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Chapter 20 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

A few moments later, Maki appeared with Doctor Hans. Seeing her slightly disheveled clothes and hair, Charlotte suspected that she had rushed over for some reason.

Internally, Charlotte harbored some resentment.

Hans examined Navia and stated that she didn't have an upset stomach but clearly wasn't feeling well.

In fact, it was inevitable.

Navia's body had been affected by the smoke from the fire, she had always had a poor appetite, and she had stayed up late into the night.

Maki, overwhelmed with confusion after hearing the diagnosis, quietly left without causing any more trouble.

Once Navia fell asleep, Charlotte left the room to prepare dinner.

"Oh, right, I need to gather some thread and fabric to mend the clothes."

It was when she was thinking about this and descending the stairs.

"Miss Charlotte?"

Lyndon, who hadn't been seen for hours, suddenly appeared and called out to Charlotte in a subtle tone.

"Yes, sir."

Lyndon hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"I've arranged for the goods from Ansier Boutique to arrive early tomorrow morning. It seems they will include some accessories that you can use."

So, what happened earlier was just him making arrangements.

Knowing that Lyndon was opportunist yet disliked being a bad person pretending to be a gentleman, Charlotte responded appropriately to his wishes.

"You are the only person who cares about Miss Navia, sir. And, me using accessories... I'm really sorry, what should I do?"

Upon seeing her humble attitude, Lyndon felt at ease.

"Hehe, just some accessories, but enough for me to handle at my discretion. Don't refuse and accept them."

"Thank you, sir."

"Yes, yes. Now, please continue with your work."

Charlotte bobbed her head and continued down the stairs.

A cheerful smile naturally formed on her face as she thought about how things had been falling into place since the day she took Navia's hand.

"Well, I guess I can take my time fixing Miss's clothes."

With thoughts of the cute and pretty clothes piled up there for Vivian, Charlotte hummed a tune.

"Hurry and let tomorrow come!"


On the third day since Navia's return, in the morning.

The mansion was quiet.

Wood and Philippa had been busy with something unknown, so the servants were actually more relaxed.

As they started their peaceful morning, carriages arrived from the mansion's entrance, passing through the garden in the middle of the way to the foyer.

Carriages with silver-emblazoned insignias. It was Ansier Boutique.

The highest-ranking employee got out of the carriage first.

Lyndon had known of their visit, so he was there to greet them in advance.

"Greetings, Master Lyndon."

"Welcome. Please bring the goods to the third floor."

In response to his words, an Ansier superior clapped his hands.

Clap! Clap!

"Everyone, move!"

Then, handsome men with well-groomed appearances and straightened heads each carried an elegant box made of rosewood.

The female servants watched in awe as the well-dressed men lined up neatly in the foyer.

As expected of employees from a premium boutique, their appearance matched their reputation.

"Just a little while ago, didn't we just fit Miss Vivian's winter clothes? And now it's Ansier again!"

“As expected of Master!”

They all remembered Vivian, who had burst into tears when the house left two days ago.

Thinking that Nikan had ordered a gift for Vivian, they all wore moved expressions.

"Master always shows the utmost sincerity to Miss. If only Miss were in good health, she would have enjoyed so much more...."

The servants gazed at the procession with affectionate eyes.

The head of the noble family of the duke had power next to the emperor and ruled a large organization, so their character was usually ruthless.

However, they couldn't always use fear when dealing with people.

A sense of belonging and pride in belonging to a great family, as well as respect for the master, played a very important role in solidifying their power.

In that regard, Nikan was respected not only as a competent and charismatic master but also as a devoted father who raised his terminally ill daughter with utmost care.

People were proud of themselves for adding yet another rumor that made them feel proud.

None of them thought that the Ansier Boutique boxes were headed for Navia's room, the adopted daughter of the family.

This situation also applied to Vivian's personal maids.

Vivian's maids quickly rushed up to the third floor ahead of Ansier's employees.

They glanced down the opposite hallway before opening Vivian's room.

The hallway led to Navia's room.

"Hmph, such a fake."

Maki especially left the door wide open on purpose.

How much would Navia envy Vivian? The thought was satisfying.

"Miss Vivian, the Ansier Boutique items have arrived! If you're sleepy, shall we open the box together after you rest a bit more?"

At the mention of Ansier Boutique, Vivian rubbed her eyes and sprang up.

"No, I'm awake!"

Everyone burst into laughter.

"Our master is so considerate. She loves our young lady more than anyone in the world!"

Vivian felt cheerful.

Two days ago, she was sad because of Wood, and yesterday, she was even more downhearted for not being able to drink the apple juice she had been eagerly awaiting.

'Dad must have sent these gifts to cheer up Vivian!'

Vivian, with eyes full of anticipation, sat on the bed, swinging her legs.

"Hehe, I should call Navi unnie and show her Vivian's gifts. She always envies how pretty the gifts Vivian receives are."

Seeing Navia unable to take her eyes off her own dresses and hairpins uplifted Vivian's mood.

"When will the gifts arrive?"

At Vivian's question, Laura quickly responded.

"I'll check!"

That's when Maki added.

"Just make sure no one is peeking from the other side of the hallway, Laura."

"Pfft! Okay. Ah, I'm excited."

They were still furious from the day before when instead of tricking Navia, they ended up in trouble themselves.

'Today, she'll realize how pathetic her situation is.'

Maki waited for the Ansier Boutique staff with fiery eyes, planning to make a noisy scene once they arrived.

Laura, who had suffered from a stomachache the previous day, also wanted to get back at Charlotte and Navia.

She wandered the hallway and, upon spotting the Ansier staff, beamed brightly.

Her smile made Vivian's anticipation swell.

But Lora's smile suddenly froze, as if doused with cold water.


Maki and Ann, who were laughing while waiting for the box, also sensed something off and stopped laughing.

"What's wrong, Laura?"

"The box is..."

Impatient Anne couldn't hold back and went out to the hallway herself.

And then she saw it.

"Isn't that the Emerald room?"

As they saw, the Ansier staff were not in front of Vivian's room but Navia's.

The staff knocked politely.

"Excuse me, Lady. Lord Agnes has sent a gift, may we bring it in?"


Then Charlotte, who had been waiting, flung the door wide open.

"Come in."

The Ancier staff neatly stacked the boxes in Navia's room.

"This can't be!"

Vivian's maids screamed as if wailing upon seeing this scene.

Ansier Boutique was almost exclusively for those of noble birth like Vivian.

Navia, a fake lady, should not be using such items! Vivian, not understanding their reactions at all, peeked out into the hallway.

She saw men in familiar attire entering an unused room across the hallway.

'Where is that?'

She soon followed the maids, approaching the room where the Ancier staff had entered.

Silver hair was visible through the wide-open door.

Vivian blanked out for a moment.

"Navia unnie?"

Why is sister here?

Ah, she did say she also uses the third floor.

Then, is this sister's room?

'That means, then...'

The gifts are not for Vivian but for Navia unnie?

"Ah, Vivian, you're here."

Navia's voice, greeting Vivian, was sweeter than a bird's chirping.

Her soft gaze was deep and inviting, and the smile on her lips carried an elegant dignity.

Navia, surrounded by the boxes from Ancier Boutique, fit perfectly into this room's atmosphere.

Enjoying what is rightfully hers.

"Are you okay? You look pale."

Vivian felt like she was floating in air, then suddenly thrown back into reality. Her face had already turned pale.

Complex and dizzying emotions overwhelmed Vivian like a tidal wave.

Her hands trembled. A fact she had never consciously realized suddenly hit her.

She had come to marry Prince Ares in Vivian's stead.

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