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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 177

 Third Light (5)

The 13 dragons that were said to have existed since the beginning.

Around the time the continent stabilized, they appeared and tried to divide and rule the continent into 13 parts.

However, humans had the power to overcome adversity, and 4 of them met their end at the hands of humans.

Since then, dragons have been called the rulers of the old world.

It was thought that it was impossible to face them.

But the green dragon, who introduced himself as Astrophe, appeared.

As if that wasn't enough, he asked for protection from humans.

The wizards of the tower granted his request and hid him.

The location was underground beneath the Silence Tower.

The reason for choosing that place was simple.

It wouldn't be strange even if a lot of mana was suddenly used because they were conducting “Project: Sunflower”.

It was most suitable to decide whether Helios' magic would work on a being that was once a disaster, and if not, how to formulate countermeasures.

It was Reed who suggested it, and everyone agreed with the idea, so there was no conflict of opinions.  (T/N: Bringing someone who is a disaster’s target to his home, so much for Rosaria love)

The wizards of the tower used all the magic they had to create a large space completely isolated from the outside.

It took only 8 hours.

It wasn't difficult for the 13 leaders of the tower to create a super-large sealed room.

The next thing to do was to supplement the manpower to study the dragon.

It was a worrying part, but it went smoother than expected.

'Applicants are overflowing.'

Among those who received the proposal, not a single person refused.

Seeing the dragon with their own eyes was a research worth the risk for the wizards who thirsted for knowledge.

Would they even work as a janitor if they fail?

A wizard in the empire's robe cautiously stood in front of Astrophe.

"Um, excuse me..."


"I'm thinking of drawing blood..."

-Ah, I apologize, mortal.

Astrophe turned his arm outward to show the scale-less part, and the blood collection was carried out.

Despite being the easiest task, all the wizards participating in the blood collection were soaked in cold sweat.

'I want to get out of here quickly.'

'Does it feel like the urge to survive is penetrating even through magic resistance?'

The wizards involved in the research of Astrophe were all wearing artifacts that resist mental attacks.

That's because it was difficult to look at Astrophe with the naked eye otherwise.

Even with a resistance of over 50%, they couldn't make eye contact with Astrophe, and if he stared at a human, that person would faint immediately.

Being a being that was no different from mental magic just by its existence, it was quite a challenge for even wizards obsessed with research to approach it.

'I'm lucky to have a complete immunity artifact.'

Reed fiddled with the bracelet on his right arm.

It was a gift from Dolores who heard about the current situation.

She asked the university professors and had it made in just one day.

'It's amazing how she has those professors wrapped around her finger.'

With the dean's favor, the professors also had no choice but to be fond of her.

Although he was in a completely immune state, he couldn't block the tension rising from within his heart.

As Reed walked up to him, Astrophe, sensing his presence, opened his eyes and looked at Reed.

-You must be Reed Adeleheights Roton, the master of the Silence Tower.

"Yes, proud one."

-It's embarrassing to be called by such a title even when you see me in this state.

Astrophe chuckled.

Reed looked at Astrophe with serious eyes.

'This is a real dragon...'

Occasionally, dragons appeared as dungeon boss monsters, but they were all children of the originals.

Unlike the immortal dragons, they age and become no different from other creatures that decline as they pass their prime.

'But this dragon lives forever.'


The truth that the great and emperors who adorned a page in history sought.

But it was a concept that remained only as a legend because no one could possess it.

'There will undoubtedly be those who are after that among the people who participated in this research.'

-Don't worry, young tower master. No one will reach our immortality.

Reed was taken aback.

He wondered if it had leaked out of his mouth, but his lips didn't move at all.

'You're reading my thoughts.'

-It's one of my insignificant abilities. I can see through the hearts of humans. This ability will be known only to you for now.

Reed looked around.

He checked that everyone was absorbed in their research and then asked.

'Since you're reading my thoughts, I'll tell you. I don't trust you.'

-Even though I put my name on the line, it seems that my sincerity doesn't get through to humans. Since it's come to this, let me tell you one thing. I hate you so much that I want to kill you.

It wasn't surprising, perhaps because it was such an unfiltered truth.

'I'd like to hear the reason.'

-Because you are the greatest enemy of our master. Our plans were ruined because you changed fate.

'You must be very angry.'

-Anger? It's a natural emotion. If someone like a thief secretly touches my stuff and I don't get angry, wouldn't that be strange? But don't worry. I won't do anything stupid enough to ruin your plans.

Astrophe curled his tail and made his whole body round.

It was a gesture that he would not move at all.

-By the way, there is a half-dragon with dragon blood in your tower, right?


-Is that child not coming here?

Reed narrowed his eyebrows and showed an unpleasant expression.

'If the child wants to, I can send her down, but she probably won't want to meet you.'

-Why is that?

