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Chapter 14 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

 "Yes? Oh, yes."

"Your phone is not working."

Wow, the seven missed calls earlier were from these people.

But why? I don't know them.

"Yes, I had my phone in my bag. But who are you?"

The woman handed me a business card and said.

"I'm Lee Sooyoung, from the MG Electronics design team."

I took the card and looked up in surprise.

"MG Electronics?"

I asked, looking at the two women alternately.

Lee Sooyoung didn't answer my question, but said something to the foreign woman. But it didn't sound like English. Is that Italian? The foreign woman handed me her card and said.


Huh? Monica? Isn't that a snack name? Oh, that was Monaka, right?

"Mo, Monica? Your name?"

Monica nods her head. Wow, it's like a goddess is speaking to me. Just exchanging names makes me feel good. Monica, seeing my easel and drawing paper as I sit in the alley, asks Lee Soo-young something.

Then Lee Soo-young says,

"She heard that you draw portraits. She's asking if that's what you are doing now."

"Huh? How did you know I draw portraits?"

"I couldn't reach you by phone, so I went to your house. You weren't there, so I asked your landlord, and she said you'd be in Ikseon-dong drawing portraits at this time."

Ah, the landlady.

That explains why they know so much about me.

But Ikseon-dong is so big. Did they really search all over to find me?

"Yes, I'm drawing portraits right now."

Upon conveying my response, Monica sits down to be the portrait model. Lee Soo-young says,

"She would like one drawn."

"Um, I charge for these portraits."

"We will pay."

Hmm, they went to such lengths to find me.

It feels a bit wrong to take money since it's my fault for not answering the phone.

As I prepare to draw the portrait and observe Monica's face, I ask Lee Soo-young,

"What brings you here?"

I wonder why they came looking for me, especially after I failed the MG Electronics competition.

Lee Soo-young relays the question to Monica, then tells me,

"She asks that you spare some time after you finish the portrait."

"Time? But I need to work."

Lee Soo-young communicates again with Monica, who then pulls out her wallet and offers money.

"200,000 won. It should cover a day's work for you."


200,000 won for a portrait.

That's more than I've ever earned in a day in Ikseon-dong.

But should I take it?

As I stared blankly at the money, Lee Soo-young placed it on my thigh.

"It's okay, take it. Let's talk more after you finish the portrait."

What's going on?


Shortly after, at a traditional teahouse in Ikseon-dong.

I sat dumbfounded in the expensive cafe I always passed by but never dared to enter. Monica, sitting opposite me, examined the portrait I had drawn. Such a beautiful person.

Monica, pouting her lips, says,

"Non sono molto bravo a disegnare ritratti."

[T/N: Not so good at drawing portraits]

What is she saying? I looked at Lee Soo-young, but she doesn’t translate and instead gets to the point.

"I've seen the picture you submitted to the MG Electronics competition. Monica is our senior designer, invited from abroad."

"Ah, yes."

I'm curious about what she said earlier. It was about my painting, after all.

"Sorry to interrupt, but what did she say about my painting just now?"


Lee Soo-young hesitates to respond, probably not good news.

I wave my hand, not wanting to be hurt.

"No, never mind. Please continue."

Her face is so pretty, yet she's so direct. Even if I don't understand, it's harsh to say it to someone's face. Well, Westerners are generally direct and honest. I'll chalk it up to cultural differences.

Lee Soo-young rummages through her briefcase and places a single-page contract on the table.

"We came to ask if you're interested in signing a freelance contract with MG Electronics."


Is this a dream? Did Lee Sooyoung just say a freelance contract with MG?

I was so surprised that I couldn't even look at the document and froze.

Monica looked at her phone and the portrait I drew for her, and tilted her head. Then she asked Lee Sooyoung something.

Lee Sooyoung asked me instead of translating.

"She's asking if you really drew the picture you submitted to the contest."

I felt a sting inside.

It's a picture drawn by Alphonse Mucha. She has sharp eyes.

She noticed that the touch of the portrait and the style of the contest picture are completely different. Even if you draw different styles of pictures, an artist leaves their own color, but I used someone else's picture, so it would show to an expert.

But I have no choice but to lie now.

If I say Alphonse Mucha drew it, she might think I'm weird.

"Yes, I did."

Monica listened to Lee Sooyoung's translation and stared at the picture again, then compared it with her phone and said something.

Then Lee Sooyoung said.

"Please read the contract and sign it if you want to make a deal."

Oh, there's a contract in front of me.

What are you hesitating for, sign it before they change their mind.

But I have to check it. I've heard stories of seniors who ruined their lives by signing a wrong contract.

I tried to read the contract carefully, but I widened my eyes when I saw the amount written in the middle.

"Th, th, the contract fee is fi, five···?"

In my astonished gaze, I see a goddess smiling with a radiant glow behind her. She's not just a goddess; she's the goddess of money.

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