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Chapter 147 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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'He gave up right after failing to forge Goblin Dollars.'

The scenario where the 3rd Prince surrendered did not exist before.

As far as Rockefeller could remember, the 3rd prince Calman was a more despicable person than he had thought.

He had forged the guild's loan certificate excessively, maintaining his army until he ultimately reached his limit and lost in the Crown War.

'Back then, I remember the 2nd prince mercilessly killed him, which is quite unexpected.'

Not leaving any princes who participated in the Crown War alive was to eliminate any future threats.

But Christian didn't kill Calman, perhaps because he needed the power of the Sinclair family for the new era that was to come?

Rockefeller thought so.

'There would be no need to keep him alive otherwise.'

Anyway, the princes from the three major families of the empire participated in the Crown War, and the winner, contrary to everyone's expectations, was the prince from the Ismail family, who was supported by the Chruch and the Lion Guild.

'Well, it's a good thing for me.'

In the first place, Rockefeller's family, the Rosmedichi, could only gain control over the empire's currency if the 2nd prince won.

Ordinarily, they wouldn't give it up, but he was already married to a woman from the Ismail family.

So there was no reason for the Ismail family not to give it up.

Rather, not giving it up would be a loss for them, so he was in a worry-free state.

'Maybe marrying Sylvia was a divine move in my life.'


She was from a prestigious imperial family and beautiful, but there was just one thing that bothered him.

"It seems we have won."

She appeared like a ghost without warning, which was creepy even though she was his wife.

"Didn't I clearly warn you not to appear behind me?"

"I'm sorry. It's already a habit, and it's not easy to change."

"Tell me honestly. You just didn't tell me, but you often quietly watch from behind, right?"

"I'll be really careful from now on."

"It's not about being careful, just never do that again. Sometimes it scares me. Do you think I'm a Swordmaster or something? I'm just an ordinary person. An ordinary person who just handles money."

"I'm sorry."

Rockefeller, who had been bickering with his wife for a while, handed her the letter he had received.

"It looks like the emperor's coronation ceremony will be held soon. And it seems he plans to take my younger sister as his bride, as promised."

Until now, the Rothsmedici family, which had been nothing, had become a very famous family in the empire, known to all the nobles.

Not only did they have close ties with the Church and the new Pope, but they were also the only family that supported the 2nd prince Christian Ismail, the winner of the Crown War, and their younger sister was chosen as the new emperor's empress, so their influence showed no signs of waning, even if they were a newly emerged noble family.

Some said that.

A new family that could rival the three great families in the history of the empire was born.

It was the 'Financial House of Rothsmedici'.


"What's there to congratulate? If I'm happy, you're happy, and if you're happy, I'm happy."

"Did you really not know that things would turn out like this?"

She threw her long-held curiosity at him.

Then he lied very cunningly.

"Of course I didn't know. I just thought it would happen, but how would I know?"

After finishing his words, he picked up a letter from Montefeltro territory among the letters in front of him.

'It's a bit early.'

Even if it was early.

The schedule was unchanged.

'Soon, they'll start moving.'

The dwarves had already moved their army, and later declared war on the empire.

It had been their land for a long time, but the empire had been illegally occupying it, they said.

So the dwarves, who had seized the initiative before the Gold Vein War, had won.

Before the empire could prepare, the dwarves moved their pre-positioned army and captured Montefeltro territory outright.

The famous Gold Vein War broke out due to the empire's counterattack after realizing the value of Montefeltro territory.

'Is the last thing left the Gold Vein War?'

The Goblin Dollar could be completed by the new emperor's accession and the transfer of all control over the imperial currency to the Rothsmedici family.

However, for the credibility of the Goblin Dollar to be maintained continuously, a sufficient amount of gold coins had to be backed up.

'An enormous amount of gold coins is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of the hegemony of the Goblin Dollar, not its completion. In that sense, Montefeltro territory is a land that cannot be given to anyone.'

Rockefeller's dream was not small.

He was just over twenty years old.

He could easily build his power in a country called the Empire, but the numerous other races and forces spread throughout the continent were not those he could deal with.

'In order to make all races, including the dwarves, elves, orcs, and goblins, kneel before me, the Goblin Dollar must have an eternal hegemony.'

All races except humans used their own unique currency.

Here, the race that stood out the most was the goblins.

They used a gold coin called Ducat, which had a high gold content, and exerted a strong influence throughout the continent.

The influence of the Goblin's gold coin, the Ducat, was so enormous that it became the common currency of the continent.

'Soon, the currency hegemony that the goblins have will come to me. And everyone, including the empire.'

Rockerfeller's grand dream.

He was neither a Swordmaster nor a great magician.

But he knew very well how to rule the world without being such a person.

'Eventually, the world will be ruled by finance, not by the throne.'

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