'Because she said she doesn't want to do anything that might threaten us even a little.'

-It seems that something happened.

Astrophe didn't ask any more about Phoebe.

-It would be a shame if I couldn't meet her... but it seems that I won't have to feel that regret.

'What do you mean?'

The answer to that question was the sound of someone running from behind.



A dragging voice chased a naive voice.

As Reed turned his head, he was taken aback.

Rosaria and Phoebe had entered.

'What is this...'

-Isn't the god of fate really mean? It doesn't follow as you think.

Astrophe's mocking voice echoed in his head.

He wanted to grind his teeth, but Reed greeted her with a smile.

"How did you get in here? You didn't break the barrier again, did you?"

"No! I snuck in when another wizard entered!"

Reed was surprised that she could get in that way, even though she was small.

Reed looked up at Phoebe.

"Why didn't you catch her and come late?"

"There were too many people... and they said we had to go through all the verification procedures, so I was a bit late."

The entry process was made cumbersome as it was top-secret information throughout the entire continent.

'Ignore that when the child sneaks in.'

Reed didn't mention that anymore.

He also took measures so that the master of the Silence Tower couldn't enter without going through that cumbersome process.

-You must be Rosaria Adeleheights Roton, the daughter of the master of the Silent Tower?

"Yes, that's right!"

-And you must be the daughter of Astheria, Phoebe Astheria Roton.

"Yes, that's correct."

Rosaria nodded, staring into Astrophe's eyes.

While Phoebe was avoiding his eyes uneasily, Rosaria stared at his large eyes as if nothing was wrong.

The wizards who were watching this began to whisper.

"Is she really the daughter of the Silent Tower Master?"

"It seems that the genius with the Eternal Hole doesn't care about dragons either."

"She's a scary prodigy...!"

The wizards began to evaluate Rosaria, making various speculations.

While they exaggerated and inflated, Reed saw it differently.

'She just looks like a fearless kid...'

An immature girl who loves fairy tales and adventures.

She still seemed like a child who hadn't yet left her father's side.

"A dragon...!"

For Rosaria, who couldn't see a real dragon, it was one of the few opportunities to satisfy her curiosity.

Astrophe didn't look at Rosaria but stared clearly at Phoebe.

-I wanted to see you once, a child who inherited the blood of my friend.

"Are, are you talking to me?"

Phoebe looked around in confusion, but there was no one else.

-Who else would there be in here who inherited the blood of a dragon?

"That's right..."

-It brings back old memories. That guy never knew when to stop when he started fighting. I said that one day that trait would catch up to him, and in the end...

He snorted.

-He died at the hands of the humans he despised.

"I'm, I'm sorry..."

Reed was surprised, but when Phoebe bowed her head and apologized, Astrophe stared at her quietly.

-As I thought... I'm glad I got to see you.

He sounded satisfied.

-I'd like to have a little chat.

"A chat?"

-A personal conversation. It's not something good for too many people to hear.

Astrophe's eyes turned to Reed.

-The master of the Silence Tower should probably listen to this too.

"Do you mean me?"

-Having you here will make the decision-making process faster after listening to this story.

Reed couldn't understand what he meant.

However, he didn't know what Astrophe was going to talk to Phoebe about, and if there was a need to listen, there was no reason to refuse.

Reed sent Rosaria back for a moment.

A private space was created as the white space expanded around Astrophe.

When Astrophe confirmed that it was completely sealed, he started with a rather serious tone.

-It would be best to listen to my words. This moment may never come again.

"What do you mean by 'never come again'?"

-I will die. Right here in this place.

The one who reacted to that was Reed.

"You're going to die even though we hid you and helped you?"

-It's not a matter of success or failure. It's a matter of cause and effect. The moment my other brothers faced death, I must also meet my end. It's a predetermined event. Even if you create a perfectly sealed space, that fate is still watching me. I will undoubtedly become one with my brothers.

"Did you ask for this space to be created just to buy time?"

-It's about doing what I can to correct a misguided situation. To the best of my ability.

They didn't ask any more about that issue and moved on to the main point.

"So, what is the story you want to tell?"

-The origin of the dragon cannot be killed. No matter what you humans create, it's the power of the gods, and it cannot be stopped. The only ones who can reach the origin of the dragon are the dragons themselves, and by eliminating the one who possesses that origin, they become a new vessel.

"What does it mean to become a vessel...?"

-It means literally having the power to control dragons. You will break free from the human shackles and become immortal.

Phoebe wasn't the brightest, but what she heard didn't sound pleasant.

She wondered if she was misunderstanding something.

"That means..."

Phoebe asked if her guess was correct.

"Are you saying... I will become a dragon?"

Astrophe answered her question.

-Yes, you will completely break away from being human.

Not a half-dragon, but a dragon.

One side will disappear, and only one side will remain.

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