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Chapter 143 Part 1 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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The Crown War (2)

As time passed, the battle between the 1st Prince faction and the 3rd Prince faction intensified in the Crown War.

Rockefeller received a letter from the Papal Court.

Upon reading the letter, a wide smile spread across Rockefeller's face.

'It's over.'

The most important position in the Church was the Pope, and the next most important position was the head of the Palace Secretary.

The letter he received today contained the news that Bishop Verkis had finally received the Pope's blessing and had ascended to the position of head of the Palace Secretary.

As Rockefeller smiled upon receiving the letter, his wife, who had been quietly watching him, spoke up.

"Is it good news?"

Rockefeller looked up at her, who was watching him with expectant eyes, and said,

"Finally, the fruit has borne. Bishop Verkis has ascended to the position of head of the Palace Secretary."


"Yes, really. It's written right here."

Rockefeller, who had gotten up from his seat, handed the letter he had been reading to his wife.

As she read the letter, she soon showed a relieved expression.

"I'm glad. I was worried just in case."

Rockefeller, who had anticipated this from the beginning, spoke confidently.

"I told you, didn't I? Money is everything, and the Church can't resist it."

"But there's always a chance, right?"

"There is. But not this time."

Rockefeller took the letter back from her and continued.

"Besides, I think the Church will move as I expected. The winds of change will blow. At least you won't have to worry about the things you're concerned about."

"I hope it turns out that way."

"But there's one problem."

Rockefeller had honestly struggled with this statement.

'It's supposed to happen, but it feels a bit wrong. But there's no need to feel guilty since it's already been decided.'

She expressed her curiosity.

"What's that?"

"The Pope remains the same."

In the case of the current Pope, Felix III, it was clear that he would not change his attitude towards the Ismail family until his death.

After all, he was the one who had branded the Ismail family as a heretical group.

"If the Pope remains the same, even if Bishop Verkis builds his own independent power, he cannot surpass the Pope's will."

She couldn't help but agree with that.

"That's true."

"So, I'm worried. Everything is going according to my plan, but this one thing depends on luck."

In the novel, Pope Felix III dies at the hands of an assassin sent by the Ismail family.

However, no one knew this fact other than the Ismail family.

People thought that the Pope had died of old age because his health was not good.

'That's how terrifying Ismail is. They assassinated the Pope without anyone knowing.'

Then his wife, who was the true master of Ismail, uttered a chilling statement.

"Do we need luck for a person's death?"

Rockefeller knew what she meant.

"Are you going to take care of it?"

"It's not impossible. Fortunately, I heard that the Pope's health is not good. If we use the deadly poison we have, people will think that the Pope died a natural death."


He wasn't particularly keen on the idea, but it was part of the original novel, and it was his wife's decision as well as Ismail's, so there was nothing Rockefeller could do to stop it.

'I don't feel like stopping it either. Since it would be good for us if it happened that way.'

If Rockefeller had been a devout believer, he might not have dared to do anything to harm the Pope.

However, Rockefeller did not believe in God.

'Honestly, I don't even know if I'll go to hell when I die. After all, death is death.'

"If it's your decision, then we'll have to do it that way. What power do I have to stop it?"

That was the last thing Rockefeller said about the Pope's assassination.

A few days after the master of Ismail decided to assassinate the Pope, news of the Pope's death spread, and the entire empire was plunged into sorrow.

The two princes, who had been engaged in fierce battles in the Crown War, temporarily ceased fire and mourned for the Pope, as they were aware of the Church's influence.

However, the peaceful time did not last long, and the two princes once again led their armies onto the battlefield, fighting even more fiercely.

Meanwhile, a new wind blew in the Church.

The assembly was hastily convened to elect a new Pope, and following the long-standing tradition of the Holy Order, Bishop Verkis, the Pope's secretary, became a candidate for the next Pope, competing with several other recommended church members for the position over several weeks.

However, no candidate could follow the already firmly established support base of Bishop Verkis, and church members, who were concerned about their deposit interest from the guild, silently affirmed Bishop Verkis with their silence even if they had opposing opinions.

Thus, Bishop Verkis was able to be elected as the new Pope, succeeding Felix III, in a different way than the original novel Rockefeller knew.

And Bishop Verkis took the name Francis II, following the name of the saint he admired the most.

Upon becoming Pope, the first thing Bishop Verkis did was send a letter to Rockefeller, informing him of his ascension.

As Rockefeller read the news in the letter, he clenched his fist and was intoxicated with a deep sense of victory for a moment.

'As I expected! I made it that way.'

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