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Chapter 127 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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 Black Label Union #4(2)

There was no reason for Ismail to let the incompetent union representative's actions slide.

With the union representative in a daze, the gathered union-affiliated moneylenders were in an uproar, trying to figure out how to survive.

"I agree. Let's just kill him. It'll be easier on our minds."

"If Ismail doesn't interfere, we can just hire a skilled assassin to take care of it."

"I agree!"

But there were opposing voices as well.

"No, you people! What are you thinking? If we fail, who's going to take responsibility?"

"That's right. Let's avoid getting our hands dirty. We're not magicians, are we? We're people who can't even protect our own bodies, so we should avoid that kind of approach."

"Is there any other suggestion? I don't think that's the way to go."

Of course, there were good suggestions among the uproar.

They just couldn't say it in this situation.

'I'm done here. I don't know why I'm still sticking around when I have no loyalty left. I should have left long ago.'

Up until now, they had been part of the Black Label Union to do business in a good place called Black Label.

But with the new option of the Lyon Guild, did they really need to stick with the union?

'This... No matter how I think about it, that seems to be the right choice.'

"Do you have any good ideas?"

The leader, with his questionable background, was too stubborn and incompetent.

Pathetic to the extreme.

'This isn't the right place. The ship I'm on is sinking. If we stay together, we'll all die together. So, before we all die, shouldn't I try to save myself?'

"Hmph! There's no answer. If they at least gave us decent interest on our deposits, I'd try something. But in this situation..."

Seeing the union representative's frustration, it seemed everyone felt the same way, as they all turned their gazes toward the silent leader.

'I don't think that foolish pirate can do anything.'

They didn't say it out loud, but the union representative was largely responsible for the situation getting this bad because he didn't act quickly.

If he had dealt with it quickly from the beginning, the situation wouldn't have deteriorated so much.

'That idiot relied on brute force to take that position, so there's no way things would go well. From the start, it's better to act quickly and get out of here if there's nothing to gain.'

"I'm leaving. If a decision is made, please let me know."

As one person left, the gathered union-affiliated moneylenders began to leave one by one.

The union representative, who had been watching them, suddenly felt a sense of unease, but the bigger problem was Ismail's sudden change in attitude.


Joseph, his subordinate, approached the silent union representative.

"Sir Warren, the atmosphere is quite unsettling."

He too had felt the unsettling atmosphere among the union-affiliated moneylenders.

"Although there's no one like that right now, I'm not sure if these snake-like moneylenders won't join the Lyon Guild if there's no chance of winning."

Would the Lyon Guild have a reason to block the union-affiliated moneylenders who come to them?

"There's no reason for them to block them, and since they've already picked a fight with us, they'll probably welcome it."

Joseph couldn't shake off the uneasy thoughts in his head.

"Then... is it all over?"

Hearing that, the union representative's mind was filled with nothing but the warning from Ismail.

'That's not the problem. If Ismail abandoned us from the beginning...'

"I don't understand. Why did they abandon us?"

At the sudden question, Joseph showed confusion.

"What are you talking about right now?"

"Ismail interfered with our business here. They told us not to deal with it like that."

"Like what?"

"When I said, let's just kill him."

"Oh... But did Ismail stop that?"

Joseph knew that the Ismail family itself was quite mysterious, so their method of contacting them was through a telepathic-like method.

It wasn't that the union representative had kept it a secret, but he had occasionally mentioned to Joseph about their involvement.

"Then is it all over?"

"Ugh... Why did they abandon us? We haven't done anything to make them hate us."

The union representative, wrapped in an inexplicable rage, clenched his fist, and Joseph made a face where the leader couldn't see.

'I know why they abandoned us, but if I tell the truth, my tongue might be ripped out.'

"What should we do? If even Ismail is acting like that, isn't it more dangerous for us?"

At that, the union representative snapped back to reality.

'Yes, it's dangerous. I'm in danger.'

He couldn't not know Ismail's way of handling things.

He had to either pack his bags and flee to the sea immediately or stop doing anything that would provoke them.

'What should I do? At this rate, my head is really going to fly off, isn't it?'

The union representative, who was trembling without realizing it, was startled by the sound of footsteps nearby and turned his gaze to the source.

There, one of his subordinates was slowly cleaning up the chaotic room.

'Damn it...'

The union representative remembered the gold coin he had received from Rockefeller.

The gold coin he had received as a fare for the afterlife.

Fortunately, he still had it.

'Why did I bring this unlucky thing?'

The union representative took the gold coin out of his jacket pocket.

"Sir Warren. Why are you suddenly doing that?"

Joseph looked at the union representative, who was acting strangely, with a puzzled expression.

Then, the union representative threw the gold coin away in anger.

"Damn it. I must be crazy to carry around a fare for the afterlife."

What kind of thoughts do sailors have about superstitions?

At least for him, who had been a pirate for a long time, superstitions had their own meaning.

Seeing the union representative throw away the gold coin, Joseph also felt something and continued speaking.

"Sir Warren. If Ismail abandons us, shouldn't we act quickly?"

At that, the union representative reacted.

"What should we do? If Ismail abandons us, we're already finished."

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