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Chapter 42 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy


The peak of autumn had passed, the branches were growing bare, and the garden was losing its colors, clearly indicating the arrival of winter.

The nobles were busy changing their interiors to suit the new season, seemingly competing to see who had the most splendid estate.

The royal palace was also undergoing extensive renovations.

The garden was filled with expensive winter trees, newly woven tapestries, and large furs decorating every corner.

These alone made it grand and impressive, but the Empress thought it was not enough.

She hired a young and popular interior decorator from the capital.

News that this bold decorator had covered the Empress's sofas in spotted fur, like a young bourgeois's room, was a hot topic in social circles.

Empress Diana lay languidly on a sofa covered in the spotted fur, her long blonde hair flowing down.

She had a slender figure and flawless skin, unbelievable for someone with a nine-year-old son.

Indeed, she was acclaimed as the most beautiful in the Empire.

Her beauty was natural, but also the result of meticulous care.

As she was being brushed by her maids, Empress Diana sighed.

"Recently, my hair doesn't seem to have the same luster as before. Age is catching up with me."

Diana lamented, still radiating a sultry beauty.

The brushing maid chuckled and flattered her smoothly.

"Don't say that, Your Majesty. You still look as beautiful as in your girlhood!"

Diana laughed and playfully looked askance.

"Are you mocking me?"

They were all laughing at this remark when suddenly, another maid pulled too hard on the hairbrush, unaware of the tangled hair.


The Empress uttered a brief cry of pain, and the previously warm atmosphere instantly froze.

The maid who made the mistake collapsed on the floor, terrified.

"Your Majesty, please forgive me!"

Empress Diana, without looking back, inspected her nails and said coldly.

"Take her away."

"Your Majesty! Please, spare me!"

Despite the maid's pleas, the guards dragged her out immediately.

The other maids in the room silently resumed their silence.

Empress Diana dropped her red lips.

"Aren't you going to continue brushing?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

They resumed their work, smiling again, but their hands were much more careful than before.

The Empress acted generously, but she was cold-hearted and ruthless.

The room was tense when Housekeeper Helen entered.

"Your Majesty, Duke Agnes has arrived. He went to the Emperor's palace first."

"So soon?"

The Empress had recently invited Nikan to the palace, using the new interior decoration as an excuse.

'It's been a year since he took in the adopted daughter. It's time to stir things up.'

Nikan had been keeping his adopted daughter hidden.

"The girl needs absolute stability after losing her family."

It was a good excuse, so people waited in silence.

But Diana had her own sources of information.

"I heard she's taking special lessons. The area near the study is restricted, so it's hard to know for sure."

"Lord Wood dislikes her. His friends tease him about having a sister of unworthy origin."

Navia was said to be a mysterious and beautiful girl with striking silver hair and bright red eyes.

Empress Diana smiled twistedly.

Her son Ares had a hobby of collecting animals with silver fur or red eyes.

And now, ironically, his adopted sister had silver hair and red eyes? Ha, amusing.

"By the way, how is young Agnes? I heard there was a magical outburst."

"He regained consciousness today and seems fine," Helen the housekeeper explained.

Empress Diana snorted.

"Seems like the gods are looking after Agnes."

Half of the mages who experienced outbursts lost their lives.

Even if they survived, the aftermath was not easy.

Empress Diana knew what kind of child Wood was.

Compared to his father, he was dull-witted, violent, and emotional, but he was not one to act without discretion while Nikan was diligently devoting himself to his duties.

However, he caused a massive magic outbreak? Just to deal with a powerless, small girl?

There was no reasonable explanation for this.

'Unless the assumption is that the opponent is so strong that it requires such drastic measures.'


The Empress had a hunch that this adopted daughter might not be as dull and ordinary as she seemed to be, judging from what she had heard.

Her instincts had never been wrong before.

At that moment, Helen, the chief lady-in-waiting, spoke up.

"And Agnes Duke has brought one more guest. Edward from the Spencer family."

'Edward Spencer.'

Edward was known to be working as a teacher for Navia in exchange for a hefty fee paid by Nikan.

The Empress had initially thought it was merely to offset her adopted daughter's low status, but was there more to it?

The Empress narrowed her eyes.

"I should go to the Imperial Palace."

* * *

At that moment, in the Grand Audience Chamber of the Imperial Palace.

Nikan and Edward stood alone in the solemn space where the country's major affairs were discussed, accompanied only by the attendants.

If Nikan had come to report on the mere circumstances of the magic outbreak, he would have gone to the Emperor's private reception room rather than the Grand Audience Chamber.

What he was about to report was none other than the discovery of a cure for magic backflow disease, something that would undoubtedly be recorded in the history books. It couldn't be reported in a mere private reception room. The wait was short.

An usher hurriedly appeared and informed the two men.

"His Imperial Majesty is here."

Nikan and Edward straightened their postures and greeted the man walking towards them.

"We greet His Imperial Majesty, the Great Emperor."

Emperor Yulrich Duffman of the Eden Empire.

He was a strikingly handsome man with gray hair and a wild charm.

With a towering, formidable figure of around 2 meters and a well-trained physique, he looked more like a warrior than a magician.

The Emperor, with an inscrutable expression on his face, passed between them and took his seat with an air of authority.


It was a voice filled with the characteristic dignity of a ruler.

Nikan briefly checked to ensure the protection of his own mind with a surge of magic.

The Emperor was not only a ruler with military power but also a magician capable of using powerful mental control magic.

Usually, nobles erected mental barriers from a young age due to the magical abilities in the royal family. Nikan was no exception.

The layers of magic felt like the armor of a knight.

Emperor Yulrich, without further ado, looked directly at Edward and inquired precisely, "Have you discovered a cure for magic backflow disease?"

Edward slightly bowed his head and replied, "Yes."


As the Emperor expressed pure admiration, Nikan added, "This remarkable achievement during Your Majesty's reign is a blessing from Your Majesty."

This joyous news would be proclaimed directly by the Emperor, greatly enhancing his influence. Similarly aware of this fact, the Emperor smiled deeply.

"I must bestow a grand reward. We shall grant the title of Viscount to Spencer. The territory of Wayne would be suitable."

Nikan, with a friendly smile, looked at Edward and said, "Congratulations, Viscount Wayne."

Edward knelt on one knee on the floor. "I am grateful for the grace of Emperor Your Majesty."

"Is there anything to call it my grace when it is a reward for your meritorious deeds? Anyway, I wonder what kind of title would be suitable for Duke Agnes."

Nikan's smile became mischievous. "I haven't done anything to receive a reward. It's embarrassing."

He deliberately showed a hint of humility.

Knowing it was a customary expression, the Emperor urged him to quickly state his request.

Nikan understood that pushing too much during such an opportunity could displease the Emperor, resulting in his loss.

The Emperor also suspected that Nikan would skillfully ask for an appropriate reward.

Nikan finally seized his chance.

"Then, instead of a reward, may I bring up an issue you might consider, Your Majesty?"


Nikan began to discuss the matter he had checked with Edward on their way to the palace.

"It concerns the succession issue of Duke Eseled."

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