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Chapter 156 Part 2 - The Founder of Great Financial Family

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"Hey, doesn't this situation smell like money?"

At Bob's words, Bell's shoulders slumped.

Whether it smelled like money or not, what could they do?

Even though he's already ruined.

"So what? I'm already going bankrupt, and I can't do anything about it."

"Really, did you lose everything?"

Bel tried to send Bob away, even waving his hand.

"I lost everything. What the hell was that investment in the trading ship?"

He threw a resentful gaze at Bob.

If only that guy hadn't succeeded in the trading ship investment.

His belief in never investing in stocks would have been maintained.

Feeling that gaze, Bob made a suggestion.

"Still, we're friends. Don't just waste time here drinking. Rather, let's try to make it big in the beer business together."

"Beer business?"

"Yeah, remember when the dwarves and orcs went to war, and some church made a fortune with the beer business?"

"What's that got to do with anything?"

"War doesn't end overnight. I'll invest in this, so let's work together and try the beer business once."

Then Bell waved his hand.

"No, you need a foundation to start a beer business. What are we going to do about the beer business now? Rather, go there and pick up a pickaxe. If gold ore comes out there, won't the mines open?"

At Bell's words, Bob burst into laughter.

"What mines! Are you a miner? You've been selling clothes all your life, and now you're saying this. Stop talking nonsense. If you go there, you'll run away in a few days."

"So what do you want?"

"Just do business with me. What's the point of just drinking?"


It was good to do business together, but he thought it wasn't right to suddenly start a beer business.

"Rather, like the guild leader's brother, why don't you buy some beer? You've made some money, so you must have some."

"Monopolize beer?"

"Yeah, that's better. We've never made beer in our lives, so now we're going to make and sell it. I would just go around like the guild leader's brother and buy beer."


Bob started to think positively, as it wasn't a bad idea.

"That's a good idea."

Then Bell had another thought.

"No, all the beer has already been taken."

Bel was smarter than Bob.

He was just unlucky.

"Rather, let's buy hops or barley instead. Don't you need that to make beer?"

"Buy hops or barley?"

"Yes, you need that to make beer."

"Oh, that's a good idea."

The two finally agreed and decided to monopolize hops and barley together.

"Is there a rule that says you have to fail twice if you fail once?"

At Bell's words, Bob had a terrible smile on his lips.

The feeling was very similar to when he was in the stock exchange and the price of the stocks he invested in suddenly soared.

"Yeah, I've messed up once, but I need to make a comeback this time. Let's do well this time."

"Of course, of course. We're not strangers, are we? At least we didn't share blood, but we're still good friends."

"Yes, that's right! Let's become rich like Sam now!"

"Good! Let's go!"

* * *

"Someone bought all the beer?"

Joshua, who had been buying up all the beer in the empire, couldn't help but be surprised at the unexpected news from a brewery.

There were people who had come before him and bought all the beer.

"Who are they?"

He thought there would be no one faster than him.

That was just Joshua's delusion.

"I don't know. There were two of them, and they looked like wealthy commoners, judging by the large wagon they were driving."

"Weren't they nobles?"

"Isn't that something nobles wouldn't do?"

"That's true."

"Ah, those people also bought hops and barley."

"They bought hops and barley too?"

"Yes, looking at the wagon, it was loaded with a lot. It seems they bought more hops and barley than beer."


It seemed that there were people who noticed his plan.

Still, he had already bought a considerable amount of beer, so he didn't feel too regretful.

'Well, I can give that much. Compared to the amount I've secured, it's just a drop in the bucket.'

"Okay, I see."

Then the brewery owner expressed doubt.

"But what's going on? They say it's so hard to get beer these days. Honestly, the current beer price is ridiculous. It's more expensive than wine in the world."

Due to Joshua and a few others buying up all the beer, it became as difficult to find beer in the empire as it was to pluck a star.

So, the price of beer soared sky-high.

"Is this even possible?"

Based on the very natural law of supply and demand.

Joshua thought it was a very natural phenomenon.

"There's no beer in the market, so it's possible."

"I never thought beer would be so expensive. Later, nobles might drink beer instead of wine. Speaking of which, lately, there have been nobles inquiring about beer."

It seemed that beer had become very precious, thanks to him.

"Noble tastes are high-end..."

To Joshua's eyes, it seemed quite possible that nobles would attach value to beer if it had some rarity, as the brewery owner said.

"But if they can't taste it easily, they might also give value to beer that they've never dealt with before."

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