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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 181

 Third Light (9)

The nobles looked at each other and moved on.

They thought it would be better to find answers from the church rather than staying in the Silence Tower, where there was no solution.

Together with Isel, they received guidance from the Holy Knights who had moved in large numbers and began to pack up the tents and leave one by one.

"Thank you for coming on time."

"You're welcome. Isn't this something we're doing for each other's benefit?"

Isel's lips curved like a crescent moon.

The reason Isel came here was to help drive away the nobles who set up tents and requested protection.

As expected, the secret could be less leaked with the tolerance of the Althea Church.

"Recently, the western and southern churches have been disappointing, so it's a great pleasure for them to come to me like this. It's truly a revelation from Lord Althea."

"Is this situation a trial of Alte?"

"This is just a disaster. We are just con artists who package it and deceive people."

Reed let out a hollow laugh.

It was truly ironic that she, the second-in-command of the Althea Church, openly called herself a con artist.

"Does the Althea Church have any measures?"

"How could we? We are also in a difficult situation because we don't have a proper solution."

Isel sighed.

"In the end, it's up to humans to solve this matter."

"Yet you shamelessly say to rely on God."

"Of course. They are pitiful people who can't get up again if they have nowhere to lean on. Even if it's a lie, we have to create a place for them to lean on. "

"It sounds nice, but in the end, it's just a scam, right?"

Instead of answering, Ishel showed a smile.

"It seems like the end is approaching."

"The end?"

"The end of the long and difficult journey that surrounds you, the Tower Master."


Seven Disasters.

Four of them had been reversed, and now three remained.

"What do you plan to do?"

"I don't know."

"It's always good to keep the end in mind. If the ending is sloppy, you won't be able to hear a good story."

For a while, the he wondered why she was trying to teach him, but then he realized that their minds were no different from those of elderly people over 100 years old.

'It feels like grandmothers worrying about their grandchildren.'

"Did you just have some reckless thoughts?"

Isel sharply questioned.

Reed reflexively shook his head.

"How could I?"

"Why are you suddenly using honorifics?"

"It slipped out."

The atmosphere felt like a murder might happen if he were caught in the act any further.

Reed cleared his throat to smooth things over.

"Anyway, I'll make sure to wrap things up on my own. Don't worry."

"Hehe, it seems I've interfered too much. I'm sorry, Tower Master."

Isel chuckled and looked outside after putting down her teacup.

The blue sky and the green landscape spread out beneath it.

There was a place that was dyed black as if a barrier had been set up.

It was the smoke that rose, burning everything that existed indiscriminately.

"I hope this situation is resolved as soon as possible."

* * *

* * *

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Research on the dragon's weaknesses was ongoing, but no significant results were seen yet.

It was a desperate situation, with more understated parts than the exaggerated ones in the legend.

The only thing that worked was Helios' magic.

However, it also had the disadvantage that if it was not a high-grade magic stone, the railgun could be reflected and cause danger to allies.

All they could do was pray as much as possible for good news to reach them.

"Astrope wants to see you, Tower Master."

A staff member in charge of the magicians' meals relayed the message to Reed.

Reed hadn't visited Astrope since hearing the story with Phoebe.

He didn't think of visiting unless it was important, as it seemed that confusion would only deepen rather than help.

'It's the first time he's looking for me first.'

It wouldn't be just for a casual conversation.

That's why he went down to the basement and responded to his call.

"What did you call me for?"

At that question, the mana detection stones around Astrope began to react.

It was an item the magicians had installed after she had arbitrarily cast sleep magic and put all the magicians to sleep.

-Don't worry. I'm just creating a space for a private conversation.

He spoke softly, looking at the wary magicians, but their vigilance didn't fade.

A white curtain completely enveloped Astrope and Reed, creating a space for just the two of them.

"What is the reason you called me?"

-It seems like it's time to prepare for war.

Reed thought for a moment that he had misheard.

"Right now?"

-There's not much time left. There's a deadline that you humans can stop with your plans.

It was a startling situation for Reed, as he had been quiet and suddenly asked him to prepare for war.

"Why do you say we should prepare for war when there doesn't seem to be any misunderstanding about you being discovered?"

-The time of destiny is approaching. The moment he finishes his game, the Tower Master of Silence, neither you nor the tower reaching up to the sky will be safe.

Come to think of it, it was strange.

Reed was the one who made Phoebe that way and dealt the most damage to his arm.

He didn't do anything to Reed, who should have been the target of his deepest resentment.

'He's trying to resolve everything that has built up from his past.'

Knowing that Roderick was going back in time from the past, Reed knew his movements.

'Why is he doing that?'

-The reason is simple. He intends to vent all his personal emotions before completely abandoning them. If even the feeling of revenge disappears, he will think it's empty.

'I forgot that you read minds.'

