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Chapter 116 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The man who brought nothing but his body from Lyon, claiming to be the Guild Master, gathered a tremendous amount of gold in no time.

'It's gold to be returned anyway...'

The problem was that there would be no occasion for so many people to flock at once to pick up the gold they left in the shop.

'If you collect money like that and then grow the loan business...'

Deposit interest is 1%.

Although the loan interest is unknown, assuming it's 5%, lower than the existing 6%, they will make money from the difference.


As Rockefeller said, it was a breathtaking and stuffy business, using other people's money.

'It's just amazing.'

Rockefeller's shop, which was bustling with customers who came to get deposit interest that day, could only become quiet late at night.

Now in the quiet shop, Rockefeller wiped the sweat from his forehead and spoke to Ricardo, who was tidying up the shop.

"It's been a long time since I've dealt with so many people, and it's been quite tiring. It's been as busy as yesterday."

Quietly tidying up the shop, Ricardo thought about the large amount of gold in the vault and opened his mouth.

"At first... when Lord Rockefeller said he was going to do business with other people's money, I was half-doubtful. I doubted whether it was possible to do business with other people's money."

As Ricardo complained, Rockefeller showed a grin in response.

"So, what happened?"

"It was surprising that it was possible."

With a curved smile, Rockefeller spoke to Ricardo, who looked proudly at him.

"What we need is not money for business but trust and credit. What do they know? They can't know how much we have in our vault anyway."

Rockefeller asked about the next step to Ricardo.

"It seems like there's a lot of gold piled up in the vault, when are you planning to start the loan business?"

Considering the deposit interest, the money in the vault couldn't just stay idle.

Somehow, they had to move the money and generate profits in order for Rockefeller's business to succeed as well.

Upon hearing this, Rockefeller went to the safe in the store and took a rough look at the amount of deposited gold coins.

Then he returned to his seat and opened his mouth.

"Black Label is different from Lyon in that the loan business is more prosperous here. That's why you can't run a loan business with mediocre financial power. If you step in without knowing the subject, the safe will be empty after a few high-value loans."

Ricardo could wholeheartedly agree with that.

Black Label was a place full of big businesses like shipbuilding costs and new continent trade, so the loan amount itself was different from other places.

Therefore, the place where a banker with mediocre financial power could not easily run a loan business was Black Label.

"But after a few days of effort, looking at the gold coins piled up in the safe, it seems that there will be no big problem even if we start a loan business from tomorrow. So we should start hiring soldiers from tomorrow and officially start the loan business."

Rockefeller finished speaking.

"And soon, the guild members will join us here. It will be really fun then. I'm still alone, so the bankers in Ranstadt don't seem to be moving yet, but that won't last long. If they don't move quickly, they'll wither away."

He was truly a fearsome person.

Having come out of nowhere, he had already grown to the point of threatening the bankers of Ranstadt.

Ricardo thought that no one could follow him in this field.

'He is truly unique. In terms of money, more than anyone else...'

* * *

A few days later.

The owner of the clothing store, Bel, heard some news and went to visit Bob, the owner of the shoe store.

Bob, who was visited, sighed deeply with a worried expression.

Bell, who came to Bob, spoke.

"Hey, man. Just a few days ago, you were so happy to receive interest. Why are you so miserable?"

"Huh... Don't even mention it. I'm so stressed right now."

"What stress? Did the bank go bankrupt?"

"No, it's not that."

"No, then won't they give you interest? Why all of a sudden?"

"It's not that. It's not about the bank there."

"Then what is it? What's going on?"

Bob, who sighed again, told Bel about what happened the day before yesterday.

"I was having a drink at the bar a few days ago. You know, right? These days, I'm so excited about receiving interest."

"Of course, I know. You even treated everyone that day, feeling good."

"Yeah, I was like that back then. I didn't know anything and was just happy."

There is always someone better.

Suddenly, someone better appeared to him, who was happy with receiving interest.

"What on earth happened? Tell me in detail. People are curious."

"Do you know Sam?"

"Sam? The shoe polisher who was kicked out of your store?"

"Yeah, the shoe polisher. I was drinking happily, and the guy sat next to me. He was even wearing an expensive outfit that didn't suit him."

"What? Expensive clothes?"

"Yeah, expensive clothes. So expensive that only nobles wear them. You know, those fancy silk ones. Can you believe that he showed up wearing that?"

"No, what happened? Did he hit a jackpot?"

"That's right. It looks like he hit the jackpot."

"Did the ship he invested in hit the jackpot and come back?"

"That's what I'm saying? If you invest in a trade ship and hit a jackpot, you'll earn at least four times the profit. But he invested in a more dangerous place and apparently got twice as much, eight times."

"What did he invest in?"

"Magic Powder? Anyway, it's incredibly rare, but it seems to have been discovered a lot on the new continent. He invested about 20 Dalants, even pulling his soul into it."

"20 Dalants? That's all his fortune, isn't it?"

"Yeah, that must have been all his assets back then. But that investment worked out well, and he made 8 times his investment twice. And he invested in various places, so now it seems like he has thousands of Dalant."

"What? Thousands of Dalant? Is that possible?"

"That's why I can hardly stand it, having to be satisfied with just 2 Dalant."

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