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Chapter 53 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy


Navia's aimlessly trembling gaze turned toward Margaret.

Strangely, at that moment, Margaret's eyes seemed similar to hers. Though it seemed impossible.

Navia clamped her mouth shut.

'Should I ask for help?'

Should she utter such a useless phrase in this crucial moment? Navia had not never asked for help before. Rather, she had uttered it hundreds, even thousands of times. And what was the result?

'Don't be annoying.'

'You only say stupid things'

'Who would help you? This is why those of low birth don't understand their place.'

That's what they said to her when she asked for help. Those words sounded to Navia like the devil's whisper, urging her to speak the forbidden.

It was something she should not have said.

Navia's lips quivered.

Sadly, she had no choice. As a subordinate, she had to listen to those above her. But her lips would not part easily.

She needed to speak. She needed to ask for help...

Then Margaret spoke again.

"Ask for help. Now is the time you need that courage."

But what if she's refused again?

Then what would she do?

Navia, with a dazed expression, slowly opened her lips, which had been quivering.

"...Please help me."

It was frightening to say such a thing.

She was afraid of being refused when asking for help.

She had to do everything herself. She believed that was right.

"Please help me."

Her voice trembled.

It would have been easier to just ask to be killed. That seemed more comforting to her heart.

"Please let me stay here."

'Please help me. Don't let me leave here. I won't cause trouble. I can be helpful. If not here, there's no one else to help me.'

There was nothing left but this place.

The ground she stood on had completely crumbled. She was falling.

That was when she was plummeting.

"You did well."

Those words caught her as she fell. Her body, trembling coldly, was enveloped in warmth.

Margaret held her in her arms and gently patted her back.

"You spoke really well."

Following Margaret, Suleiman, too, spoke with a tinge of tears in his voice.

"Just like that."

Minerva, who had been quietly trembling like Navia, had tears welling up in her eyes. Her hand clutching the bag was white from the force.

Since Navia wasn't crying, Minerva forcefully held back her tears.

It didn't seem right for her to cry in Navia's place.

Navia's loneliness seemed not so light.

Just like Lark.

Navia sank deeply into a numbness.

She felt even more dazed than if she had actually cried.

'I'm hungry...'

She felt drained of energy and suddenly hungry. As warmth spread through her body and the tension eased, she felt completely relaxed.

She felt like she had been drained.

But it wasn't the fatigue of being swept away by hardships. It was the first time she felt worn out for the sake of becoming fulfilled.

Hearing her stomach growl, Margaret chuckled and said kindly,

"It's exactly time for a meal."

Navia awkwardly averted her gaze.

Margaret took her hand. Navia gazed at it intently.

"Shall we cook and eat right in the kitchen today?"

"Is that really okay?"

Eating in the kitchen? Navia was too weak to be shocked.

Since it was not a dining space unless it was so hungry that it had to eat in hiding, Margaret's suggestion was surprising.

If she ever uttered such words, would she not be revealing her lowly birth for all to see? She would have been locked in a room and starved for days.

"There's only us here."

Margaret continued to tell Navia that such rules could be completely ignored.

No one had ever told her such a thing in her life.

It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling. But if she was to stay here, she would have to adapt to this sensation.

And she liked it. Like the hand she was holding now.

As they entered the kitchen, to her surprise, everyone but Navia rolled up their sleeves and took their places.

"I'll help too."

Navia, who was quite adept at cooking, rolled up her sleeves to help. Margaret hesitated as if to say it was okay, but then cut a loaf of bread into chunks and handed it to her with some butter.

"Then Navia will spread butter on the bread. It's a very important task, so you must do it well!"


Navia couldn't hide her embarrassment at being treated like a child. But she was only eight years old in appearance, so she soon agreed and began spreading the butter.

She was glad to be able to help in some way.

"An omelet would be good for today."

Navia glanced at Suleiman cooking. Watching his skill in cracking eggs with one hand and handling the pan, he seemed proficient in cooking.

That too was a surprising sight for Navia.

'Neither my foster father nor Wood could even peel an onion.'

Suleiman quickly made four smooth omelets.

They set the table on the island counter and pulled up chairs, sitting closely together.

"I prefer this atmosphere. It reminds me of old times."

At Suleiman's words, Margaret also smiled in agreement.

"It reminds me of the time we were camping."

Navia intuitively realized that they were reminiscing about their time during the war.

"Now, let's all enjoy our meal."

"I will eat well."

Navia first tried the omelet. The tender texture of the omelet melted in her mouth like butter.

Her eyes sparkled as she took a bigger bite.

"Does it taste okay?"

When Suleiman asked casually, Navia smiled broadly and replied.

"It's the best."

"Ha ha!"

When Navia had eaten about half of the omelet and the buttered bread, she suddenly thought of Lark.

"But isn't the Duke eating with us?"


At Navia's question, the three of them looked at each other with a newfound expression of surprise. Their reaction was somewhat peculiar.

Then Suleiman spoke.

"Our lord, um, doesn't eat much."

'He doesn't eat much?'

Was he a picky eater? Navia, thinking of his large frame, imagined he would eat anything without fuss, but it was unexpectedly contrary to her thoughts.

"I see. I was wondering when the Duke dines..."

Navia didn't dare to say "It would be nice to eat together." After all, he was a much more uncomfortable presence than even the servants of Eseled.

'I thought maybe I could speak to him when he comes down to the dining room.'

Or should I send another letter when I send up his meal? Navia was lost in thought.

"By the way, Minerva. Didn't you have something to do?"

At Margaret's question, Minerva quickly picked up her medical bag.

"Oh, I have something to give to the lady."

"For me?"

Minerva pulled something out of her large medical bag. It was a new nightgown.

"You can't just wear one nightgown..."

Margaret exclaimed in pure admiration.

"My goodness, did you make this one too?"

This time too? Navia was puzzled, and Margaret explained.

"The nightgown Navia is wearing right now was also made by Minerva. She often made children's clothes."

"Really? It's so pretty I thought it was certainly a boutique item... Thank you so much, Minerva."

Navia opened her mouth in amazement.

It wasn't just a compliment; she really thought it was a boutique item.

The stitching, the pleats in the fabric, and the finishing touches were all of first-rate craftsmanship.

And this was made by Minerva?

"That, that much..."

Minerva blushed and waved her hands modestly.

"Minerva has great talent with her hands. There's nothing she can't make."

"That's amazing. To be a doctor at such a young age and have such skill..."

Margaret almost burst into laughter at the phrase 'young age' that Navia had used.

Indeed, Navia had a precocious aspect, and her choice of words was unusual.

She looked at Navia, who spoke like an adult child, and smiled affectionately.

"Our genius doctor is very talented. A remarkable person indeed."

As Suleiman joined in praising her, Minerva just blushed at the shower of compliments.

"Shall we try on the new clothes?"

Margaret clapped her hands and said, while Suleiman commented with a hint of regret.

"I'm looking forward to it. But I'll only see it after I return from my outing."

The Eseled Duke's house didn't need to supply as much as a merchant's guild would for everyday necessities.

Therefore, Suleiman went out every day or every other day to buy groceries and other necessities.

"Is there anything you want to eat?"

Suleiman asked Navia.

Navia opened her eyes wide and shook her head vehemently.

"I'm fine."

Suleiman didn't insist but simply reached out and gently stroked Navia's head.

'I should buy something sweet.'

Navia's habit of refusal might have been because she didn't know much about what was in the world.

Suleiman stood up first and said,

"Then, I'll be back."

Navia jumped down from her seat and bowed respectfully.

"Have a safe trip."

Hearing that, Suleiman's lips slightly curved up.


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