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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 158

Chapter 2/5

Side Story. Rosaria Quest (5)

"Eh, hero?"

The man showed doubt, but he didn't question it further. It was time to be grateful to the girl who said she would help him, so he bowed his head in thanks.

The smiling eyes and the tongue sticking out of his mouth.

It was like looking at a large dog.

* * *

* * *

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Upon hearing Rosaria's words that she would help unconditionally, the man told her his situation.

The man's name was Dandelion.

Dandelion entered the Witch's Forest in exchange for having all his debts cleared.

With the promise that if he listened well, he would be set free, Dandelion obeyed the words absolutely and carried out his orders.

"Before I knew it, she started to interfere. I was free for a few days, but after about a week, rules and clauses kept increasing, you know? Saying it's different from the contract, that this isn't allowed. She tried to make me unfree by saying one thing and doing another!"


"So I confronted them! 'If you said that if I listened well, you'd set me free, why don't you keep your promise!' like that."

"But then?"

"She then said, 'Fine. I'll set you free unconditionally’ and turned me into this mess. Like this... not long after that, I had no choice but to run in the wrong direction when a hunter who misunderstood me while I was helping a lost girl in the forest shot an arrow at me. And then I lost my way."

Upon hearing that, Yuria nodded her head.

"It must be a curse magic cast by the witch herself."

"How can it not be, little wizards?"

"I don't know about Rosaria, but..."

As Rosaria glanced at Yuria, Yuria puffed out her chest and spoke.

"In this case, our workshop is specialized in this! Transforming animals with magic would be a piece of cake!"

"Then can you save me?"

"That... is another issue."

Yuria awkwardly scratched her head.

In the end, it meant she was useless.

Dandelion's shoulders slumped.

"There is a way to do it without side effects, though."

"What, what is it!"

Dandelion, who found hope again.

"It's going directly to the caster. You have to ask the witch to undo the magic."

Dandelion seemed to have a troubled look in his eyes.

Rosaria clapped her hands as if she had a great idea.

"That should do it! That's the solution."

"It would be nice if it ended like that, but it's not going to end that easily."


"Because the person who cursed you won't undo it that easily."

It was a problem that Larksper could easily predict.

Rosaria tilted her head, wondering, 'Is that so?'

Larksper chuckled at Rosaria, who had yet to fully learn about human malice.

Dandelion mumbled, covering his head with both hands.

"Besides, if I wander around like this, the village patrolmen will find me... and then, oh noooo!"

A sudden howling started.

The man quickly covered his mouth, realizing what he had done.

"I'm sorry for making such a useless fuss... Ah, I'm really not being consumed by my nature! I've never eaten a human before!"

"Calm down. Larksper doesn't think of you as that kind of person."

His actions and tone showed that he was an immature young man.

His physical abilities were more than enough to sweep away the guards.

"Anyway, it seems like you don't want to cause trouble to those around you."

"Yes. I did do a little thievery... but I borrowed without permission, so when I return to normal, I plan to apologize and repay double. Sob..."

Dandelion wiped away his tears.

"Then let's go to the village and apologize first! We'll protect you. That should do it, right?"

"Yes? If the little wizards and the orc warrior vouch for my identity, I would be grateful!"

Of course, the one Dandelion trusted the most was the orc warrior, Larksper.

Just having him by his side felt reassuring.

So, Rosaria took Dandelion to Dun Luster village.

To show that he had no intention of attacking, he put his hands behind his head with fingers interlocked as he walked.

The owner of the chicken farm recognized the wolf right away and shouted.

"Ah, it's the chicken thief! That's the wolf! I'm sure of it!"

"What?! You caught the chicken thief?!"

The small village's solidarity was strong.

Led by the landlady, they threatened Dandelion with sharp farming tools in their hands.


Dandelion hid behind Larksper.

Since the werewolf, who was similar in size to Larksper, hid, his figure was not visible.

"Do not hurt him!"

Rosaria stood in front of them.

"He was cursed by an evil witch! That's why he turned into a werewolf!"

"It could be a lie, too."

"What if he attacks our village when the full moon comes?!"

Just as they had doubted, the villagers also doubted Dandelion.

