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Chapter 33 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia crossed the corridor and headed for the central staircase. Just then, a noisy chatter was heard from the opposite side.

"It's like a miracle how quickly your illness has healed, Miss!"

"It must be divine intervention. No matter what anyone says, you are of noble blood, Miss."

Vivian and her dedicated maids were precisely heading towards Navia's room, and they encountered each other in the center.

Navia met Vivian's eyes, who was smiling broadly, clad in flamboyant attire and accompanied by her maids, as if to show off.

Vivian called Navia with a triumphant tone.

"Unnie! I'm all better from my illness!"

A sense of superiority was heavy in her voice. Her gaze towards Navia was filled with anticipation.

'It's like she's saying, now that I'm all better, you are nothing.'

Vivian seemed to be conveying that message with her whole body.

A cold sneer briefly passed over the faint smile Navia had been wearing.

Vivian flinched.

What was that just now?

Before her mind fully grasped the situation, Navia feigned a surprised expression.

"What? You're really all better from your illness?"

It was a less dramatic reaction than Vivian had hoped for, but satisfying nonetheless. Vivian broke into a sweet smile.


"Miss, Navia is just a fake who came to replace you."

Philippa spitefully remarked that Navia was merely a stand-in and could never mix with the true nobility.

But to Vivian, it didn't seem that way.

'Everyone likes Sister.'

When Vivian heard about Navia's kidnapping, she had honestly hoped she would just disappear and never return.

But Wood had almost died from a magic outburst trying to save Navia.

When she heard this, Vivian felt as if her world was collapsing.

'Brother values Navia unnie more than me. He would have let me die.'

The real sister was herself. Vivian felt bitter and wronged.

She feared that Navia would soon enter her room and declare, "This is my room from now on."

The real Agnes was herself, not Navia.

'Navia unnie is the fake!'

But today, Nikan came and said he could cure her illness.

After experiencing a strange sensation as if floating, she somehow felt more comfortable.

The adults discussed complicated matters - that her magic was flowing properly again.

The only thing Vivian understood was that her illness was cured.

Vivian's maids spread the news throughout the duke's residence that their mistress's illness was cured.

Then they unanimously said that now Vivian should enjoy all the rights unfairly taken by the wicked step-sister Navia.

They also belittled Navia, saying she couldn't compare to Vivian.

Vivian noticed the dress Navia was wearing. It was a shabby garment that didn't seem to be from Ansier.

'Such clothes are for maids.'

Moreover, what was with that pin with a single pearl on it?

In contrast, her own dress was filled with frills, lace, jewels, and silk ribbons.

This was the difference between the real and the fake.

Vivian, intoxicated with a sense of victory, raised her chin and said,

"Now unnie, you don't have to replace Vivian anymore."

The maids couldn't hide their glee when Vivian clearly drew the line while looking down on Navia.

Maki, a maid who particularly resented Navia, didn't miss this opportunity to sneer.

"Now that Miss Vivian's illness is cured, it's only right that she reclaims her rightful position as the true lady. Isn't that right, Miss Navia?"

In simpler terms, it was a way of saying, 'If you have any shame, you should leave on your own.'

Navia calmly replied,

"Right. Vivian should use her rights as the true lady. I came as a stand-in for Vivian."

Maki felt uneasy when Navia agreed so readily.

But there was nothing in Navia's words that put them at a disadvantage.

She had affirmed that it was right for her to step back. When they tried to use this as an excuse to pressure her, Navia suddenly spoke with a resolute expression.

"However, I'll take care of the nanny matter."

Vivian didn't understand what she meant and tilted her head in confusion.

The maids were bewildered in a different way, realizing she was referring to Philippa's embezzlement case.

What could Navia possibly do in this situation?

Navia's expression darkened.

"I heard today that the nanny was imprisoned."

"The nanny is in prison...?"

Vivian repeated dumbfoundedly.

Navia looked down, her expression so sorrowful it pained those who saw it.

"We can't let the nanny who cared for us die."

The maids furrowed their brows as Navia spoke so candidly about death.

Vivian exclaimed, "Nanny dying? That can't be!"

"I think the same way. So, Vivi, maybe it's better if I, your unnie, handle this...?"

Navia deliberately extended her sentence, giving Vivian an opening to intervene.

As she anticipated, Vivian responded sharply, "No. Vivian will handle it."

"Vivi, this is a challenging task..."

Vivian became visibly irritated.

Then suddenly, she realized that Navia was wearing an anxious and restless expression.

