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Chapter 31 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy


Nikan initially wore an expression of disbelief at the sudden, surreal news. Gradually, his eyes widened in shock.

"Is that really true?"

Edward nodded solemnly.

"It's true. I was just returning from treating my sister."

"Oh, my goodness……!"

Nikan trembled slightly, incredulous at the situation.

He pressed his lips tightly, unable to sort out his emotions, and covered his mouth with both hands as if to wash his face.

Eventually, he calmed himself down with a deep breath.

His eyes were red with bloodshot.

"How is that possible?"

"The method is simple. A high-level mage extracts the magic from the patient's body, creating a temporary vacuum, and then implants new magic."

Nikan countered anxiously.

"But wouldn't extracting all the magic cause a rampage?"

Patients with magic reflux disease, though not mages, could still hold magic. Such a procedure risked causing a rampage.

Indeed, similar experiments had been conducted, and patients had died in rampages.

"There's no problem if a skilled mage maintains a connection to the patient's magic during the process."

And that was a specialty of mind-controlling mages, Edward's forte.

Nikan pleaded urgently.

"Save my daughter, save my Vivian!"

"It won't take long. Let's go to Lady Vivian together."

The decision was swift, and action even swifter.

The unpredictable nature of magic reflux disease, which could lead to sudden death, necessitated such urgency.

And then……

"We succeeded!"

The treatment was successful.

Vivian's magic flowed naturally again, like blood in veins.

As a mage, Nikan could read the flow of magic and knew this. Tears welled in his eyes.

His daughter, always ill, was healed.

He had only expected to see her grow up before she passed away, but now Vivian was healthy.

He embraced her tightly. The agonizing doubts that had tormented him since yesterday vanished.

Vivian, held in Nikan's arms, asked innocently.

"Daddy, does this mean Vivi is all better now?"

"Yes……. You're completely healed. Vivi is very healthy now."

Vivian smiled lovingly.

"Hehe, great! Vivi is healthy!"

Nikan smiled gently, stroking her soft pink hair, as delicate as petals.

This child would become an empress.

'Indeed, I never fail.'

"Vivi, I have to go to the palace for work. I'll buy you a beautiful bear doll to celebrate on my way back."

"Wow! Daddy is the best!"

Nikan set his daughter down and left the room with Edward.

This great discovery needed to be reported to the emperor immediately.

Before suggesting they go to the palace together, Nikan looked at Edward gratefully.

"I'm truly grateful. You saved my daughter."

"I just did what needed to be done."

Nikan had always held Edward's unflappable nature in high regard.

His calm demeanor in such a moment only increased Nikan's admiration.

'Such a capable man deserves to be on my side.'

As Nikan contemplated his plans, Edward, feeling the ring under his glove, spoke up.

"What about young Navia now?"

"Oh, Navia……."

Nikan had intended to engage Navia to Ares.

But that was originally Vivian's place, a preposterous idea.

'Should I just kill her?'

Wood also disliked her, and it seemed unwise to take Navia along further.

Then Edward suggested.

"How about sending Navia as an heir to the Eseled ducal family?"

Nikan was stunned by the unexpected proposal.

"Agnes is the wealthiest in the Empire. However, they are indeed lacking in terms of military power."

Nikan clenched his teeth for a moment.

Agnes had enough money to hire many mercenaries and had produced powerful water magicians for generations, but it couldn't be compared to the Duffman royal family, which could conscript soldiers.

Even the Duffman family would be overshadowed by the Eseled family when it came to the power of knowledge.

Magic could be enhanced through research.

The Eseled had harnessed all sorts of knowledge to create a new dimension of power, which soon led to the formation of a powerful military group.

"There's no match for Eseled in magic. Their magical science is said to be 100 years ahead of the empire's entire level."

A deep envy rose above Nikan's pupils.

Eseled, armed solely with the fruits of their research, was the most dangerous of the three major dukedoms due to their immense military power.

Edward lowered his voice.

"But look at Eseled now. They have declined."

Once a powerhouse of dazzling achievements, Eseled had begun to falter, and with the current head of the house, it had completely fallen.

Yet, the might of their army was undeniable.

"The one acting as head of Eseled, as you know, is Earl Theorban Alvin."

The count, known for his stupidity within the empire.

"His stewardship... you can imagine the state of Eseled."

"That's true."

"The other nobles of Eseled have also lost influence due to their long seclusions."

Edward revealed the precise plan.

"If Navia, the heir of Eseled, marries Wood, you could naturally seize the power of that house."

Edward's whispered words were all appealing.

Nikan quickly calculated in his head.

'It's not a bad idea to keep Navia away from Wood until he stabilizes. Once he ages a bit more, he’ll realize how useful Navia is.'

If it worked out, it would be perfect, but there were problems.

"That's an ideal scenario, but there are two issues."

Edward had guessed as much.

"Yes. Whether Eseled will accept this and the risk of the empress designating Navia as the imperial consort with similar intentions."

"Sending Navia to Eseled isn't hard. If the emperor decides to forgive their past disloyalties with this arrangement, they'll have no choice."


"But if the royal family covets Navia, that's a definite problem."

Edward quietly smiled, pulling out Nikan's true feelings.

"Do you really think that poses a threat to House Agnes?"

Nikan silently pursed his lips, drawing a curve.

As Edward said, he didn't think he would lose.

No, he couldn't afford to lose.

'Navia is my nurtured chess piece.'

And if Edward, as his vassal, continued to oversee Navia, it was already a won game.

The path to becoming an emperor was never safe.

He had faced and overcome countless dangers and would do so again.

"Haha, true. Scolding me fiercely just for complaining a little."

"Agnes is such a great family."

Nikan smiled contentedly, speaking to Edward.

"Lucky timing. I had to go to the palace today, come with me. If I tell the emperor about this great achievement, he'll surely grant you a title."

Edward just nodded slightly.

This treatment wasn't his discovery but Navia's, so it wasn't a particularly joyful flattery.

"If that happens, Mr. Spencer, you'd become a vassal of the House of Agnis, wouldn't you?"

It would have been an offer too good to refuse in the past.

But Edward couldn't easily accept it now.

He hesitated, strangely.

So, he showed modesty for now.

"That's too generous for me."

"Not at all. How could it be too generous for someone like you? I'll make sure you get the best terms, think it over."

"Thank you."

A servant then reported that the carriage was ready, and they could leave at any time.

The servant added.

"Also, Miss Navia has just woken up."

Edward didn't hurry but spoke quickly.

"Then I'll check on Lady Navia's condition before we leave for the palace."

Nikan quickly nodded, understanding that the 'check' involved brainwashing.

"Do that."

Edward, guided by the servant, headed to Navia's room.

The ring that had been on his finger was now gone.

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