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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 183

 Third Light (11)

Card acquired!

The beam of light aiming for Roderick's mouth hit the white scales and flew into the air.

It was a large railgun that used advanced magic stones as ammunition, which had been the only thing that worked when they had experimented by removing a whole piece of Astrophe’s scales.

Roderick's scales couldn't be penetrated, and the beam bounced off into the air.

The magicians who had been waiting for the perfect moment with their presence concealed were taken by surprise.

"The concealment was perfect, wasn't it?"

"How did he notice!?"

The spot they had chosen was a blind spot that Roderick couldn't see.

It was the only place to launch a surprise attack that could strike before the battle began.

They had one mission.

Just once.

To deliver a fatal blow by piercing his vulnerability.

They held their breath and waited for Roderick to open his mouth.

The sniping had been perfect.

He hadn't noticed at all, their camouflage was perfect, and even the double camouflage they had set up just in case was perfect.

But he dodged the attack before it even came.

As if he had seen a glimpse of the future, even for a short moment.

"The sniping failed. We need to move...."

In the middle of reporting, the man's body froze.

Through a very narrow gap between the camouflage and the bushes.

He was staring down at them.

-There was a fly.

He turned his snout towards the direction of the sniping point.

A half-completed magic spell was fired.

Two thin beams of light came from the large snout.

They pierced through the railgun snipers' bodies accurately.


A bright red explosion completely covered the fortress.

The explosion was big enough to destroy the fortress just by its size.

The red explosion scattered in the sky, and the fortress revealed itself intact.

The structure had been designed to withstand even a meteorite falling, and the reinforced magic barrier made it sturdy.

"Fire the ballistae! Block the dragon's movement!"

The ballistae inside the fortress were simultaneously loaded and fired with a rough sound, shooting iron bolts.

The ballistae that tore through Roderick's large wings spread out the wedge and completely fixed the wings downward.

He tried to shake off the dozens of ballistae with iron chains attached to their ends.

He pushed with all his might, but they didn't budge at all.

It was as if they were firmly connected to the fortress, not budging at all.

Roderick, infuriated, shouted.

-I don't need to rely on wings or anything like that! From today on, the era of you humans will come to an end!

Roderick charged and collided with the soldiers in the front line.


With a sound like a massive bomb had fallen, dust scattered.

Although there was a clear difference in size, they didn't get thrown away or fall like dead leaves in the wind.

Strengthening magic, their trained bodies, and mental strength resisted the weight and claws.

"Hold on! We must not fall!"

"Let's cut off his legs! We can't die in vain, even if we have to sacrifice!"

"History will remember us!"

The knights boosted their morale, which was about to break, and moved forward.

The orcs at the forefront did their job well.

"Let's go, brothers!"


With a resounding roar matching the dragon's, they charged, raising their spirits.

* * *

Tower of the Sky Chamber.


The delayed explosion sound came up with the vibration.

The magicians working on the outermost part of the Tower of the Sky Chamber felt it most clearly.

"The battle must be going on down there, right?"

"It must be."

The situation was obscured by clouds, and they couldn't see what was happening below.

They had no choice but to wait for the reports from the magicians monitoring the situation in the control room.


Reed shouted at the people who were taking a break while hitting a steel frame with a wrench.

"Focus on your work! Remember that the reason they are stalling for time is for your sake."

"Sorry, sorry!"

Reed spoke more sharply than usual.

As he said, the reason people had gathered was to buy time.

They were constantly improving the unstable output, accuracy, and aftermath to keep it from being fatal.

There wasn't enough manpower, so Reed was also helping with odd jobs.

'This is the final battle.'

Reed looked up at the creation he had made.

A bizarre statue with the busts of three men and only the right arm.

Spacing them at regular intervals around the circumference and pointing the right arm toward the center, it felt like creating a mythical building.

What it was holding was a giant spear-shaped railgun.

The name was <Longinus>.

A weapon created in anticipation of a great disaster, a spear that was said to have killed a god.

'It has to work.'

Tens of thousands of people will die.

His shoulders were weighed down with as many lives as those tens of thousands.

* * *

* * *

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Meanwhile, in the basement of the Tower of the Sky Chamber.

All the magicians had participated in the battle, leaving Astrophe alone in the isolation space where he was confined.

Astrophe lay down with her eyes closed, seemingly accustomed to the confinement.

At that moment, when she was about to fall asleep, she felt someone enter.

Astrophe didn't react because she knew who it was.

"All the magician uncles are gone?"

"They all went outside. It's just us in here, you know?"

"So, can I play with magic?"

"Um... I don't think that's a good idea..."

It was a situation where they had to hide Rosaria.

-It's been quiet for a while, but now a noisy guest has arrived.

"Who's a noisy guest? Phoebe is quiet."


Phoebe made a troubled face.

Astrophe snorted and smiled.

-A cheeky girl. So, what brings you here?

