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Chapter 121 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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In the meantime, the unidentified person finished their thoughts and spoke up.

"How can we trust you who have been with the Sinclair family until now? You could just go back to the Sinclair family again."

The voice continued.

"Right now, you're defenseless, but when the time comes, you might be able to get help from the Sinclair family."

At that, Rockefeller smirked.

"Haha, you can just watch that from the side."

"What do you mean?"

"Someone from the Sinclair family will come to us soon. They'll ask for help with the upcoming Crown War. You can just watch what attitude we take then. If we were the old Lyon Guild, we wouldn't be able to refuse the Sinclair family's request, of course."

"Are you saying it's different now?"

"It's different now. Because I'm here."

"Is it different because you're here?"

"Yes, it's definitely different because I'm here. You shouldn't think about the old Lyon Guild."

Rockefeller continued.

"With me here, the Lyon Guild has definitely changed, and it will move in the direction I want."

"Then I'll pretend to be fooled and just watch quietly."

As Rockefeller felt that the voice's owner was about to leave, he held her back.

"Ah, don't leave like that."

"Do you have more to say?"

"If things go as I say, I'd like you to not interfere with our affairs here on Ismail's side. In other words, I'd like you not to care about what we do with Black Label."


After a moment of silence, the other person broke it and conveyed Ismail's intention to him.

"It's not my decision to make."

"…Is that so? I don't know who you are, but I guess you don't have the authority to decide on the family's affairs."

"I can't decide, but I can advise."

"Ah... I see."

"I hope we don't embarrass each other when we see each other next time. Remember, we're always watching you."

Whether to believe those words or not.


The mysterious voice that visited Rockefeller tonight had left.

'It's not Ricardo's tone. It's definitely not... Did he act? No, there's no need to act like that...'

Rockefeller tried to think if there was someone in the Ismail family who matched the voice he just heard.

'There could be female members in the Ismail family, but... I don't think there are any significant female characters.'

After some more thought, one person came to mind.

'Was her name Sylvia? Ricardo had a twin sister...'

The problem was that she was dead.

She had been described in the novel as having died miserably with the fall of the heretical family.

'So that's probably not it... Is it an insignificant role in the Ismail family?'

Or someone other than Ismail?

'That would be a big problem.'

If, just if.

If it's what he thinks, it would be a big problem, so Rockefeller hurriedly went outside the store and headed to the inn where Ricardo was staying with the mercenaries he had hired.

'I'll know roughly when I see it.'

Even if he didn't know who the other person was, if it was Ricardo's person, Ricardo couldn't have been unaware of the matter.

Rockefeller, who hurried to the front of the inn where Ricardo was staying, looked up at the three-story building.

The place frequented by travelers was the accommodation Ricardo had secured to stay with Black Label.

Going to the door of the room he knew in advance, he knocked hard on it, and soon a woman in her nightgown opened the door and showed her face.


Her wavy silver hair and deep lake-like eyes.

She was undoubtedly a member of the Ismail family, but the real problem was that she wasn't the person he knew.

"Where is... the room owner?"

Unlike the flustered Rockefeller, the woman in her nightgown calmly faced him.

"Are you talking about Thomas?"


"Yes, I'm his younger sister. Ah, you must be the owner of the shop where he works. I've heard a lot about you."

Although she was in her nightgown, she did her best to be polite.

"My name is Elise Martel. I've heard a lot about you from Thomas."

"You two look... very alike."

"Oh, we're twins."

Did he have a hobby of dressing as a woman?

'It's possible since he's a master of disguise... Besides, his slender figure makes even his cross-dressing perfect.'

As his gaze lowered, her full chest over her top caught his eye.

Ricardo certainly didn't have that.

'He could easily fake that. It's not that hard to get breast implants.'

But since he couldn't know for sure, Rockefeller had nothing to say.

Not knowing what to say, she carefully asked him.

"What brings you here at this hour?"

"Well... I had something to talk about. I had no idea he had a twin sister."

"Thomas doesn't really talk about it."

"I never heard that you came with him... What brings you here?"

"I just came to visit for a while. I heard Thomas was in the Black Label and got curious."

"Where can I meet him right now? I have something urgent to talk about."

"I'm not sure. He said he couldn't sleep and went out... "

"At this time of night?"

"Yes. He does that sometimes. It's a bit strange, right?"

Although it was highly likely that they were the same person.

Pretending not to know, Rockefeller asked her again.

"When can I see him?"

"I'm not sure. Sometimes he goes out and doesn't come back until late at night. Or I can wait and tell him that you came and went?"


Having nothing more to say, Rockefeller agreed and returned to his shop.

'Why dress up as a woman for no reason...'

He couldn't figure out the reason.

Or it might not be Ricardo but someone else.

How could he know about their business?

'I don't know. I'm not even sure if that woman is Ricardo.'

How much time had passed?

A welcome person came to the anxious Rockefeller.

It was Ricardo he had been looking for.

"I heard you were looking for me."

What surprised Rockefeller here was the presence of the younger sister who followed him.

'What? He really has a sister?'

The woman who came with him was definitely the one he had seen earlier.

"You came... together."

"Yes, it seemed like you were in a hurry to find him, so I found him and brought him here."

The problem wasn't that his assistant brought his beautiful sister, but the very existence of the sister.

'It can't be...'

A character who was supposed to be dead in the novel was alive and well.

How could he not be surprised?

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  1. Making a wild guess here.
    The sister never died, but ricardo did.
    The sister has been posing as him since then because male heir>female heir.
    Frankly, this is mainly a guess because there's no real FL yet and the novel is making too much of a fuss about this.
    Though the sister showing up with him here is sus, but I?m guessing he's just covering for himself with someone else disguised as "the sister".

    Crazy theory over

  2. I think that the sister is actually another transmigrator that knows abt the novel too. She transmigrated as some background character and somehow used her knowledge to survive.
    Just some random guessing but idk