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Chapter 8 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia leaned askew on the white bed, exuding an undeniable aura of authority despite her awkward posture.

"Who would think this young lady is only eight years old?"

Such extraordinary presence was something she had never felt in Agnes' direct descendants, Wood or Vivian.

Maybe not even in Nikan.

‘Is this what they mean by a noble among nobles?’

It is said that the blood of nobles is blue.

If so, Navia's blood seemed to run much deeper and clearer blue than any existing noble.

It looked dangerous.

Nothing was certain.

This was a gamble.

Charlotte's mind was cluttered with various thoughts, but soon it became calm like a lake whose ripples had ceased.

Charlotte bowed much deeper to Navia than she did to Agnes' head.

"I will follow your orders, Miss."

At this, Navia laughed brightly like a child. To an outsider, it would seem an innocent laughter.

"I look forward to working with you, Charlotte."

Charlotte only bowed deeper.

"Now, I will tell you what you need to do."

A chilling coldness tinged Navia's laughter.

"Philippa is embezzling nutrition funds with the cook. Once you go out, contact the cook and insinuate doubts about Philippa."

"You mean to sow discord between them."


Navia continued.

"Philippa, being blackmailed, will now have to provide me with proper meals. Use this to further deepen the rift between them."

Charlotte nodded earnestly to the following reasonable statements and then asked.

"But what if Philippa destroys the evidence of embezzlement?"

"There is other evidence of Philippa’s embezzlement, secured by the cook in case of any unforeseen circumstances."


Then, Philippa was truly a rat in a trap.

"Make sure only Philippa knows you are loyal to me. That way, it will seem like the three of us – the cook, you, and I – are in cahoots."

"…A wise plan."

Charlotte couldn't help but admire her young master's transformation, despite her fears.

Her young master seemed like a transcendent being who was already sick of the ways of the world.

Navia paused in thought, then undid the necklace around her neck.

This necklace, a perfunctory gift from Nikan, was Navia's first birthday present.

Although it was less significant than the trinkets of Vivian, it was precious.

"Sell this for whatever we need right now."

This necklace, never removed until the eighth time, was now just a trinket to raise funds.

"Thank you, Miss."

Navia continued with a slightly weary look.

"You may leave now."

When Charlotte looked at the tray, she asked.

"Should I bring your meal back again?"

"...No. I'll eat later."

"Then please call me when you need me."

After Charlotte left the room, Navia let out a breath she had been holding.

Her forehead was drenched in cold sweat.

Her head spun, feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Navia curled up under the blanket.

In the heavy silence, only her feverish breathing resonated hollowly.


She turned over in bed.

She thought she would fall asleep quickly, but her nerves became unnecessarily sensitive.

The room was grand and splendid. But to her, it felt desolately empty, so she pulled the blanket up to her chin.

The kind and gentle Navia, the obedient Navia, the demure Navia - they all pointed fingers at her.

"Ungrateful wretch!"

Navia tightly shut her eyes and erased the thoughts.

I'm doing well.

I won't let anyone touch me.

No one...

She soon fell asleep.


[Black Moon (흑월)]

The sky was as black as if it had been drenched in ink.

Navia looked up at the sky as if she was compelled to do so.

She felt a strange gaze upon her.

A primal fear surged from within.

Navia felt as though she was being swallowed by something.

It was certain.

Something was watching her from above.

Suddenly, her right wrist throbbed painfully as if it was being branded with a hot iron.

Navia screamed.

But no sound came out of her mouth.

The surroundings twisted and contorted with the flow of time, taking on a grotesque shape.

The black sky also began to warp fiercely.

The gaze that had been watching her quickly searched around but was blocked by an unknown force.

The sky split open and a thin moon emerged.

Then, the gaze disappeared.

Navia breathed a sigh of relief.

Her wrist no longer hurt.

Strangely, she felt like the crescent moon was protecting her.

Exhausted, she raised her arm to check her wrist.

…Why can't I see it clearly?

Just as she furrowed her brow to get a better look.


Navia jolted awake.

Her heart pounded in her ears as if it had been startled.

Because of this, her head and entire body were engulfed in a terrible sense of unease.

Navia thought she was still under the black sky, but the sight that met her eyes was a lavish interior, causing her to furrow her brow again.

Where am I?

Why am I in this room?

Wasn't I just outside looking at the sky?

'…Calm down. Think calmly.'

Navia exhaled a deep breath while staring at the cold dawn light streaming through the window.

Slowly, reason returned.

Her entire body was soaked in cold sweat due to the terrifyingly vivid dream.

Still feeling the remnants of the gaze that had enveloped her, Navia shivered.

Was it the gaze of a merciless god?

'It must have been a nightmare caused by the pain.'

Navia shook off the strange feeling and got out of bed.

Seeing the new day dawning, she must have slept through the entire previous day.

Her body felt light, probably because of that.

'Thank goodness.'

Even though she had been through a fire accident, she couldn't miss classes. Nikan would never allow it.

'Even if that wasn't the reason, I have other things to do.'

Navia, lost in thought, unconsciously wiped the sweat from her forehead and then paused.

"…What's this?"

On her right wrist, where the excruciating pain had been in her dream, there was a strange pattern.

This was where the remaining number of returns used to be written.

It wasn't a new return.


"A crescent moon?"

The 'Black Moon', resembling the crescent moon that had emerged in the sky in her dream, was on her wrist.

The black crescent moon, marked on her thin, white wrist, felt like an ominous omen.

It seemed like she would be consumed by this black moon if she continued to gaze at it.

Navia carefully touched the moon with her left finger.

Nothing unusual happened.

She muttered to herself with a slight frown.

"It seems to have appeared because of the dream."

The gaze in the dream. And the moon in the sky.

What exactly are these? What is happening to me?

'And why, of all times, in this final life?'

The fact that the crescent moon had shielded her from some 'entity' that was trying to swallow her was certain.

Remembering the horrifying gaze that felt too real to be a dream, she shivered.

'Is it okay to feel relieved for now?'

"I don't like these unexpected variables."


Navia massaged her temples as if it was a headache.

If anyone saw a small child looking so weary of the world, they would be taken aback and probably laugh in disbelief.

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