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Chapter 153 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Both of you seem to be worrying too much for me. Still, I believe that I am so blessed because of God's will. Even though I doubted the existence of God itself, it seems like my work in the church had some meaning since things are going so well."

The lord said with a dismissive expression.

"So you poured so much money into it, and do you think Saint John would just sit still? If I were the Pope, I would have done something for you without even having Saint John step forward. I heard that you built the Lyon Cathedral as well?"

"Technically, it was an expansion. I provided all the money needed for that."

"If you have so much money, why don't you use it here? This place is so remote that people don't care, and it needs Saint John's teachings more than any other place."

Rockefeller's smile deepened.

"That's exactly why I came down here, to make this place my base. In the future, the Montefeltro territory will become as prosperous as Lyon or the Imperial Capital."

At that, the lord and the overseer were surprised.

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you just hear? It's exactly what I just said."

"So you're going to do something here?"

"Of course. First, as the lord wished, I plan to build a grand and magnificent cathedral here. Even though I don't know, if I build a cathedral that is just slightly inferior to the Vatican, the church will separate this place from the Lyon diocese and appoint it as a new diocese."

If that were possible, it was clear that the Montefeltro territory would change overnight.

The surprised lord asked for confirmation.

"Are you really going to do that?"

"Why would I lie for no reason?"

"Do you really need to go that far? This place is... a neglected frontier."

"The reason is clear. It's also where I was born. And..."

Behind the smile that Rockefeller was building, there was a hidden agenda.

"It's easier to receive the protection of the church if this land becomes a sanctuary. Who would dare to mess with a place where Saint John is? If there is such a person, then."

Rockefeller's words continued.

"They will have to face the stern judgment of the church. So, for that reason, I plan to build a very large cathedral here, and this will undoubtedly be a good thing for the lord and everyone else."

Even if he was only a half-hearted lord.

It was impossible not to be happy as a lord if such a thing happened in his territory.

'If we receive the protection of the church, it will certainly... greatly reduce our concerns about the defense of the territory.'

"I don't know about anything else. It seems like I really sent my daughter to a good marriage. If I had known this, I would have sent her to you instead of your younger brother."

At that, Rockefeller shook his head as if he was tired of the idea.

'Marriage is now disgusting. I already have three women tied to me or something like that.'

"That's not it. I wasn't even interested in the lord's daughter in the first place, and now I find women disgusting."

The lord was curious.

"Is there a problem?"

"I will soon have to bring two more women. How can I like women in this situation? They are both not in bad condition, but... somehow it's disgusting."

"Originally, men with good abilities get married several times. Would the other families just sit still when there's a young and capable man like you?"

As he spoke, the lord thought of the two other powerful families in the empire that could be considered real powerhouses.

'Wouldn't Tepez and Sinclair have shown interest in him?'

"Anyway, marriage is just a formality, so accept it quietly for your sake. Love? Do you think there is such a thing? Even if there is, that good feeling will disappear within three years. I guarantee that."

Rockefeller just let the lord's words pass by and got back on track.

'It feels like it'll disappear in a few months due to fighting over favoritism.'

"I've looked around enough, so let's go back now."

The lord asked Rockefeller about the answer he hadn't given earlier.

"Didn't you not answer a question I asked earlier? Building a cathedral here and receiving the protection of the church seems to be part of your plan. Do you have any other plans?"

"Of course. Receiving the protection of the church is a natural thing. We have to defend this place in our own way. Just as we prepared for the previous Totem War, we plan to expand the fortress to make it stronger, and also buy a large number of magic stone tanks from Lyon."

Money was indeed the best.

Seeing him push forward with something he couldn't have even imagined, the lord felt his power once again.

"Magic stone tanks... it's not just a small amount. Well, with your money, it's probably just pocket change."

"I have shares in that side, so I won't bring them at the usual price. I'll bring them at a discounted price."

"Well, that's that."

"I'll spend the money, so please look around for me, Lord. If there are good mercenary groups, don't hesitate to call them all. I mean, mobilize all the connections you know and don't know."

It would not just be a hole in the treasury, but the entire treasury itself would disappear.

"Can I really do that?"

At that question, Rockefeller was rather serious.

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

"No, but... do you need to be so anxious when there's no enemy yet?"

It was a matter of time before it exploded.

Rockefeller told him honestly, without any lies.

"I guarantee it. Dwarves will soon invade this land."


"You've been in this land for a long time, so you must know. This place used to be called Azrak Gold Mine, and it was a land that the dwarves abandoned."

"I've heard that story... but are the dwarves coming?"

Gold was irresistible to both humans and dwarves.

"Dwarves are all about two things."

Rockefeller continued the conversation.

"It's gold and beer."

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