amusing."

Lee Han grinned and pointed his index finger at Rockefeller.

"You, I really like you. I think you and I will get along well. Let's see each other more often."

"By the way, when will you create the Goblin Dollar I proposed?"

"I should start working on that soon. It seems interesting, don't you think?"

"Is that so?"

"Don't worry and just wait. As you said, we will create an absolutely uncounterfeitable currency that no one else can possess."

"Then I will trust you and wait."

Before hiding his tracks, Lee Han left these words.

"Though I will be the one to create the perfect Goblin Dollar, it is you who will create the world where we can freely spend it. Please don't disappoint me. That way, both you and I can live without any money worries for the rest of our lives."

After Lee Han left, Rockefeller looked at Ricardo, who was still guarding his position.

Then, with a relieved smile, he said,

"Phew, it was a tiring day. Fortunately, both matters were resolved successfully."

At this point, Ricardo thought about the conversation between Rockefeller and the First Prince.

Previously, Rockefeller had mentioned that he intended to put the Second Prince on the throne.

But to the First Prince, he mentioned using the Second Prince as a pawn to unite with the Black Label Union, causing confusion.

Seeing Ricardo's confusion, the relaxed Rockefeller casually said,

"I wonder what the First Prince, who will be wandering in the afterlife, will think when the Second Prince ascends the throne. I can't believe they let their guard down just because they thought the Ismail faction was dead. Well, I understand. The Ismail family situation is so bad that they might think that way."

As expected, his concerns were unfounded.

Rockefeller's intention to place the Second Prince on the throne remained unchanged, and the reason for his previous words was to persuade the visiting First Prince.

'But it's still a question. The First Prince isn't wrong.'

Ricardo thought that the Second Prince's situation, which was deemed hopeless, was not entirely wrong.

Even if the Lyon Guild supports them, if the Church's stance on associating the Ismail family with heretical forces does not change, the Second Prince would have no chance of ascending the throne.

"The Church will not leave the Second Prince alone either. Then the chances of the Second Prince ascending the throne will be extremely low, regardless of our support."

"Of course, that's the case in the Church now."

Rockefeller's lips curved into a long arc, as if he had something in mind.

"But if the ruling forces in the Church change, that will be a thing of the past."

The death of Pope Felix III, the current Pope, was already scheduled.

The cause was poisoning.

However, the reason made public was a natural death due to old age.

Since the Pope's body could not be autopsied, that was the story. Rockefeller, who knew the truth about the incident, continued as if to say, 'Listen.'

"If the Second Prince goes to war for the crown, won't the Ismail side also move against the most annoying Church for them? And if something big happens... there is a possibility that the Church's position will change."

The following words were also Rockefeller's wish.

"And if Bishop Verkis, whom I will push forward, fills that vacancy, then roughly the picture I want will come out."

Ricardo decided to continue listening to what Rockefeller was saying.

"But to raise Bishop Verkis to that level, a lot of money is needed. A really large amount of money is needed."

Rockefeller started to openly talk about the reason why the Ismail family must condone their attack on the Black Label Union.

'Listen carefully. I'm saying this for you to hear.'

"And to raise that money, we need to take control of all the money lines in the empire. To do that, the Black Label Union must either disappear or unconditionally join us. That's the only way to monopolize the market."

Rockefeller resumed speaking after a brief pause.

"So, we need to get parental consent before surgery... Do you know any way to contact the Ismail family?"

From Ricardo's point of view, the Black Label Union seemed like a card that had to be discarded.

It was an inevitable choice in order to place the Second Prince on the throne.

"I will look for a way."

"Thank you. It's not something I can do."

After finishing speaking, Rockefeller closed his eyes and relaxed.

'I wonder if they'll send someone from below without revealing their identity. Well, they'll figure it out.'

Anyway, the big picture was being drawn well.

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