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Chapter 129 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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Rockefeller recognized Bob, who had come to see him.

Not only did he run a business nearby, but he also came to his store with his friend from time to time to chat.

"Didn't you borrow money from our store before? You said you were going to invest in some securities..."

"Yes, I did."

"A loan, huh. Let me check. We don't lend to everyone."

After a while, Rockefeller flipped through the ledger and shook his head.

"It doesn't seem possible. The limit is full, so there's no more money to lend. It's a shame."

"Hehe... I guess it's not possible."

Bel, who was standing next to him, smirked.

"See, I told you. I told you not to do it back then. If you hadn't borrowed back then, you would have been able to get a carriage loan now."

"Anyway, it's still a jackpot if it justs comes back. At least four times. Four times."

"It's only four times when it comes back."

"Still, the atmosphere isn't bad with the Union representative dead these days. And this time, a large number of warships were built, right? There's a rumor that the pirates who used to poke here are moving to other places. This is really good news for those who went all-in on trade ship investments."

"But coming back is another problem. What about the storms? You can't just think about pirates. There are also issues with conflicts with the locals when you get there."

"That's true, but..."

Rockefeller, who had been listening, interrupted.

"Then you can sell the securities you bought at that time to us."



Rather than expecting the trade ship to return, which he didn't know when it would return.

Seeing Bel enjoying happiness right now, Bob's heart began to waver.

'What should I do? As Bel said, it might never come back if it's unlucky. Then everything I have is just waste.'

"So... How much are you going to buy?"

Rockefeller answered with a smile to his question.

"Of course, I won't buy it at face value. If it's a quarter of the face value, I might consider it."

"No way! Who's going to sell it at that crazy price? If I'm crazy, I'll sell it at that price."

Rockefeller nodded as if he understood and said something else.

"Yes, that's right. Selling it at a quarter of the price is a bit much. But some securities with occasional bad news have fallen to one-tenth of their face value. Some people try to salvage a few pennies rather than holding onto securities that will become waste."

Hearing that, Bel, the owner of the clothing store, said.

"See? It's all gambling. If it comes back, it's a jackpot. If it doesn't, it's a failure."

"I knew that. Hey, I should've said yes. I was so bored these days that I was going to draw a carriage."

Bel laughed and said.

"If the trade ship you invested in comes back well, consider it then. That would be nice."

"Yeah, it's definitely coming back. Whether the storm hits, or the pirates mess around. It's going to come back someday."

As the two were about to leave the store, they ran into someone they knew near the entrance.

It was Sam, who had made a fortune from trade ship investments.


Shoeshine Sam was a young man dressed very differently from them.

Should we say he looked like a young noble?

Sam bowed politely to Bob, whom he met.

"Mr. Bob, it's been a long time since I've seen you."

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I came to check on a loan."

"A loan?"


"Are you also trying to get a carriage loan?"

As far as Bob remembered, Sam, who made a fortune from trade ship investments, rode a more splendid carriage than Bel.

It was not only large in size but also a six-horse carriage pulled by six horses.

At that question, Sam first laughed.

"Haha, I'm not interested in carriages."

Another level.

For Sam, a carriage was just one of the luxurious items that had long lost its meaning.

"Then, did you come here not to get a loan for a carriage? Then why did you come all the way here to get a loan?"

"Oh, I'm looking for a house now. It seems like there's a good deal, so I came to see if I could get a loan."

"Ah, is that so?"

Hearing that they were buying a house, Bel and Bob exchanged glances.

'It's not going to be a small house, is it?'

'It must be a big house. He's the guy who rides a six-horse carriage, he's going to buy a fancy and big mansion like a noble. And with a huge garden attached.'

The two unknowingly threw envious glances at Sam.

Sam, who now took their gazes without feeling, apologized to them.

"Then, I have something to do."

So, Sam left the two men staring at him and met with Rockefeller, the owner of the store.

Rockefeller immediately recognized him.

The young man who had amassed the most wealth in the Black Label area recently.

"Sam, is it? It's nice to see you again."

"Mr. Rockefeller, it's been a long time."

"What brings you here this time?"

"Haha, this time I came to consult about a house loan."

"Oh, you're buying a house this time."

"Yes, it's not a small house but a very big one. Actually, it's more appropriate to call it a mansion."

Rockefeller smiled kindly.

"I thought so. A person who rides a six-horse carriage wouldn't get a loan to buy a small house, would they? That wouldn't be right."

"Yes, so I want to change the house I live in this time."

"Please wait a moment. I have a few things to check."

Rockefeller opened the store ledger and looked through a few things before nodding his head.

"I'm sorry, but it may be difficult to get a large loan without a fixed income. It's a pity."

At those words, Sam also showed a regretful expression.

"Is that so?"

"We provide loans to our customers because we anticipate their future income to some extent and take that into account when providing loans. If there is no definite collateral for the future, it is difficult to get a loan."

For Sam, the area of interest now was not trade ship investment but real estate investment.

If you buy it well, you can create more profits than trade ship investments, so Sam had some confidence and started to speak on behalf of the situation.

"Mr. Rockefeller, how can you not do it? I really need this loan this time."

As Sam pleaded, Rockefeller, who had been watching him, opened his mouth again.

'Real estate can also make a lot of money if done well. It's worth pushing if it's not an average house but a mansion.'

"In that case, there are two ways. I heard that you have invested a lot in securities. If you entrust the securities you hold to us as collateral, a small loan can be considered."

Seeing Sam's reluctance, Rockefeller offered another alternative.

"Or, in the case of a mortgage loan, if we hold the house you want to buy as collateral, the loan for the remaining amount is fully possible. However, the loan is only possible for a part of the amount, and the house ownership must be held by us until the loan is fully repaid."

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  1. what next? educational credit, medical credit, social credit???

    1. I mean... why not ? In this world of what you might call, "kindergarten economy" he could build an empire of wealth. Expand across the continents, and he'll be the emperor of it all. The kingdom itself would serve as an obedient guard-dog without needing to care for official matters at all lol.