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Chapter 10 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

'These were things I had never taught Navia.'

And as if reading his thoughts, she recited even the content of the next lesson.

Navia, watching Edward's expression, quietly sneered.

'How interesting.'

She thought how the gaze that always looked at her with disgust could change like this.

Seeing that smile, Edward's expression twisted more distinctly. Then he recomposed himself.

He was a man of great self-control.

Edward asked, as if he found it laughable.

Edward asked, as if mocking her, "So, what do you want to say? Do you want to be tested on what you've studied so hard?"

It was ridiculous to lose one’s temper with a child. He had no intention of entertaining this childish game.

But Navia felt the same way.

"I want to tell you that I have nothing more to learn from you."

At those words, Edward's expression turned frighteningly cold.

"What did you just say?"

Instead of answering, Navia picked up a pen, sharp as a knife’s blade.

When writing with this pen, if the pressure was too hard, the paper would easily tear.

But if written too lightly, the writing would look terrible.

Of course, at that time, Navia couldn't use this pen at all.


Navia drew a line boldly through the center of the paper.

Edward furrowed his brows.

That paper was bound to be horribly torn.


But contrary to his expectation, the paper didn't tear. Only a straight and clear line was formed.

Navia wrote elegantly and smoothly.

Edward couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Navia was concisely writing the key points of the Edon Empire's chronology!

This wasn't something one could do without a considerable understanding.

And her writing was as excellent as a master's, and fast too.

"To break the spirit of an opponent who underestimates me, I will neutralize my weaknesses."

When neutralizing, be overwhelming!


Navia put down the pen.

"Lessons seem like a waste of time for both of us, don't they?"

Edward, shocked, scrutinized the chronology.


He was a very strict professor at an elite academy. For him, saying "not bad" was the highest praise.

And yet, he had already felt "perfection" twice while looking at Navia.

"Is there another teacher?"

"How could there be?"

She was sick of history lessons. As for writing, she could fill a small library.

Such things were merely trivial skills to her.

"It's unlikely I have another teacher, considering I could be discovered as a commoner."

"...What do you mean?"

"You've already guessed that I'm a commoner."

Edward's brows furrowed deeply when Navia uttered the taboo.

For a year, Edward had been steadily brainwashing Navia.

'The brainwashing can't have been broken…'

Edward started to cast a spell, trying to hypnotize her.

"I didn't hear this. You, as a noblewoman, should not utter such words again..."

Navia chuckled.

"I have a way to cure magic reversal disease."


Edward unwittingly rose from his seat with a jolt. His gaze towards Navia was one of extreme desperation.

"Is that really true?"

As Navia nodded, he incredulously wiped his face with his large hands.

"Thank you, oh God, thank you."

His sincere prayers were repeated several times.

Navia watched him with a dry expression.

She had always thought Edward to be a very cold person.

She was shocked to learn that he was indeed a kind older brother to his sister, feeling a hollow emptiness inside.


"Why were you so harsh to me, Teacher?"

"Why did you push me to the brink, after facing me for so long?"

The corner of Navia's mouth twisted slightly.

It was the sixth time.

That was when Edward had sold her to the barbarian king.

"Please, Teacher, convince my father. They don't want a queen but a living sacrifice!"

"That's your usefulness."


"Even if they're barbarians, they're still kings. It's better than clinging to the title of a noble lady."

Navia then realized that Edward was the one who had recommended her as a sacrifice to the barbarians.

"I didn't seek high status, just a family…"

"Ha, even if it's a result of brainwashing, this is really tiresome."

Navia had served him as a disciple, believing that there must be some form of teacher-disciple affection.

But that was a misconception.

Edward had no guilt in making her a loyal slave to Agnes.

Hoping that her sincerity might earn his grudging favor, she expected too much.

"I wanted a family, Teacher."

Edward coldly declared.

"Accept it. They will become your family."


But then Edward felt something amiss.

"I haven't heard that Lady Vivian's illness was cured."

"How do you know the cure? How do you know about it, Lady?"

Navia smiled wryly.

"Nobody knows the cure for magic reversal disease. Only I do."

Edward was dumbfounded.

He then became enraged, realizing he was played like a child's game.

Daring to toy with his desperation?

"These nobles!"

He hesitated.

'Nobles...? Did I just refer to her as a noble?'

No, more importantly, how did she know he was searching for a cure for the magic backlash disease? 

It's impossible that Nikan told Navia! The realization struck him like a sharp alarm.

Compared to him, Navia was excessively calm.

It was impossible to guess what she was thinking.

Her red eyes, devoid of any emotion, seemed to harbor a deep darkness like an abyss.

Edward grew increasingly anxious and uneasy.

'Has the brainwashing weakened?'

If so, he just needed to cast the mind control spell again.

Then everything would return to normal.

Edward, suppressing his anxiety, stirred his magic.

He waited for the information that would be sent from the magic connected to Navia's mind.

In the depths of his psyche, Edward felt a distinct longing and deficiency that seemed tangible. He had planned to intensify these feelings. 

But everything was too quiet, as if no magic had been used.

Edward's pupils trembled.

'What's going on? What went wrong?'

Then Navia's clear voice pierced the air chillingly.

"It seems things aren't going as you planned, Mr. Spencer."

Edward's face hardened.

Could it be that I, of all people, am being "read" by this child?

"Have I been caught using mind control? But that's impossible!"

Unable to contain himself, he growled threateningly.

"What exactly do you want?"

"It's not about what I want, Mr. Spencer."

Navia shook her head and continued with an indescribable dignity.

"You should be telling me what you can do for me, Mr. Spencer."

Edward closed his mouth.

Navia's method of cornering her opponent was sophisticated, leaving no gaps like a seasoned negotiator.

Her presence pressed down on Edward like the paw of a predator.


Edward fully realized he had started a losing game.

He was entangled in her web.

His eyes flashed fiercely as if trying to resist, but gradually his momentum faded.

It was time to admit defeat.

Edward knelt on one knee, lowering his gaze below that of Navia, who sat self-assuredly in a chair.

"If the cure is true, I'll stake my life on it."

Navia looked down at him with satisfaction.

Feeling her gaze, Edward was enveloped in an indescribable shudder.

"As a magician, you can make a "Magician's Contract", right?"

All magicians could draft absolute contracts with magic.

Edward's eyes widened.

"How did you know I was a magician...!"

"I've broken the brainwashing, so wouldn't it be natural to know that you you're a mind control magician?"

Edward sighed softly.

'What exactly is this girl's identity?'

Breaking a magical suggestion required a level of mental strength beyond human capability.

'And the moment the suggestion is broken, a human body can't withstand the shock and will surely die.'

So, it was an impossible feat.

Navia held up three fingers, outlining the conditions of the contract.

"In exchange for revealing the cure, you must promise me three things."

Then she folded one finger.

"One, for five days, you must not heal anyone or reveal the cure, except for your own sister."

'As I thought, she knows my sister is suffering from magic backflow disease.'

He listened intently with a tense face.

"Two, on the fifth day from now, go to Duke Agnes and announce that you have a cure for the magical ailment. You must keep silent about my involvement."

"You want me to keep secret that the lady discovered the cure?"

"Yes. For life."

Edward looked at Navia with a strange expression.

Navia folded another finger.

"Three, persuade the Duke to accept me as the heir to the Eseled House."

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