Larksper pounded his chest and said.

"At least, if he goes on a rampage here, Larksper can handle it. Larksper guarantees it."

As the muscular orc warrior assured them, the villagers who held weapons looked at each other and put their weapons down.

The landlady, still angry, glared at Dandelion and asked.

"What about the price of the chickens, you damn wolf?!"

As the landlady with a big presence roared, Dandelion shrank and replied.

"Don't worry, madam. I will pay double the price of the eaten chickens, even if it costs me my life."

"Double? Hmm, well, that changes things."

The lady who was about to kill him a moment ago calmed down.

Money was the best after all.

"Looking at you now, it seems like I'll have to give you credit... but there's no credit at our house, so remember that."

"Then if I work and pay it off—."

"What kind of work can you do in that state? I don't know if you can scare the village kids."


Dandelion covered his face.

In his current state, it was difficult to earn money honestly.

Rosaria stepped forward, knowing it was a difficult situation.

"Rosaria, I have money."

A jingling purse.

It looked about three times the size of a small hand.

"So far, dead chickens... there were three, right?"

"Yes, I ate three chickens."

Dandelion nodded his head.

The landlady looked down at Rosaria and said.

"It's 50 UP per chicken."

"50 UP? So... 50... 100... 150 UP."

"You have to pay double, so you can't just give 150 UP."

"Then do I have to give 152 UP?"

"It's 300 UP!"


Yuria shouted in frustration.

Rosaria hit her head as if she had made a mistake.

When she rummaged through her wallet to pay, Rosaria only had 100 UP.

"Rosaria doesn't have that much money."

"Why did you insist on bringing less money..."


They hadn't prepared for this situation properly.

Yuria decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I am Yuria, the eldest daughter of the Frenza family, a prestigious magic family of the Imperial Workshop. When I return to my home country, I will certainly send the remaining money. Can you accept just 100 UP for now?"

Yuria showed her family's emblem.

It was unlikely that commoners would recognize the item used by nobles to receive special treatment.

However, everyone knew that the exquisite, glittering gold object proved one's noble status.

"Well, it's always the creditless folks causing problems... If you're a person of means, I suppose I can accommodate."

Besides, they didn't know how refusing a noble's request might turn out, so it seemed better to comply.

However, Rosaria shook her head.

"No, we can't do credit! When you make a promise with money, you have to leave something valuable as collateral."

"Who said that?"

"Kaitlyn told me."

The chief engineer from a commoner background.

Her advice to Rosaria had only been about origami and money matters since money had always been an issue for her.

Rosaria took out a bear doll from her back.

"Instead, I'll leave this."

Rosaria handed over her bear doll.

"What is this?"

"It's Rosaria's most precious possession. I'll bring the money, so please take care of it!"

The landlady thought their identities were sufficient collateral, but she couldn't refuse when Rosaria offered her precious item.

"Then I'll put my emblem on the line too!"

Yuria handed her emblem to the landlady as if she couldn't lose.

"Huh? What??"

She was flustered to suddenly receive such valuable items.

The emblem was a family treasure, and the material value alone was worth at least 10,000 UP.

Even so, it was on a different level compared to the cute bear doll.


Larksper handed over his greatsword, still in its sheath, which he had been carrying on his back.

It was a sword granted by the empire, an item that could not be bought with money.

"I entrust it to you."


The landlady, who had unexpectedly taken charge of such a large sword, blinked her eyes while holding a pile of treasures.

With that, everyone in Rosaria's party had left collateral.

The amount of money they had to pay was easily surpassed by 100 times.

Dandelion shed tears of gratitude as he looked at the collateral they had left.

"Sob, thank you, little wizards, and orc warrior."

A joyful howling echoed through the village.

* * *

Following Dandelion's guidance, they moved towards the woods.

Yuria and Rosaria began to feel that something was different from a certain point in the forest.

This was the witch's forest.

Feeling this, they continued to go further inside.

-How dare you set foot here without knowing where you are, outsiders.

A deep female voice echoed throughout the forest.

Yuria shuddered and drew her wand.

-Ho? I thought there were only outsiders, but even the runaway scoundrel came along.

"He's not a scoundrel! He's a person with a name, Dandelion!"

