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Chapter 7 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

What kind of design would be good?

I imagined a refrigerator in my mind.

What if there were plum branches across the refrigerator and a few flowers blooming? Wow, that would be so pretty.

Whether they are newlyweds or not, the ones who have the decision-making power when buying a refrigerator are usually housewives. Husbands usually just whine that it's expensive. In the end, to sell well, the refrigerator has to satisfy the aesthetic needs of housewives.

The conclusion is clear.

A design that women would be satisfied with is needed.

"What women like."

The first thing that comes to mind is flowers. Of course, there are also luxury goods, but I can't draw a luxury bag on the refrigerator door.

"Flowers, flowers."

There are hundreds of kinds of flowers.

And others will have similar thoughts to me.

Then I need to draw a rare flower to stand out in the contest. I can never get attention by being the same as others.

Hmm, how about cats? Don't women like cats?

I was habitually resting my chin and thinking, and I realized that I had been thinking for over two hours.

"Ah, I have to go to work."

Drawing portraits is my livelihood.

The contest is important, but if I don't work now, I might starve tomorrow night, let alone today. Well, it doesn't matter. I have plenty of time to think while going to and from work, and it's not like I don't have time to think because the customers who come to draw portraits are bustling.

I can think whenever I have time while working.

I boiled water for ramen and opened the electric rice cooker to see that the rice I made three days ago was hardened and yellow. I tasted one grain and it felt crunchy, but it seemed edible.

It's still cold, so if I don't eat enough rice and go out, my hands will shake and I can't draw, so I have to eat enough.

I quickly ate a bowl of rice with ramen, kimchi, and hurriedly packed my tools and headed to Ikseon-dong.

I arrived at the workplace and discreetly set up my place in front of someone else's house and laid out my drawing tools, but today there were unusually no customers.

It's already eight in the evening, but I've only had one customer so far. Is it because today is Sunday? People who have to go to work tomorrow usually go home early on Sundays.

That's why I usually finish work around 8 o'clock on Sundays, but today I can't go. I can't live on 25,000 won a day.

Fortunately, as I was leaving, a man who was going into the house where I was, asked me to draw his daughter. I thought I was going to be kicked out when he went into the house, but it was lucky.

I barely made 50,000 won and went home.

I was worried about not making money, but I had a lot of time to think about the contest thanks to the leisure. But it wasn't enough.

"These days, the global trend is Korean. Maybe I should go with a traditional flower?"

Since ancient times, famous Korean painters have often painted flower and bird paintings.

As the name suggests, paintings with flowers and birds. There are many wildflowers in traditional paintings that we don't usually see.

"How about the jade chrysanthemum that appeared in Sim Sa-jeong's Flower and Bird Album?"

The chrysanthemum drawn by Shin Yun-bok in Hyewon's Flower and Bird Album is also good. But the most frequently drawn in history is the pine flower.

What flower is there on a pine tree?

It doesn't look like a flower and looks like a pine cone, but there are definitely flowers on a pine tree. Painters in the late Joseon period painted a lot of pine flower paintings. The problem is that people who see them don't know that they are pine flowers.

'Hmm, pine flowers are definitely not a common subject in modern times.'

I was walking along the familiar alley, repeating my thoughts, and stopped in front of the art gallery I visited yesterday. I smiled at the sign and recalled the pleasant dream I had here yesterday.

The art gallery where you can enter for 5,000 won as an opening event.

I'm a little hesitant. I feel like I didn't see it properly yesterday because I was sleeping, and I feel like it would help me to come up with a picture for the contest because I have a good memory, but today my pocket is too light.

It's only 5,000 won, but from my point of view, I have to spend 1/10 of the money I made today to get in.

Reason tells me to go home and work, but emotion whispers to me that I can get inspiration if I go in again. To be honest, I want to have that pleasant dream again.

I searched my pocket and took out the money I made today and looked down, but eventually I bit my lip.

"That's right, it's an investment. It's an investment, this is."

If I can make 10 million won with 5,000 won, it's obvious that investing is the right thing to do. I deluded myself that it was natural to win the grand prize and get the prize money, and walked into the art gallery.

The art gallery where no one is seen today either.

I bought a ticket and went down to the basement as usual, and I heard the sound of Dvořák's music again. I guess I didn't catch the program start time again.

I opened the door and entered, and the fantastic space I saw yesterday was still there. And I'm still the only customer.

"Doesn't this mean they'll disappear soon if they don't do business?"

I don't like it when people swarm to my favorite restaurant, but I'm also afraid that they'll disappear if they don't do business well. It seems that everyone has this contradictory thought. I went to the central rock sofa where I sat yesterday, put down my luggage and sat down.

The pictures of Mucha that fill every space I can see.

And the majestic orchestral music of Dvořák that fills my brain with richness.

I seem to like this place very much. I'm already happy just by stepping in.

The paintings of Mucha that fill every space I can see.

And the majestic orchestral music of Dvořák that fills my brain with richness.

I seem to like this place very much. I'm already happy just by stepping in.

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