It wasn't pleasant, but at least one concern was resolved after hearing the reason.

"So, he'll try to eliminate me, his last resentment, soon."

-That's right.

"But we haven't finished analyzing the weaknesses yet, and the development of weapons hasn't been completed either..."

It was extremely daunting.

They couldn't even properly deal with ordinary dragons, let alone their king, who secured the essence of all remaining dragons.

-Get rid of complacency. Fate is not always on the side of those who are prepared. Even if you are fully prepared, if you miss the right time, it will be useless.


There were only two months left.

The research rate was barely half done.

It was inevitable to be at a loss in such a situation where they had to prepare for war.

Should they take the risk and increase the completion rate?

Or should they prepare as it is?

It was a situation where a decision had to be made.

'I can see what decision paralysis feels like.'

Neither side could be chosen.

Not right now.

"I can't make this decision alone, so I'll discuss it and make a decision."

Astrope nodded his head.

Then the white curtain disappeared, and the space for the two of them was gone.

After finishing his business, Reed went up from the basement and immediately contacted Helios.

-What's the matter?

"This is the current situation."

Reed explained the situation to Helios.

His response was as follows.

-What would happen if we use it now?

"I can't guarantee its stability. In the worst case, there is a risk of the Sky Chamber Tower collapsing."

-Is that so?

Reed told the truth without exaggeration. There was no reason to lie when thinking about what was coming.

Helios showed the same reaction after hearing Reed's story.

-You are the person in charge of this project, so we will follow your opinion.

"My judgment is that the Sky Chamber Tower may be in danger."

-I will take all responsibility. You just make the judgment. You are the one making the weapons. This is a problem that the maker must decide.

In the end, it was a situation where he, who had authority over all development, had to choose.

Reed was able to finally come to a conclusion after careful consideration.

"We will prepare for war."


The conversation with Helios ended.

With no more reason to delay, Reed sent messages to all the places that were cooperating.

The time had come to face the disaster.

* * *

The final line of defense was the capital of the empire.

It was the best place to gain a strategic advantage because it had the most robust defense magic circle and fortresses built in preparation for the disaster.

The soldiers of each kingdom took their places inside the fortress, waving their national flags.

Nearly 100,000 elite soldiers gathered.

They came together to dig traps, inspect weapons such as ballistae, and the military leaders gathered to share strategies and inspect the locations where the dragons would attack.

"Our defensive magic is stronger than anyone else's."

"Well, isn't that something we'll have to see?"

"They say you can only see as much as you know. Stuck in a narrow tower, don't you not even know the outside situation?"

The magicians of the empire's workshop, the magicians of the tower, and the magicians of the order were fighting a three-way battle, each keeping the others in check.

In the tense atmosphere, the chief magician of the empire laughed and mediated between them.

"Now, now, everyone, step back. How can we show such animosity on a day like this?"

The chief magician's intervention ended the immediate psychological warfare, but they knew it was only a matter of time before the fire was rekindled.

It was only natural.

"With the tower and the workshop, and even the order joining together, it's inevitable that control will be difficult."

Reed went to the side of the chief magician and spoke to him.

The chief magician laughed as if he didn't care.

"But how happy is it that such a moment has come when we have to join forces?"

"Is this a happy occasion?"

"Isn't it a sign that the future of humanity is still bright if we can come together to help each other as individuals?"

"There are other races as well."

Reed grinned and looked in one direction.

Among the soldiers carrying equipment, there were bulky orcs.

They were also participating in this war from the Barchan Alliance.

Although they were barbarians, there were few who could match the orcs in terms of strength, so they were an important force.

"Yes, with the orcs together, it's truly... a strange event."

At first, he thought he might hate orcs, but it was far from that kind of prejudice.

"Sometimes, I tell you. When unexpected things happen, I get scared. As I've grown older, it's not easy to accept these things."

The chief magician shook his head and looked up at Reed.

"I've heard you're making a terrifying weapon with Helios to drop from the sky, is it okay to be down here?"

"I'll go back up. We need to raise the completion level until the very end."

Kaitlyn and the elite magicians were working on the weapons as they were deployed.

The reason Reed came down was not just to see how the work was progressing below.

Tower Master of Gag, Emperor of the Empire, Pope of Althea, Tower Master of Silence.

He needed to obtain two of the four separated approvals.

The first to visit was the Emperor of the Empire.

"What do you need me to do, Tower Master of Silence?"

"I will get the consent of both of you before the war breaks out. That is, as soon as our weapons are ready, we can use them immediately."

"I understand."

They let a drop of blood from their finger fall onto the ring.

The grayish-purple ring turned bright red.

Finally, they whispered ten words very softly to the ring.

The red-stained ring turned golden and began to glow.

The ability of the ring was fully activated.

After obtaining the same approval code from Pope of Alte, Reed collected the two rings.

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