"Phoebe said let's go on a picnic! This place is big and full of interesting things, so let's come here."

-I see.

Astrophe rolled her eyes and looked at Phoebe.

'The war has begun.'

A gloomy voice rang out, contrasting with the smile she wore.

Astrophe understood the situation and nodded.

"Everyone who was here is gone, so were you alone, uncle?"

-That's right.

"Then Uncle Dragon must be very lonely, right?"

-Lonely? Are you talking about me?

Astrophe blinked her eyes and asked.

"There's no one to talk to. It seems like it would be no fun to be alone in such a big place."

-Is that so?

Contrary to Rosaria's words, the dragon was far from the feeling of loneliness.

Astrophe had been hiding in a deep dungeon for hundreds of years.

There was no way she would feel lonely from something like this.

Rosaria spoke while hitting her chest.

"Don't worry, Uncle Dragon. In the absence of people, Rosaria will make sure you don't feel lonely!"

-It seems like you'll be bothering me, can I refuse?

"I can make it fun without being a bother! I've come up with a fun trick with me and the Meowmeow! Right!"


Meowmeow nodded its head vigorously, showing its confident appearance.

-Hehehe. I'm really curious about what that is.

Astrophe chuckled.

Her eyes looking at Phoebe were different, yet fitting with the innocent atmosphere.

-Are you sure you won't regret it?

She asked secretly so that Rosaria couldn't hear.

What he was asking was simple.

Would it be okay for Phoebe not to be chosen, and for the other siblings to absorb the dragon's origin instead?

Phoebe nodded in response.

-It's your choice. There's no reason for me to interfere any further.

Astrophe didn't ask any more.

Phoebe was like a mother to Rosaria.

She had taught her everything while in the tower, shared emotions together, and exchanged affection.

Although they knew they were unrelated by blood, they had always lived as a mother-daughter relationship.

And Phoebe thought it was time to break that relationship.



Phoebe squatted down to match Rosaria's eye level.

"Um... I might become Lady Rosaria's mother now."

"Become a mother?"

"Yes. I'm going to tell the tower master that I love him."

Rosaria's eyes sparkled.

Unable to contain her excitement, she asked Phoebe.

"So, you'll really become my mother?"

"I think so."

"Then... should I call you mother then? It sounds so weird."

Rosaria couldn't properly call anyone but her sister Dolores.

"You don't have to call me that. You're still the lady, and that won't change."

Phoebe liked what was comfortable and familiar too.

She would be happy if Rosaria treated her like this forever.

'My selfish thoughts for others.'

Phoebe, who had made up her mind, took a leave and headed to Escoleia Academy.

To meet Dolores.

* * *

Escolleia Academy, Dolores' room.

When someone knocked, Dolores stared at the door with sharp eyes and yelled.

"Come back later. I'm busy now."

-Should I, should I come back later?

At the sound of the distinctive dragging voice, Dolores was startled.

It was as if someone who shouldn't be there had come.

"Phoebe? Is it you, Phoebe?"

As Dolores asked, the door opened slightly, and the first thing that appeared was a pair of horns stretching forward.


Phoebe greeted with a bow.

Seeing her usually cheerful face now calm with her eyes closed, Dolores couldn't help but feel anxious.

"If you're busy... should I come back later?"

"No! I thought you were one of those annoying assistants! Come in!"

Phoebe entered, and Dolores got up from her seat to greet her guest.

She couldn't figure out why she had come here.

While boiling the tea, she nervously twisted her hair.

'Did something happen to oppa, so she came to me... No, no. That's unlikely.'

There were many hypotheses, but it was difficult to pinpoint one.

Dolores handed over the warm tea and sat down across from her.

"What brings you here?"

Phoebe answered Dolores' question.

"Well, actually, I have something to say to the tower master."

"Call me Dolores. I call you Phoebe, so should we...drop the titles?"

"Would that be... okay?"

"…It doesn't seem so."

Dolores, who had suggested it, changed her words as well.

The atmosphere would have become even more awkward instead of easing up.

"So, it's about my oppa, right?"


"Did you hear something from oppa?"

"Yes? What do you mean?"

"Well, if both Phoebe and oppa are willing, you could get engaged."


She hadn't heard.

It wasn't a situation in which she could hear. Phoebe had told him not to do it because she pitied herself.

As that memory came to mind, Phoebe fidgeted with her fingers.

Dolores let out a deep sigh.

"I don't know why he's so thorough about not doing things like this."

"At that time… I just made a mistake. The tower master is not at fault."

"But you like oppa, don't you?"

"I, I…"

Phoebe glanced at Dolores and lowered her head again.

Dolores held Phoebe's hand.

"Be honest. You came all the way here to talk about that, didn't you?"

"…Yes. That's right."

"Then... let's be more confident. It seems like that would be better for our relationship."

At Dolores' words, Phoebe nodded her head.

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