Fearless Rosaria shouted at the forest.

-What's with that cheeky little girl? Is she your daughter? You're spreading your hands here and there, even sowing seeds?

A thick murderous intent spread from the forest.

There was no doubt that the owner of the forest was truly angry.

The atmosphere was filled with murderous intent from all directions, making it impossible to tell when or where an attack might come from.

In the midst of the tension, Dandelion stepped forward.

He knelt down, clasped his hands together, and pleaded.

"My love, Arienna, it seems there's a misunderstanding. Please put away your anger first, please."

"My love?"

Yuria and Larksper were surprised to hear that.

His serious tone had lightened considerably.

-Did you think I would be pleased if you brought these daughters of the women you've been with and we all get along together? Didn't you think you'd just make me angrier? Why didn't you run away further?

"It's not that I ran away. I took the wrong path while being chased by a hunter. I ended up wandering and had no choice but to do so."


"What's that about a daughter?"

Larksper scratched his head, trying to understand the situation.

Yuria thought there was a huge misunderstanding and spoke to the witch.

"Respected witch of the forest, I apologize for the confusion, but I am not the daughter of this Lycanthrope. I am Yuria, the eldest daughter of the Frenda family."

Then the murderous intent slightly weakened.

-The Frenza family? A child of the imperial workshop?

"And this young girl here is Rosaria Adeleheights Roton, a protege of the master of the Silence Tower."

-Ho? A genius girl from the Frenza family, and a genius girl from the Silence Tower brought an orc here? What a rare sight.

The extended murderous intent subsided.

At the same time, a woman appeared from behind a tree.

A witch wearing a brown robe and a pointed hat.

Her braided orange hair and freckles made her sharp look much softer.

Nevertheless, the unpleasant energy emanating from her was undoubtedly because of that man, Dandelion.

"Let's go to my house to talk."

* * *

"Welcome, little wizards. Is this your first time seeing a witch who's not from a workshop or a tower?"


"I may not be able to use magic as freely and live like you, but if you want to be a mage with a free soul, it's good to be an unaffiliated mage too."

"What kind of work do you do?"

"Well, unlike you guys, I don't do magic research. Instead, I heal people who come to the village, help with childbirth, and do those kinds of roles."

Rosaria listened to the daily life of an unaffiliated mage with pure curiosity.

Yuria looked inside the room.

The room was completely open, with no dividers, except for the bedroom.

Herbs were hung on the ceiling to dry, and something was boiling vigorously in the fireplace.

It looked like an alchemist's mansion, but it was at least three levels more downgraded.

The witch, Arienna, took out a thin metal box from the cupboard.

"Here, some candy. Oh, you're children of high-ranking people, maybe it won't suit your taste?"

"I love candy! I want to eat it!"

"Me, I'll eat it too!"


Larksper also cautiously took one and put it in his mouth.

A refreshing peppermint flavor swirled around in his mouth.

"My name, as that damn dog said, is Arienna."

"I am..."

"No, let me guess. Yuria Frenda, Rosaria Roton, and... the leader of the Barchan Alliance, Larksper, right?"

"That's right."

As Larksper nodded, Arienna snapped her fingers and made a proud face.

"Who says a forest witch is out of touch with the world? There are not many people who know the news as well as I do."

The witch, Arienna, had become more lighthearted than before.

However, her personality changed significantly when she saw Dandelion standing next to her.

"So, where did you find that damn dog?"

"Dog? Our Meowmeow?"


The unnoticeable dog turned its head upon hearing its name called.

"Your spirit's name is Meowmeow? That's amazing. Anyway, I'm not talking about that dog, but that one."

"Arienna, how dare you call me a dog! I am a human!"

As Arienna pointed at Dandelion, he howled and protested.

"People misunderstand because you made me like this!"

"Be quiet. You shouldn't have gone outside in the first place. I told you clearly. With that face, if you try to help unnecessarily, you'll only be ridiculed. That's why you're being chased by a hunter."

Arienna glared at Dandelion.

Unable to argue since she had indeed warned him, Dandelion remained silent.

Rosaria, sucking on her candy, looked back and forth between the two and asked.

"Are you two a couple?"

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