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Chapter 152 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Although it's not recent, I heard that there was such a case in the human empire. A human bank put a lord in debt and took over his territory."

Goldman's words were immediately reacted to by Morgan.

"Isn't that Montefeltro territory? That's what I heard."

"Ah, was that the place?"

"Yeah, that's what I know."

"That guy has good luck. To be able to take over such a golden land instead of the lord. Anyway."

The greedy light flickered in Goldman's eyes, trying to end the roundtable meeting.

"When the war breaks out, buy up all the bonds issued by the empire. That way, we can later exert influence against the empire."

* * *

Montefeltro territory.

The place where he was born and spent his childhood.

By the time Rockefeller returned there, he was already a married young man.

Inside the carriage heading to Montefeltro territory.

Rockefeller looked at the vast golden fields outside the window.

'Goldmine war...'

Rockefeller was determined to protect this territory, which would be the endless source of money for the Rothsmedici family in the future, by any means.

'In the end, the winner will be the empire, but... that's not the important part.'

Rockefeller knew all too well about the impure forces that were behind this war.

'The problem is the guys who will get a huge amount of national debt that the empire will produce in the war.'

Rockefeller knew exactly how the goblins would move in this goldmine war.

'War is always about money. And there are two ways to raise money in a country: national debt and plunder.'

But the empire was a bit distant from plunder.

Plunder was the exclusive property of orcs and some barbaric races, and in places like the empire, where the framework of the country was somewhat established, bonds were often issued by the country to make up for the lack of money.

In this case, the empire was the latter, issuing bonds.

'The lord here also failed like that. And so did the empire.'

The empire will win the war against the dwarves through issuing national debt, but due to the huge amount of bonds produced, it will eventually fall to become a puppet of the Goblin Bank.

And this was a predetermined future.

'It can't be like that. Does it make sense for humans to live while looking at such goblins?'

So, what Rockefeller was currently focusing on was not the victory of the Goldmine War, but protecting the empire from the Goblin Bank.

'First, I need to know the situation of the territory. And I have to involve the church forces differently from the novel.'

Upon arriving in Montefeltro territory, Rockefeller went straight to see the lord.

Seeing Rockefeller, who had returned after a long time, the lord's mood was not very pleasant.

On the other hand, Overseer Siron Mark, who was with him, treated him with much more respect than before.

"It's been a long time. I knew you would return to your hometown someday."

Unlike the naturally bowing Overseer, the lord was standing stiffly and throwing a sullen look at Rockefeller.

"Whatever position you are in the empire, don't think you'll be respected by me. If you do, I'll bite my tongue and commit suicide right here."

The lord was sincere, and Rockefeller could only laugh at that.

'Well, I wouldn't want to do that either.'

At the funeral of his father when he was young.

He had been a brazen man, discussing etiquette and status.

Anyway, Rockefeller said.

"It's been a long time, Lord."

"You look healthy. Well, you've lived well in Lyon, so your health must be good."

"Lord, you haven't changed a bit."

"I'm only half a lord anyway. What do you want from someone like me?"

"Ha ha, I don't expect you to treat me with respect either."

Rockefeller smiled and continued.

"Anyway, I have more than enough people to respect me in the empire."

"Heh, you speak well. Alright, you came at a good time. I roughly know why you came."

Lord Chester was not completely unaware of why Rockefeller had come to this remote land.

Although he was the lord of this place, the real owner of the territory was the Rothsmedici family.

The lord took out the gold ore he had and handed it to Rockefeller, saying,

"To be honest, I was just waiting for you to come here. I may be the lord here, but it's been hell every day since this came out. It's fortunate that you've been successful. If not, I might have had dozens of fights with others. Maybe it's already a mess."

Rockefeller carefully examined the gold ore handed to him by the lord.

It sparkled here and there.

"It's fortunate that I was successful, indeed."

"Weren't you the financial advisor to His Majesty? And what... was it a minister?"

"Yes, I am in a position to control all the currency of the empire."

"You've done well. If a peasant like you has been promoted to that level, it's really a bravo, isn't it?"

"More importantly, what about the movements outside the territory? Have there been any suspicious movements recently?"

For that question, the Overseer nearby answered.

"Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be the case. However, we, like the lord, are also uneasy. It feels like we have enemies all around us."

At that, Rockefeller nodded his head, understandingly, placing the gold ore on the lord's desk.

"I understand. I would feel the same way."

The lord asked Rockefeller.

"So, what are you going to do? It's your land anyway, so you'll do whatever you want."

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