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Chapter 125 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Black Label Union #3(3)

Sparks flew from the eyes of the Union representative.

He looked ready to devour the Chancellor on the spot.

"Threat? When have you seen someone like me make threats? Threats are for useless people, and I don't bother with such things! You better remember this. This is a warning. A warning!"

He was defiant.

The Chancellor, too, glared fiercely at the Union representative, refusing to back down.

"You! Where do you think you are! Who are you to dare warn me! I am the Chancellor here! You are merely the head of the Bank Union! Know your place!"

The Union representative raised his voice again.

"If I decide to! This place will return to how it was before! Do you know what you're talking about!"

"No! We agreed to change, and now you want to go back to the past? Are you out of your mind!"

The time they were referring to was a nightmare-like past for the Chancellor.

The atrocities of the Dragon Pirates were beyond imagination.

Of course, the Union representative, who had grown accustomed to life on land, did not have fond memories of that time either.

"I'm not incapable! If you keep this up, I won't stand idly by!"


The Chancellor grimaced at the sound of the Union representative's threats.

'Damn pirates. They've become so brazen because I've been catering to their whims all this time. They've lost their minds and are trying to climb over my head.'

At that moment, the naval soldiers, who had heard the commotion, rushed into the Chancellor's office.

As the soldiers who came tried to arrest the Union representative, the Chancellor stopped them with his hand and spoke.

"It seems you don't quite understand the situation. I'm not the same person you used to chase around when we were young. A lot has changed since you crawled onto land."


The Union representative had a massive physique and was quite strong.

Pushing the naval soldiers away with his strength, he raised his voice again.

"We really need to go back to the past to come to our senses!"

The Chancellor shook his head at the Union representative's futile display.

He wondered if the pirate had become too accustomed to the smell of land, or if he had been the leader of the Banking Alliance for too long, that he was completely unaware of the changed maritime situation.

"It's frustrating. Look out there."

The Chancellor moved to a window with a clear view of the sea.

"If you have eyes, look closely at the sea."

Beyond the window, countless warships floated on the blue sea.

It was the empire's fleet, which had grown silently over time to ensure safe maritime trade.

"Do you see my warships? They've grown quite a bit compared to before."

The Chancellor grinned confidently.

"While you were getting used to life on land and playing money games with the bankers, my warships were growing in size every day."

The Union representative had lost interest in the sea while he was sorting out his pirate life.

He was too bothered by matters on land to even care about maritime affairs.

Therefore, he had no idea how much the navy had grown.

'What? When did it get so big?'

If he only thought about the past, the current navy warships had grown several times in size.

'It used to be similar, but now...'

All of his previous confrontations with the Chancellor had been based on his past self.

If he had seen the empire's fleet floating on the sea like this, he wouldn't have dared to speak like that.


Towards the silent Union representative.

The Chancellor, sensing victory, sneered and continued his words.

"With that fleet floating out there, do you think I'll even blink an eye if you go back to the sea?"

The Chancellor clicked his tongue as if it was ridiculous.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don't even think about it. If you really want to become fish food, I won't stop you. However, since you broke the agreement first, you won't be able to set foot on this land again. Of course, the same goes for your subordinates who followed you onto land. If you don't like it, just live quietly on land as agreed."

Although he wanted to say something.

He had no confidence in defeating the empire's fleet floating on the sea.

The Union representative could only grit his teeth in response.

'While I was away, things have really gotten out of hand. Damn it, if I knew this would happen, I would have just stayed at sea.'

Meanwhile, the Chancellor walked to the door to see the Union representative off, opening it for him personally.

With the Chancellor's gaze fixed on him, the Union representative's mind became more complicated than ever.

'This is a complete loss.'

It seemed difficult to intimidate the Chancellor and drive the Guild forces out.

'Damn it.'

"This time, I'll let you go. But don't ever think it'll happen again."

At those absurd words, the Chancellor only snorted.

"Hmph, don't even think about it. And I'm the Chancellor here. You're not the kind of person who can just barge in without an appointment."

The Union representative, who wasn't listening, declared as if to notify him.

"Let's meet again next time."

"I'd rather not see you again."

With the situation resolved and the Union representative gone, silence returned to the Chancellor's office.

The Chancellor then began to speak to another hidden guest.

"They arrived just as I feared. I didn't expect them to come so rudely."

A voice came from the room connected to the office.

"Well, their methods are obvious. It's easy to predict."

Towards the guests coming from the next room, the Chancellor continued nonchalantly.

"I'm glad there was a place to hide. Although it wouldn't have been a big problem if you hadn't."

The person who came out of the room was none other than Rockefeller and his secretary, Ellis.

"Even so, if we had met in a place like this, it wouldn't have been a pleasant conversation. It would have caused more trouble."

The Chancellor nodded as if he agreed.

'He really loves money.'

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