‘I see. If Vivian handles this situation admirably and saves our endangered nanny, people will say, “Ah, indeed, the real lady is Miss Vivian!” and applaud.’

Vivian kindly taught Navia the reality of the situation.

"Only a real princess like Vivi can do such things," said the sister.

At this, Navia could not refute and closed her mouth gloomily.

Vivian was convinced from that behavior that her decision to overtake Navia and solve the problem was the right one.

Maki, who had been quietly listening to the conversation, spoke with a puzzled expression as the conversation took an unexpectedly different turn.

"Miss, this is a matter of the master's authority...."

Before Maki could finish speaking, Navia chimed in.

"Yes. I will speak to Father on behalf of Vivi, so it would be best to stop as Maki suggests."

Vivian tensed up as soon as she heard Navia's words.

'She's also trying to take Dad away from me, not just my brother.'

"A real princess can do all these things!"

Vivian turned her head away with an expression of not wanting to hear any more.

She couldn't understand why it was so hard to just say a word to release the nanny.

Vivian went down the stairs. She intended to find Lyndon and order him to release Philippa.

"No, Vivi!"

Navia chased after her, and Vivian commanded.

"Stop her, sisters!"

The maids blocked Navia from going down the stairs with anxious expressions.

Vivian sneered, seeing that Navia couldn't move at her single word.

'As expected, the sister is a fake. That's why she should follow Vivi's words.'

Tap tap tap!

Her steps down the stairs were light.

Navia watched Vivian move away and then turned her gaze.

"Is it okay to leave Vivian like this?"

At Navia's words, the maids bit their lips.

No one could overturn the decision of the family head. No matter if it's the beloved Vivian.

"If Vivian punishes those who argue with her, it will become more troublesome."

They knew that too.

"The only person who can stop Vivian now is Brother Wood."

But Wood was not the kind of person to step into such affairs. Moreover, he might agree to release Philippa.

Maki gritted her teeth in frustration.

"...Let's go to Miss Vivian."

As they followed after Vivian, Navia immediately moved.

Navia headed for the laundry room.

'Coaxing Vivian was actually for this moment.'

The laundry maids glanced curiously as the incongruent girl appeared at the wash place.

Navia asked the maids.

"Where is Charlotte?"

At the question, the maids blinked and pointed far away.

"If you go over there, you will find her."

Navia headed in the direction the maids pointed.

There, Charlotte was alone, drawing water for laundry.


As Navia called her, Charlotte straightened her bent back and looked straight ahead with surprised eyes.


Reddened hands from the icy cold water, disheveled hair, a roughened face caught her eye.

Laundry work was hard labor for Charlotte, who had only ever been dedicated to serving the princess.

Charlotte trembled her eyes and then bowed her head deeply.

"...It's only after this happened that I remembered what you said. Not to report Philippa's crime."

Navia had warned of such a situation long ago.

"Still, it's fortunate that I saved my life."

Charlotte murmured self-mockingly, then met Navia's eyes again.

"I regret that I came to the laundry without even apologizing for the rudeness I committed against you."

She bowed her head deeply. And she spoke in a voice thick with deep remorse.

"I'm sorry, miss."

Navia quietly observed her without saying a word.

She had not expected to hear such an apology.

Charlotte added, not expecting forgiveness, with a look of resignation.

"You might cause unnecessary talk by staying here. Please go back."

Navia had no intention of possessing anything of Agnes and no intention of giving her heart to anything.

It was the same now.

Navia approached Charlotte, snatched the water bucket from her hand, and slammed it on the ground.


And she commanded firmly.

"Don't do this."

Charlotte hesitated with surprised eyes.

"Oh, miss... But..."


Navia kicked the bucket away as if to make her point clear. Charlotte closed her mouth at the violence.

Navia looked at Charlotte expressionlessly and said.

"You know this is bullying. Are you going to keep suffering like this here?"


"We have to break the lifelong contract."

At that point, Charlotte's eyes widened in shock.

"How can that be...!"

"I'm going to turn the items I received from the Ansier Boutique into money. That should be enough to pay the penalty and have money left over. Do what you want with that."

Breaking the lifelong contract required paying ten times the initial contract payment.

Navia casually added, "It hasn't been long, but it's the price for our alliance."


Charlotte's eyes welled up with tears, and her voice trembled as she spoke.

"There's no need for you to be moved. I'm saying this because I have one last thing to ask of you."

Navia spoke in a detached voice devoid of any emotion, but Charlotte somehow sensed warmth within it.

She wiped away the tears that had gathered in the corners of her eyes with her sleeve and asked with a resolute expression, "What should I do?"

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