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Chapter 114 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Black Label Union (2)

The entire guild was stirred by the proposal to conduct business in the heart of enemy territory.

"Rockefeller, are you saying you're going to the Black Label to do bank business?"

Rockefeller had no hesitation in his response to the repeated question.

"Of course."

Then, a guild member expressed doubt.

"Do you think the people there will abandon their existing trade partners and do business with you, Rockefeller?"

Rockefeller replied confidently.

"Of course. If we lend money at a lower interest rate than the Black Label Union, why wouldn't they do business with us? Moreover, I heard that they are still charging a gold storage fee and have no interest on deposits. So, if the Ismail family remains idle, all the banking funds in the Black Label Union will be attracted to our side."

Rockefeller then spoke with certainty.

"If things go that way, the bankers who were peacefully doing business in Black Label will all be left with nothing but flies. Then it will be our victory."

"But isn't it possible that their clients will remain loyal to their existing trade partners?"

At that remark, Rockefeller shook his head calmly.

"There is no loyalty in money matters. I can guarantee that such loyalty will collapse under the interest rates I offer."

The conference room was in turmoil for a while.

The guild members discussed the proposal among themselves.

After a long time had passed, Rockefeller raised his voice.

"Any objections? If so, please raise your hand quietly."

When a guild member raised his hand, Rockefeller granted him the right to speak.

"I don't object, but are you planning to go alone, Rockefeller?"

"No, if anyone else wants to do business in the heart of enemy territory like me, I'm willing to go together."

Rockefeller continued.

"There may be no better place for a lending business. If you want to make a big profit, join me. Wouldn't it be better to go with all of you here rather than just me?"

"What if Ismail acts differently than we expect? Someone might get hurt then, will you take responsibility for that?"

When an unnamed guild member asked, Rockefeller replied with a relaxed smile.

"Even if Ismail moves differently than we expect, the first target will be me. So, the rest of you can just follow me. I will be your sturdy shield. Any other opinions?"

As if they had multiple lives, no more guild members asked questions to the daring guild leader.

"It seems there are no objections. Then, is there anyone who wants to go to Black Label with me? Please raise your hand now."

At that, several guild members eagerly raised their hands.

These were people who had money but had no proper place to lend it and had been troubled about it.

"Any more?"

As he asked again, several more guild members who had been looking at the situation quietly raised their hands to express their intention to participate.

They were greedy for money in their own way.

When over twenty guild members expressed their intention to participate, Rockefeller revealed satisfaction at the corners of his mouth.

'That's not too bad.'

"Good. Then I will declare a full-scale war with the Black Label Union. Even if you did not express your intention to participate today, I hope you will support us from the sidelines as we jump into the heart of enemy territory and wield our weapons. After all, the battle of the banks is a battle of financial strength."

Rockefeller continued.

"And if this goes well and the Black Label Union disappears or gets absorbed by us, our Lyon Guild's status will be higher than before. We might even rise to become an unrivaled power like the Tepez or Sinclair families, controlling the entire empire."

Rockefeller's expression was filled with great confidence.

"Then, let's pray earnestly for that day to come."

After finishing his speech, Rockefeller happened to make eye contact with his younger brother Joshua, who had heard about the meeting and had come to attend.

Rockefeller smiled faintly, and Joshua smiled back. In this way, they were able to confirm each other's well-being after a long time.

When the meeting ended, Rockefeller was able to meet Joshua, who had come to see him.

With a delighted expression, Rockefeller spoke first.

"Why did you come so late? I wanted to see you before the meeting."

At Rockefeller's words, Joshua scratched the back of his head and explained why he was late.

"Lucia is very curious, you know. She's excited about leaving the countryside and has been looking around everywhere, so we were delayed."

"Didn't Uncle Carter come with you?"

"Uncle Carter said he wouldn't come. I guess he doesn't care much since he thinks you'll handle everything well."

"I see. But where's Lucia? You said she came with you, right?"

"She's waiting in the carriage outside. She couldn't attend the meeting since she's not a guild member."

Rockefeller went outside the conference room with Joshua to see Lucia, the youngest sibling.

The outside of the conference room was very noisy as the guild members were dispersing, but in the midst of it all, Rockefeller was able to spot the carriage his siblings had arrived in like a ghost.

"Rockefeller oppa!"

As the carriage door opened, Lucia, who had matured more since they last met, ran to Rockefeller and hugged him.

"Lucia! You've grown so much! You've grown this much in such a short time?"

Seeing his youngest sibling, who had grown much heavier than before, Rockefeller could feel the rapid passage of time.

"And you've become much heavier too?"

"Oh my! That's rude!"

Rockefeller let go of the hugging Lucia and looked for Joshua, who was laughing nearby.

"By the way, how is the Montefeltro territory? What is the lord doing?"

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