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Chapter 22 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

The Agnes Ducal House was again in turmoil from the morning.

This time it was because of Vivian.

"Miss, this is going to be serious trouble!"

"Get out! I said get out!"

The news that Vivian was causing a scene crying and wailing after seeing Navia's gift spread quickly.

People frowned upon hearing the reason for Vivian's tears.

"Did the master gift Miss Navia something from the Anshier Boutique?"

Navia was, after all, an adopted daughter.

Although it was said that she would later become a noble empress, the people here were quite savvy about politics.

Navia was merely a chess piece to be played in Nikan's hands.

They accurately understood that the person they truly needed to remain loyal to was, unchangingly, Nikan.

That's why they found Nikan's recent actions hard to understand.

"What will you do if something serious happens to Miss Vivian..."

They clicked their tongues, recalling young lady-in-waiting Vivian.

The news about Vivian also reached Nikan's ears quickly.

"Both of my children are nothing but trouble!"

Nikan couldn't suppress his boiling anger and threw the teacup he was holding.

"All this, and you behave like a vulgar commoner over a few trifling items!"

His irritation was at its peak, as problems kept arising in his household.

Yesterday was quiet, but today Vivian was causing trouble again. Nikan was furious, his usual composure gone.

"Managing the Ducal House is like ruling a small kingdom!"

"You are absolutely right."

Lyndon inwardly cursed the servants who failed to properly look after Vivian, while outwardly he kept agreeing with Nikan's words.

Then a servant rushed in.

"Master, Miss Vivian has collapsed!"

"Vivian collapsed?"

Even though she was a troublemaker, she was his flesh and blood, his precious daughter.

Nikan turned pale at the news of his daughter's collapse and rushed to Vivian's room.


"Is Vivian, is Vivian alright?"

He approached Vivian's bed. Vivian was lying there, her eyes swollen with tears, tightly closed.

Dr. Hans said, 

"It's stress-induced, so rest is the most important thing now."

Nikan pressed his forehead.

So, Vivian collapsing means she cried out of jealousy for Navia?

'Can't there be one quiet day!'

He was already busy enough transforming Navia into someone presentable before the engagement.

At least Navia was learning quickly, not like someone of humble origins.

'The engagement isn't far off.'

This kind of commotion could reach the Empress's ears.

It was one uproar after another.

They could still pass it off as minor friction among children. But if a bigger problem arises, it would be troublesome.

Nikan glared at Vivian's dedicated maids.

"How did you take care of Vivian to cause this mess?"

"Sorry, master..."


Nikan rubbed his eyes. A fierce light shone through his drooping green eyes.

"Do you think I want to hear useless apologies?"

Maki realized that appearing incompetent could spell the end for her.

Maki hurriedly excused herself.

"Your words are absolutely correct, master. But there was nothing we could do."

Nikan's eyebrows twitched.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Maki, what are you doing...!"

Maki, anxious and trying to ward off the other maids' attempts to stop her, prostrated herself fully.

"Miss Navia deliberately hurt Miss Vivian by openly displaying her gifts! We mere servants couldn't stop her."

"Navia did?"

"Yes. If you hadn't teased her about playing in the water with the young master two days ago, Miss Vivian wouldn't have reacted like this."

Nikan's expression hardened.

Was Navia really the cause of this situation?

'But... if Navia was just an ordinary child, it would make sense. But she's been brainwashed.'

Moreover, recalling Navia's actions, the maid's words made even less sense.

'Am I being deceived?'

Was he being deceived by this maid? Or by Navia? Nikan's gaze grew colder when an out-of-place, refreshing voice was heard.


Navia had entered Vivian's bedroom at some point, holding a small box in her arms.

Seeing Navia, the expressions of the servants who thought she caused the whole situation turned icy.

"What's the matter?"

Nikan, too, found it difficult to act like his usual affectionate self, and his voice came out quite coldly.

The sharp, chilling hostility. The eyes filled with blame looked at Navia as if she were an intruding stone.

Navia calmly gathered her thoughts amidst the familiar atmosphere and parted her lips.

"I've come to say something."

Maki glared at Navia with sharply raised eyes.

"I don't know what nonsense you've come here to spout, but I have no intention of letting you do as you please."

Maki noticed the box in Navia's arms.


It was an excellent target.

"What's that you're holding, Miss Navia?"

"Oh, this is..."

"If I'm not mistaken, that appears to be a box from Ansier Boutique."

Gossip was rife even within the household. In that regard, Maki was quite talented.

Maki asked with a puzzled look.

"Did you come here with that box, knowing the reason for Miss Vivian's collapse?"

Navia closed her mouth. To others, it looked like she was overwhelmed by Maki's presence.

Maki thought the same.

"You came to comfort Miss Vivian with a gift? As if you're doing charity?"

As Maki spoke, the servants' stares grew more hostile.


"What is all this about?"

At that moment, the door opened, and Philippa entered with a fierce expression.

In fact, Philippa had been at the bedroom door upon hearing of Vivian's collapse, waiting for the right moment to enter after hearing the voices inside.

When she was certain Navia was cornered, she entered to back up Maki.

'Insolent girl. This is the end for you today!'

"A charity for Miss Vivian!"

Philippa staggered as if dizzy from disbelief.

"I cannot believe it. Mocking and belittling Vivian, of all people, with such an attitude!"

"I didn't do that!"

Navia's retort was met with a sneer from Philippa. Was this some kind of excuse?

Philippa glanced at Nikan.

Nikan was looking at Navia with a cold expression, clearly doubting her.

He was also actively ignoring the situation.

'He must want her to realize her place.'

Philippa confidently caused a commotion.

"Let's see then. The item you're so eager to present to Miss Vivian!"


Philippa roughly grabbed Navia's arm.


Navia helplessly dropped the box she was holding dearly.

The contents were revealed in a loud, disastrous tumble, as if dropped by Philippa's violent action, but deliberately.


The box rolled noisily on the floor, revealing its content.

It was a simple hairpin with a single pearl, crudely made, its ends as sharp as an awl.

It was certainly not an item for nobility.

Philippa wanted to burst into laughter at the sight.

Navia had self-destructed, to her delight.

"My goodness. Among all the valuable items received today, you brought this?"

The servants muttered loud enough for everyone to hear, pretending to whisper.

They had no qualms about tormenting an eight-year-old girl.

How much had they suffered because of this fake lady?

She deserved more scorn than they had suffered! Navia, when the laughter was at its loudest, raised her bowed head.

She took a step forward.

One step. Then another.

Her steps stopped in front of the hairpin.

Silence suddenly filled the room.

Navia slowly knelt, picking up the delicate hairpin with reverence.

It was a gesture of solemn respect.

Philippa smirked.

'This is what comes of baseless bloodlines...'

Just as Philippa was about to lash out, Navia, who had been silent all this while, spoke up with a calm but clear voice.


Nikan, who had been allowing the servants' mockery, raised his eyebrows.

Then his eyes widened in disbelief.

She rose without using her hands to push off the floor, her shoulders relaxed and hands holding the hairpin below her chest.

She turned her head slightly to meet Nikan's eyes, aligning her body gracefully from head to toe in a dance-like motion.

As Nikan's mouth fell open in surprise, Navia spoke, opening her palm.

"I need only this hairpin."

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